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6 Responses to Contact GCMW

  1. Devon says:

    You have too see this Brother Foster…the new Archie Comic with a gay marriage on the front…I can hardly believe the times that we are living in???? Unreal…

    Devon in Canada.

  2. MsLJ920 says:

    Reverend Foster, do you have a Facebook account? If so, is this it:!/pastordlfoster

    I don’t mean to overstep my authority, I’m just curious as to whether this account belongs to you or not and I wanted to bring it to your attention in case it doesn’t. God bless!


  3. gcmwatch says:

    Ms LJ920, I have two FB accounts. One is “private”, one is “public”. This is one of them.

  4. Erik Wait says:

    After 5 years of research, writing, editing and re-writing my book “‘Do Not Be Deceived’: A Christian Worldview Response to Gay Theology” is now available and is listed on Amazon:

    • gcmwatch says:

      Thanks for the info Erik, let me know when you’d like to do an interview and talk more about this.

      • Erik Wait says:

        One year later… I hadn’t noticed that you offered to do an interview in relation to my book “Do Not Be Deceived”. Well, better late than never! I’ll give you a call soon!

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