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False prophets alert!


Recognize any of these false house prophets associated with the United Progressive Pentecostal Church? The homosexual-oriented pentecostalish organization is headed by chief false teacher OC Allen. The UPPC teaches that homosexuality is acceptable to God and that the bible is not opposed to same gender sexual relationships.

Then the LORD said to me, “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.
Jeremiah 14:14

But there are also false prophets among the people, even as there are false teachers among you who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who brought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1

BCCN calls on influential black preachers to protest Morehouse gay bishop induction today

tn_bccnpreachersATLANTA – Black Christian News Network has called upon influential black preachers to protest Morehouse College’s decision to induct an openly homosexual bishop into its MLK Jr. International Board of Preachers today. But the question is did anyone hear or did they hear and simply ignored it?

Morehouse  confirmed that Bishop OC Allen would be inducted at the event. BCCN. This led BCCN to inquire rhetorically:

“Where are leading black pastors, honorary inductees, and leading black churches protesting the induction of an openly homosexual man into the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Preachers at Morehouse University? There are many godly black ministers who have been married to female wives for 20, 30, and 40 years, who have been faithful to the Gospel call, and who have lived the principles of Jesus Christ and his servant, Martin Luther King Jr., who deserve this honor. Leading black pastors, honorary inductees who are still living, and leading black churches ought to protest this abominable decision.

BCNN1 is calling upon all black Christian pastors, ministers, churches, and all straight Morehouse men of the past and present to do everything in their power to not let the powers that be who have made this ungodly decision to defile Martin Luther King Jr.’s good name and the Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel at Morehouse College by stopping this abominable charade. We assure you that if this is not stopped it is going to diminish the honor of being named to the Board of Preachers to nothing. And if we know true black Christian preachers, many are going to ask to have their names taken off the list. By actions like this, the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel, and the civil rights movement are being destroyed piece by piece. Rise up, true black men of God, and stop this foolishness today! There are at least four men on the list below who have the clout to end this foolishness with just a phone call or an email.”

BCCN posted the pictures of the influential preachers along with its challenge. Its unclear whether all these were inductees into the group in the past or just a wish list of black preachers with “influence”.

The business of influence

Where are they you ask? I’ll tell you where they are.

Planning their next megaconference and booking homosexual gospel artists to whet their entertainment appetites. They’re just getting out of bed from some downlow hookup. Gender is not an issue just as long as the sex is on demand.  They’re in meetings plotting a takeover of some denominational office just before they go off to pick up the tithes and offerings from Sunday. Where are they? On the golf course at that luxury resort the church is paying for because they are a bit stressed over the demands of being a CEO who has to fly around the city from “campus” to campus on a helijet. Where are they? Where they have been for a while now:  parked near a dimly lit section of Name, Image and Assets Blvd.

The deeper problem is that the leadership of the black church has for the most part veered off course onto Name, Image and Assets Boulevard. Its trendy, safe and doesn’t threaten the status quo of man made kingdoms. Its a course where concern with one’s public image is assigned high premium. Add to that the tragic fact that homosexuals will throw a sodomistic-Genesis 19 style  fit on the contemporary church and the protection of image is even more priority. The contemporary church leader hireling is savvy. He or she knows that image is connected to the opportunity to get money. And its really the lust for mammon and its privileges that drive them to protect their carefully cultivated image. Like dogs behind a fence, they will bark loudly on a safe turf,  but conveniently bypass the open gate.   Consequently, actually standing up against minor perversion situations like the OC Allen induction are seen as risks not worth taking.

Seems like the black church and its leaders have self-restricted to only speaking out on race issues. Said Rev. R.B. Holmes (with bullhorn) on “Stand Your Ground” laws: “The Black church has become too quiet, too passive, too disconnected when it comes to challenging policies programs and persons that degrade and devastate our people.”

We’re living in times where the power of the sinner can seemingly overpower that of the church, because its leaders are self serving cowards. Its rather sad to see BCCN make this call and no one (of noted influence) answers. In case you haven’t noticed its happened numerous times before.  And each time it does, the enemies of the cross become more emboldened in their quest to enslave the church to its perversion agenda.

Why be angry at OC Allen? He has already been judged and found guilty. OC Allen has his reward and that’s as far as God will allow it to go. In the end,  his earthly works of wood,  hay and stubble will be consumed quickly in the fire.  But where are the shepherds who will give their lives to uphold the standards of the gospel of Jesus Christ? That’s where the anger should be directed. The real problem is that a call to the salt to be salt has gone unheeded. What follows is much more tragic than the induction of a religious homosexual by an educational idol.

You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet. Matthew 5:13



Alvin McEwen and the gay pedophilia video

Every once and a while a member of the homosexual community will break free from the debilitating group think mentality and just tell the truth about what’s behind the rainbow curtain. Walter Lee Hampton II of Atlanta did just that  on Feb 8th when he posted a rather candid video warning about homosexual men sexually pursuing underage boys.  Hampton said  based on he’s seen and heard, he would never allow his teenage sons around other homosexual males.

“Based upon my life experiences ..if I had Teenage sons I would NOT allow them around GAY MEN!..because over the years I have seen many GAY MEN pursue TEENAGE BOYS (ages 14-17) for SEX. and I have seen this VERY OFTEN.”

Hampton was responding to a disturbing story out of Florida about a homosexual man who infected a 14 year old boy, then bragged about it on Facebook.  Hampton’s comments really help to reveal why so many males ages 13-17 are contracting HIV/AIDS.  Hampton’s video is pretty straightforward and unpretentious. He just tells the truth as he’s seen it.  In the video he says he has seen adult gay males pursue young boys “a thousand times”.  What’s more Hampton says his gay partner who is a public school teacher has seen “the same thing.” But don’t take Hampton’s word as proof. In November 2013, a young African American boy in Connecticut was arrested after he stabbed a 27 year old gay man to death. The boy said the man pursued him with drugs and booze for sex and when the boy wanted to break it off the man threatened to harm him. Read the story here and here.

The statistics about adolescents contracting HIV do not lie.  GCM Watch has raised this issue several times before before here and here. Additionally, I uncovered a shocking attempt by a gay youth organization in Richmond, VA to pair young boys up with adult gay males in clubs to “teach” them about so called safe sex.

In the U.S., it is estimated that two young people (age 13-25) are infected with HIV each hour.”– Youth Report 2000, White House Office of National AIDS Policy.

“More than five young people worldwide contract HIV every minute — that’s 7,000 people each day, and more than 2.6 million each year. Half of all new HIV infections occur in young people ages 15-24, with one-third of all currently infected individuals in this age group.”– Advocates for Youth, March 15, 2001

“More than 300,000 people in the U.S. are living with AIDS, 4,300 of them are children or youth.”– CDC Report, 2001

So how are all these youth getting infected so early? Are other youth infecting them? That doesn’t seem plausible. Mislabled “gay teens” are like baby chicks among a throng of foxes. They are largely unprotected from the dangers of sexual manipulation of older homosexual males. While they claim to be protecting them from heterosexual homophobia, suicide and other social ills, the truth is that its just a tactic to herd them into the arms of infected sexual deviants.

Alvin McEwen to the rescue

Apparently, Hampton’s video was such an urgent threat to the puritannical public image of gay men, it causedalvin mcewen one gay activist to have an unhinged meltdown!  Something akin to how President Obama must have felt when Edward Snowden leaked NSA secrets. To Alvin McEwen (right) aka “the black tsunami”, Hampton is a gay traitor who leaked secret inside information. McEwen’s blog was chocked full of emotional huffing and puffing, but contained zero evidence to refute Hampton’s video. The man-boy sex (or even the possibility of it) didn’t seem to bother McEwen at all.

McEwen’s vicious attack on Hampton is puzzling considering McEwen’s home state of South Carolina is awash in HIV/AIDS infections among youth. In Columbia, where he lives, the city is #1 in the state and #9 nationally for HIV/AIDS infection rates. [source] Both SC and Columbia have small populations compared to other affected areas, thus the infection rate is stunning. But McEwen is only out to protect and defend the social virginity of his beloved gay male community.

abMcEwen was very upset  Hampton spilled the beans about the pederastic pursuits of some adult gay men. He even urged Hampton to  “most of all, do something about that fool Peter LaBarbera”  referring to AFTAH president, who blogged about the video.  Its not clear if McEwen was urging violence, but it certainly seems as if he wants some harm to come to Mr. LaBarbera.

Sad and tragic that instead of trying to help protect youth from homosexual predators, McEwen wants Hampton to keep gay dirty laundry on the downlow.  Its hurts their agenda he insisted.

The only ones who come out the losers are these young boys who have zero protection against what awaits them. Until the gay community at large is willing to be honest and accountable like Mr. Hampton, the infection numbers will continue to rise. The question is do they care more about their public image or the safety and sexual health of young boys they claim to be so concerned about?

First Person testimony: God challenged me about being “born gay”

Editors Note: LaKenya Clanton is a property manager currently living in Florida. She’s been following Christ since 2007. She’s speaking out about her freedom from lesbianism because she wants others to know that questions and doubts no longer dominate her life.  GCM Watch is exclusively  publishing excerpts of her testimony. For the full testimony see note at the end of this article.

Until now, I have never confessed my greatest secret to anyone. For more than 25 years, I, firmly kept hidden the one thing about me that could change the way my closest friends, children, immediate and church family viewed me. This secret, that I am finally free to share with the world, is that I was gay and believed for more than a quarter of a century that I was born that way.
You may wonder why I kept my lesbianism a secret for so many years. Especially since, homosexuality is so widely accepted today and laws are always being modified in support of the Gay community. Truth is, I could never find peace with being who I was, because as a child, I learned early on that homosexuality was wrong, and if I dared embrace it, my final destination would be hell.
It is now, twenty-five years later and I am, finally, able to tell my story. I can, honestly, say any such testimony shared prior to now, would’ve been incomplete. It is as a result of God’s love, mercy, grace, and Spirit that this journey of hurt, pain, shame, loneliness, confusion, depression, yet understanding, conviction and deliverance, that I am able to stand with the full-backing of the Holy Spirit, share my testimony, and possess the unwavering power needed to withstand the type of fire that comes as a result of such a testimony. I know that from this point forward, my life will be under a microscope. But I welcome it. God has given me a testimony. I no longer struggle with the sin of homosexuality! I no longer feel imprisoned in my body, and, now, know for certain that I was not born this way.

I was 11 years old the first time I kissed a girl. Although homosexuality was becoming more and more acceptable in society, I couldn’t let go of the little knowledge I had about God. And that was that this (homosexuality) was something that He did not approve of.
For a long while, the fear of going to hell, especially, for something I should be able to control, governed my actions. Well, that, and, twice as much, the shame I would feel if people knew the truth. So, as you could imagine, I made every effort to conceal my desires. For a while, I was able to refrain from physically acting on my emotions. But that only lasted for a short while. By the time I was 14, I would find myself overwhelmed with lustful desires and consistently watching lesbian pornography in an effort to satisfy my flesh.
The transition to this alternative lifestyle wasn’t instantaneous. With every boundary I pushed, lesbianism consistently crept in. Yes, watching the porn made the doors to this life visible. But the doors were first opened when I learned that my best friend had these same feelings and, in confidence, admitted to me that she was bisexual. I, now, had someone with whom I could relate. Her confession somehow gave my desires validation or justification. Still afraid to tell her my true nature, I just pretended to be curious and eventually allowed her to guide me beyond the doorway and even deeper into this seductive lifestyle.

Before I knew it, I was in a sexual relationship with a different woman. Every time we were together, it felt right. But, when apart, it was as if I had all my senses. I would question myself and God, wondering, “Is this real?” But it had to be! It felt too natural not to be – even more natural than being with a man.

Things soon began to accelerate quickly. I constantly found myself making excuses – justifying my behavior. My mind IMG_0406(1)went from “I will never be with a girl” to “Ok, I’m with a girl but only this once”. I tried to convince myself that “It’s just sex”. But deep inside, I feared that it was more. I really tried to tell myself that the emotions I was experiencing was just surface. I really believed, at the time, that “I would not be with another girl” “Nor, would I ever be in a real relationship with a woman”. But, that wasn’t true. I was would soon be with yet another woman and in a homosexual relationship”. I was going deeper and deeper. And the longer I was with this woman, the more apparent it became that I could never be with a man again.

Throughout my process to freedom, contrary to what many may expect, never did God confront my homosexuality. Instead, he challenged the fact that I, like any other person, was born in sin and shaped in iniquity. Homosexuality was just one of the manifestations of my sinful nature and personal circumstances combined. God made me fully aware of my sin through his word; and, eventually, led me to realize that I was not born this way, but was motivated by the seducing spirit that was in harmony with my flesh.
Learning that this behavior wasn’t uncontrollable or innate, I began to question God even more. I wondered, “Lord, if I was not born this way, why do I still have these desires, even after the cross? Even after confessing my sin and living a life of denial?” Dealing with the mind games and the shame continued to hold me captive.

Even, by this time, knowing that I wasn’t born this way, in my heart, I made myself okay with the fact that I was going to die this way. Knowing I wasn’t born like this should’ve made things easier – gave me hope. But, it didn’t. I’d been robbed of the one excuse I had for not being able to control my behavior. Sure, I believed that God could free me but I couldn’t imagine how. I’d already given my life to Christ. I expected God to heal me immediately. But, he didn’t! And I didn’t know what else I needed to do to overcome. I had no point of reference to go to. There was no one that I knew personally that could walk me through this process. Though my Pastor, and those I valued, spiritually, knew of my past lifestyle, I still felt alone. I wasn’t ashamed to tell them that I was gay as much as I was to share that, even after all these years post salvation, I still feel perverted in my mind. What would they think if they knew that there were nights when I would just cry because I couldn’t understand why these feelings wouldn’t go way?

What felt like breaking, was part of God’s plan. Without even realizing, my healing process had begun. But freedom wouldn’t come without God, first, revealing the root of my weakness – the culprit behind my sexual immorality. Through a series of messages, God allowed me to see that, what kept me bound by my own flesh and hindered me from moving forward in him, was un-forgiveness. Hard to believe that I, failing to pardon the behaviors and actions of those that wronged me, had caused me to become bitter and resentful, and to seek acceptance in hidden places. Unforgiveness had become the fuel that drove my lustful desires. It was “why” I was the way I was.

If you would like to read LaKenya’s powerful, first person account of her freedom story, use the contact page to request the full pdf file for free.

Overcomers Network responds to Exodus collapse

The Atlanta based Overcomers Network says Exodus International shut down is tragic but the message of freedom from homosexuality is alive and well. The group plans a “prayer and witness” response.

Orlando,FL  June onlogo221, 2013 – The Executive Staff and Officers of the  Overcomers Network (ON) join the Christian community in acknowledging the decision to shut down Exodus International – the oldest and largest Christian ministry dealing with faith and homosexuality. We grieve with those leaders and members of this organization that may have been adversely affected by this decision, and stand in faith that God’s ultimate plan will be manifested in their lives. However, even as we acknowledge the impact of this decision – we are confident that the ministry to those desiring to leave the homosexual lifestyle and pursue God’s divine plan for their lives will continue to move forward through the work of ministries, Christian leaders, and organizations such as – The Overcomers Network.

Pastor DL Foster, founder and Senior Director of the ON, reflected on his experience with Exodus: “When I first discovered them in 1997, I’d just narrowly missed the conference in Boston. My next year was filled with excitement as I prepared to go to Seattle and connect with hundreds of people just like myself who had left homosexuality to follow Jesus. My wife and I had an incredible time and knowing that there was so many others like me became a hallmark of continuity in my life. And while the season of Exodus the organization has come to an end, the exodus from homosexuality continues unabated. That’s why the Overcomers Network stands now as a new vanguard of the truth that freedom from homosexuality is not just a possibility, its a reality.”

The ON understands that this may be a confusing time for some, which is why we feel the best thing we can all do during this season of transition is to seek the face of God. Our response is to pray and witness, following the call of Jesus in Acts 1:8.


We’re excited to announce that we will be hosting the “Chainbreakers Clarion Call to Prayer” via teleconference from Monday June 24th – Wednesday June 26th. This prayer assembly will take place each evening at 9pm EST. The prayer will be led by seasoned ministers from around the country and hear the testimonies of individuals who have experienced the power of God’s deliverance from sexual perversion. Those desiring to connect with us during these calls are welcomed do so by simply dialing in to : (832) 551-5900, PIN: 118597. We are expecting God to break chains and bring hope, healing, deliverance, and guidance in the midst of this spiritual transition.

Founded in February 2010, the Overcomers Network (ON) is a network dedicated to the advocacy of sexual holiness, empowering disciples and exalting Christ through faith and fellowship. The ON has members throughout the United States and internationally in Canada, Kenya, Indonesia, the Caribbean and Europe. For more information on the Overcomers Network visit:

Joseph L Williams; Juandalyn Stokes appearing at gay church anniversary?

As more and more false teachers, particularly those who ascribe to homosexual inclusion theology, flex their influence, collusion is bound to occur. But what is a believer, faithful to the truth to do (or say) about it when a respected leader links up with false teachers?

A flier for unannounced homosexual cleric Kenneth Samuel’s church anniversary features gay bishop OC Allen and card carrying inclusionist DE Paulk. No surprises there as birds of a feather are expected to congregate together. Here’s the documentation on Paulk, Allen and Samuels, respectively.

But what of the appearance of Joseph L. Williams, son of reknowned Atlanta pastor Jasper Williams? Or Juandalyn Stokes, a local gospel personality?  Are these two making small steps towards embracing the specious inclusion doctrine? While one appearance at a gay/gay affirming church is not to be taken as full approval or partnership with doctrines of devils, it is nonetheless disturbing trend in the contemporary church. And then again, Samuels would have never invited someone to speak at his church who he knows openly opposes his false teaching and immoral sexual lifestyle. So what conclusions can we draw? Williams, a theologically educated man, surely knows the implications of 1 Cor 5, Eph 5:14,1 Cor 15:33 and other passages which warn believers not to associate with those who work undercover for satan.

Tetuan Moffett, who produced the popular EXMinistries series “Thieves in the Temple” says that false teachers have no redeemable qualities.

But what about the false teachers (2 Peter 2:1)? What about these men who lead hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions to the second death (2 Peter 2:2, “many will follow” Revelation 20:14-15; 22:15)? DO WE PRAY FOR THEM? No. The instruction Paul gives in Galatians1:8-9 (for those who preach any other gospel) is that we let them go to hell. (be accursed). The Lord says that false teachers are like “brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed.” In other words, God has made false teachers for the express purpose of destroying them forever. As the above says, “they will utterly perish”, and they “will receive the wages of unrighteousness.” The wages of unrighteousness is the lake of fire (Revelation 21:8). False teachers are beyond hope. In fact, note Jude 11. It says of them that they have “perished” in the rebellion of Korah.”

In both the old and new testaments, the prophets, Jesus and the apostles use extremely harsh and condemning language, metaphors and pronouncements in dealing with false teachers. To lend aid or support to one was considered just as grave a transgression as being one. But many have been deceived into thinking that false teachers are actually part of the body, but just having minor differences with the truth.

In properly understanding the serious evil of a preacher who has been trained (brought up) by a wolf, Jesus’ words are referenced – “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you travel land and sea to win one proselyte, and when he is won, you make him twice as much a son of hell as yourselves. (Matthew 23:15) The bible says “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” Therefore whether if its Michael Green, Daffy Duck or whomever, if you have endorsed and/or supported these false teachers then what spirit is leading you? AN ANTICHRIST SPIRIT? Now how is that for JUDGING? (see: Luke 12:57, I Cor. 11:13, 6:3, 10:15, Matt 7:15-20. Let no man deceive you by any means. How can we tell the “sheep” from the “wolves” unless we “judge” or “determine”? How can we do as our Lord commanded and “beware of false prophets” unless we “judge” them by the word of God? If we do not “judge” or “decide” their error by the word of God, how do we even know they are in error?

Are you a member of Williams, Joseph Williams or Jaundalyn Stokes church? If you are, do you approve of your pastor keeping company with known false teachers and lending support to sexually immoral religious leaders?

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