One Week in the Word: True Discipleship

One Week in the Word series is returning beginning March 11 thru March 15th with a focus on true discipleship.

Christian discipleship is a mandated spiritual growth model given to us by Christ. It incorporates modeling, teaching, relationship, support and testing.   If the Body of Christ forsakes discipleship, its members will not grow and thus will not  be effective in their assignments.  Some  give up following Christ while others become confused, calloused, or complacent. Alternatively, they will be swept away by false doctrines and cults because they do not know the difference and are not stabilized in their faith.

Are you being discipled in the right way? Or being neglected to grow on your own? Join GCM Watch for One Week in the Word to learn more about true discipleship.

Some previous OWW teachings here, here and here.

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