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Notable Quotes: Dr Edward Lee Johnson

ejohnsonLaunching a rebuke to the leadership of his denomination, Dr. Edward L. Johnson of Lincolnville, SC charged that many in COGIC leadership are closet inclusionists waiting for the moment to turn the 108 year old black pentecostal denomination into a den of sex thieves: “In just the past 108 years God raised up the Church Of God In Christ with the purest Biblical practices since the birth of the New Testament Church. Even racism was brought to its knees for a brief period in Bishop Mason’s ministry. Magic Johnson, a “poster child” for the LGBT community has officially infiltrated our ranks as a (COGIC member). (Listen to his admitted statement with Anderson Cooper during the Donald Sterling debacle.) All it takes for the Church Of God In Christ to change its position against same sex marriage is for enough of the Johnson and Rush types to “creep” into our church. And trust me, there are many that are not highly visible but believe just like them among us. If people will not obey the Bible—what makes you think they will obey your constitution?” [source]

Led by Pastor Dwight McKissic, Pastors group confronts Nashville Baptist school over lesbian bishop invitation

Without fail, everywhere gay christians show up, confusion, chaos and division ensues. Numerous local churches, denominations and independent fellowships have suffered irreparable damage trying to accomodate gay chrisians whose sole aim is to uproot historic Christian belief on homosexuality.  The conflict is inevitable because gay christians are the new nicolatians. No real Christian who loves Jesus could also love the deeds and doctrines of the new nicolatians.

mckissicThat’s why a prominent African American pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention has raised serious concerns about the American Baptist College‘s invitation to a lesbian “bishop” to speak at a yearly event.  Pastor Dwight McKissic of Arlington, Texas pressed the issue on his blog calling the inclusion of Yvette Flunder and other Christian-oriented apostates a “horrible day to trample on the history of those who sacrificed to buy the land for ABC, and to validate the heretical teaching of Flunder and Townes, that the Bible does not address homosexual relationships.”

The school has plans to allow not only lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder access to students but also a gaggle of other anti-natural marriage religious leaders. Flunder is scheduled to appear at the school for the 2015 Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Series. Other speakers include prohomosexual clerics Delman Coates and Lawrence Kirby.

We’ve exposed Flunder’s false teachings and poisonous doctrine before. In case youre wondering why Pastor McKissic opposes Flunder access to the students, see here and here for the antithesis of Baptist teaching. Flunder stands to profit from this gig as well. Thats really why she wants to be on the program, she lusts after money while claiming to be concerned about “people being free”.  As McKissic pointed out its treachery to allow her and the other false prophets to regurgitate their nasty venom on land Baptist slaves who opposed homosexuality, bought and paid for with blood, sweat and tears money.

Other African American pastors have launched public opposition to the appearance and vowed to protest as well.

As expected, a left wing homosexual rights group group quickly waded into the fray claiming that the opposition was a “small group” of “homophobic” detractors.

The ABC’s facebook page responded to criticism in early February,  “The conference is about innovative ways of growing churches and ministries. Our speakers success in growing phenomenal ministries is the reason they were selected and not by their sexual orientation.”




EXlesbian Jackie Hill shares post gay, new life journey on CBN

Sin and Sex continue to demand its price from gay black men

Today has been designated “National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day”. Not sure who makes these “national” designations but I digress. The problem with the problem is that the nonbrilliant minds behind the problem are part of the problem because they refuse to acknowledge the source of the problem. So they keep shooting blanks out in the dark of midnight.

GMillettGreg Millett, MPH, a nationally recognized HIV/AIDS epidemiologist and researcher, vice president and director of public policy for Foundation for AIDS Research wrote an oped that’s full of educated stupidity. The title: How do we stop the HIV crisis among gay black men”? Its chocked full with a litany of the same old tired unheeded statistics, calls for more money and more “awareness”. Oh, and we need to follow Obama’s example and amp up our celebration of black homosexual men. That should do it. Check, please.


I believe that the deafness brought on by sin hardening the inner ear of a person’s spirit is to blame. And until we address sin, there will be no solution. The Elton John Foundation can dump billions of dollars into the coffers of the Black Aid Institute, “homophobia” can be erased and 100% free health care can be offered in every city. But it will not change this death march that has arrested the male homosexual population. One thing is for sure: somebody behind the scenes is getting filthy rich off AIDS.

Its ironic that blind people are the ones leading the awareness efforts.

Jesus’ parable in Luke 16:19-31 of the rich man who died and went to hell holds significant clues to the mindset of those reject truth while they have this opportunity of life.

When the rich man, being tormented in the flames begs for a bit of relief, Abraham, in short, tells him its impossible. The man then asks if the beggar Lazarus can be sent to warn his living brothers of hell. Abraham tells him that his living brothers already have the written law and that it tells them what to do to avoid hell.
The rich man knows his brothers are ignoring the written word. ‘No, father Abraham,’ he said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.” (vs 30)

But that request solicits an equally dead end response from Abraham.

“He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.” (vs 31)

Let me make this plain. If they wont hear Phll Wilson(their leader), if they wont hear the CDC (the expert), if they wont hear God, a positive solution doesn’t seem likely.

God has already laid out a clear solution and plan to save every homosexual man not only from physical sin, but the consequences of hell which is surely to come. It is written in a book called the bible. Its tragic that homosexuals are told to stay away from the very thing that will save them. But if they will not hear the Word of God, nor will they hear the living, their fate is already sealed. Let us all pray that their eyes would be opened to the truth and that God would soften their hearts and have mercy on them.

Amber Bullock: Sundays Worst


Indianapolis House of God church victim of gay church deception

Channel 8 WISHTV carried this interesting story involving a gay church in Indianapolis.

A church congregation that was expecting to share space with another was forced to worship outside on Sunday. Now, the pastor is threatening to take legal action. The pastor of Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis gave 24-Hour News 8 a copy of the contract he had with The House of God Church to use its facility. He said when they showed up for their first service this morning, they weren’t allowed inside. A church isn’t just defined by its four walls. It’s defined by the people who worship there. And standing under the sun along Schofield Avenue, members of Powerhouse Church of Indianapolis proudly put that on display.

Who wrote this “news story”, one of the church members? Since when does a real reporter editorialize in a news story about whether the church is a true representative of a biblical congregation or not? But we digress on the media’s incestuous desires for all things gay. The House of God made no comment as to the reason why it denied access to the incognito gay church.

mq“This was to be our first service here. We had signed a temporary lease for three months to worship here while we were in transition to our next space,”  said the church leader Keith McQueen. “We gave them money, we had signatures and when we showed up, we were denied access not only to the church, but even onto the property.”

Some are calling the situation a publicity stunt to attract more members.  Given the slant of the report, it sounds like they found someone willing to whip up the emotive frenzy in the church’s favor.

Pastors beware, homosexual churches have went full scale incognito! Before you allow any church to rent your facility, you should inquire as to their beliefs on homosexuality. Ask pointed, direct questions about the church’s doctrine, the lifestyle of the pastor or leader and who they are connected to. In addition do some basic online research to see who these people are BEFORE you agree to let sex heretics use your facility to “worship” a god different than the one you know to be true. In addition, update your  bylaws and policies NOW to reflect what activities are allowed on your property.

This deception is something GCM Watch pointed out before here. Gay churches are disguising their true identities for one reason: to gain access that in most cases they could never have. In order to accomplish that four deceptive tactics are used.

1. They no longer own the term “gay” in connection with their churches. Now, the term of choice is “inclusive”, “inclusion” or “LGBTQI”. They dont want to be known as a gay church for same reason they dropped identifying with the term homosexual. Once inclusion becomes a liability, they will drop it as well and find another deceptive term to hide behind.
2. They have names that ape pentecostal churches i.e. Powerhouse
3. They ape church titles, forms of dress, etc. Wearing long robes, clergy collars, calling themselves bishops, apostles, etc.
4. Speaking “churchanese” which fools unsuspecting churches, especially those who need the extra money.

Whether the House of God church could legally do what they did is for the law to decide.

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