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Police: Bishop David Huskins dead from “tragic incident”

WGAA 1340 AM reported late yesterday that Bishop David Huskins was found dead in his home.

davidhuskinsPolk County Police say they found Bishop David Huskins inside his home in the Meadow Lakes community late Monday afternoon. He was pronounced dead on the scene. According to Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd, detectives believe there was no foul play involved in the tragic incident.

Huskins sent out and email to followers July 10th saying that health concerns could remove him from ministry.

“It has been almost twenty years ago since I had open heart surgery to repair a hole in my heart that had become critical. That started a series of mostly ignored warnings to take care of my heart health. Then in November, I had a mild heart attack (if there is such a thing) and that put me on a path to great introspection of all the areas of my life I had not properly dealt with. I realized I had been in some active church leadership office or role all but the first twelve years of my entire life and even in those first twelve years I taught Sunday School for two years in the little country Baptist church near my home. While I am grateful for all the Lord has allowed me to do I knew sometimes I had let ministry be a substitute for God. I felt Him dealing with me to let go of areas and delegate and release and spend more time with Him and with people not just always in a pulpit. I had started that process much earlier with seeking to place others in charge of the church and! daily duties but still had not relinquished the active roles.

Then over the past few weeks I experienced Congestive Heart Failure twice which forced the cancellation of our annual conference and now I have been told medically I am at the point of complete exhaustion while still dealing with Chronic Congestive Heart Failure. After three nights in I C U and another two night regular hospital stay along with several follow up heart procedures and this past week a Transient Ischemic Attack (minor stroke) and the adaptations of all the medicines (which in some cases have been a nightmare on their own) and the on-going recovery process and having been admitted to bed rest, I am now forced to make some significant and important changes immediately. Even though I have been feeling it and talking about it for a couple of years. The next 90 days minimal will be intensive times of physical therapy and monitoring both heart and neck arteries and avoiding the threat of another heart attack or stroke. Medically over twenty percent of people who ! experience a TIA have a full stroke within ninety days. TIAs are viewed as a warning unless used as a precaution. I am submitting to the precaution.

As most of you know I wrote over a year ago about the need for many of us to take a break, get counsel, seek a sabbatical or otherwise make changes. We even held a January Conference around that concept. I put a plan in place for a sabbatical or even a succession plan. We discussed many of these subjects but I then returned quickly to the rigors of ministry. Now it is medically required and physically necessary for me to adapt. Much of the battle and recovery is dealing with all the side effects and issues of the medicines I am on as well as the physical long term recovery. The truth is however the need for a real sabbatical is long over due. The effects of this mini-stroke and the medicines along with the energy lost from the congestive heart failures keep me very confused, often times unable to articulate my thoughts clearly and then also all the physical limits and battles. I am thankful that they say all that is temporary and will be over in time.”

While serving as head of the International Communion of Charismatic Churches, Huskins became ensnared in the controversy surrounding homosexual former Bishop Jim Swilley. Huskins sent GCMW an email and placed a public statement repuidiating Swilley, but soon after removed the public statement and denied he’d ever sent an email to us. GCM Watch reported on Bishop Huskins here and here.

Where are they now? False prophet edition

Remember discredited gay Bishop Jim Swilley, the once upon a time pastor of so labeled Atlanta area Church in the now? Swilley caused major upheaval, division and the breakup of his congregation by claiming that he was forced to announce his homosexuality to save so called young gay kids from the brink of  suicide. Swilley immediately became a poster boy du jour for the liberal media who loved that he was a self proclaimed pentecostal.

Swilley’s announcement sent shock waves of fear through other area false teachers who had cavorted with him. His fellow in the closet comrade Bishop David Huskins tried to distance himself from the sinking ship by saying that Swilley was unfit for leadership. Apparently, Swilley must have reminded Huskins of his own secret unfittedness causing Huskins to deny he had called Swilley unfit.

So what is he up to now? Has Swilley (who refers to himself as Jim in the now) saved hundreds of gay kids like he claimed for his mission? Hardly. The only thing Jim Swilley has done is emerge as another run of the mill gay themed religionista tipping around Atlanta’s social scene with his sex partner. Take a look right here.  That’s really what he always wanted was to satisfy the cravings of his flesh.

Unfortunately for Swilley and his profane wife, homosexuals didn’t reward him with cash for his betrayal of the people he manipulated into thinking he was a real pastor. Thus, Church in the Now no longer exists (a victim of foreclosure). That freed up Swilley to be “no longer afraid” whatever that means.  You can read GCM Watch coverage of Swilley’s insanity here and here.

So much for saving gay kids from suicide.


Jim Swilley: church on the rocks?

ATLANTA – False prophet and recent self proclaimed homosexual bishop Jim Swilley may need to rename his expensive religious meeting place “Church on the Rocks”. According to the Rockdale Times, foreclosure is staring the dwindling former mega church in the face.

Church In The Now, the large, non-denominational church in Conyers, is back into the foreclosure process for the second time this year after its mortgage holder placed a foreclosure notice in last week’s Rockdale Citizen.

Evangelical Christian Credit Union placed the legal notice in the March 10 edition of the Rockdale Citizen to announce foreclosure proceedings on Church In The Now, located on Iris Drive, west of the Salem Road exit on Interstate 20.

The notice stated plans to sell the church following default on $18.5 million in principal from a security deed on the property filed June 2007.

The foreclosure concerns the property and buildings located at 1873, 1875 and 1877 Iris Drive. The total value of 1873 Iris Drive was listed as $11.4 million for this year, according to the Rockdale County Board of Assessors office.

If the foreclosure proceeds, the sale is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 5, on the steps of the Rockdale County Courthouse on Bank Street. [source]

Its not clear whether Swilley made his guess-what-Im-gay announcement hoping to draw in the gay crowds in an attempt save his building or whether his guess-what-Im-gay announcement hastened the church’s demise due to fleeing sheeple.

The [d]evolution of Carlton Pearson

Yvette Flunder’s Fellowship of pentecostal homosexuals is touting its upcoming churchfest.

But there’s an interesting arrangement of guest speaker pictures.

There’s no debating that Carlton Pearson has changed over the years. The question however remains: By his hand in glove advocacy of homosexuality is Pearson preparing the way for others or for himself?

Slated to appear at the Fellowship’s annual religious production, is Pearson’s picture placement telling a story?

1. From a COGIC evangelist, Flunder devolved into a lesbian bishop.

2. Wyatt Greenlee paid his fees and followed her as a gay bishop’s assistant.

3. Tonex/Anthony Williams/B.Slade  trekked out of the breeding ground of  strange fire to the heart of religious hedonsism.

4. Jim Swilley saw the devastation caused by other sexually perverted ministers in his family but still devastated many of his church’s members with his gay liefest.

5. After trying out traditional pentecostalism,  gay church circuit parties, then weird new thought religion, is Carlton Pearson next in line?

We’ve seen it before with so-called inclusion clerics claiming they were only trying to seek justice and equality for gay church and/or family members. But later we found out that they were just testing the waters to see how much public support they could elicit for their own private abominations. See this man, this man and this man [b].

GCM Watch’s Top Ten of 2010

Well the year is coming to a close and what a year it has been.  Gay Christian Movement Watch is thankful for every single person who has supported us in word, thought and deed. Going forward, we promise to stay on the wall: sober, vigilant and ready to keep you informed of the enemy’s devices.

Here’s a list of our top ten stories of 2010 (source:  google analytics).

1. CNN Interview about Bishop Long yeilds painful surprise. CNN Anchor Don Lemon reveals he was sexually molested by another man.

2. A litany of lies from Bishop Jim Swilley. An Atlanta area religious leader comes out of the closet with a bucket full of lies about homosexuality.

3. Bishop Long facing lawsuits. Megachurch leader faces four damaging sexual coercion lawsuit from young men formerly under his “watch”.

4. Ted Winn on the CoCo Brother show. Gospel music industry worker Ted Winn ducks, dodges and evades the obvious and in the process reveals the obvious.

5.  “If I be a lying prophet”. A Connecticut bishop makes a stunning comment at a funeral and then 30 days later he is dead.

6.  Lesbian bishop remembers gospel singer’s influence. Gay false prophetess Bishop Yvette Flunder partially opens the closet doors on former friend and “mentor” the late Walter Hawkins.

7. Brian Carn sees perversion in a vision. A Florida based black church prophet claims God showed him a major church leader in a homosexual context but does not reveal who it is. Eddie Long?

8.  Cogic bishop puts Tonex in the drivers seat. Once promising gospel industry worker turned gay church poster boy “preaches” at a New York COGIC (Intl) church.

9. Yahoo reports christian “star” now a lesbian. A former Christian singer uses her homosexuality announcement to create hype about her career aspirations.

10.  Its gay “holy” convocation time again. Atlanta’s mock pentecostal denomination the UPPC, holds convocationfest.

Bishop Jim Swilley fasttracking the gay christian lie

4835095fe91ccc0c98650084b20a6630ATLANTA – Bishop Jim Swilley, nephew of deceased sexual predator Earl Paulk is on a media fasttrack with the gay christian lie. The gay and liberal media —hungry for a false teacher like Swilley to refute biblical teachings about homosexuality— are beside themselves with glee. Consequently, they are rewarding Swilley (and strangely enough his un-exwife) with lots of feel good air and press time.

Swilley, his profane-mouthed un-exwife Debye and their son all joined forces with the local homosexual news outlet to gush over his newfound gay celebrity status and bash Christians who are calling him out for his 39 years of  deception and lies.

Its hard to believe that Swilley has been preaching the true gospel for 39 years. His un-exwife confirms that by saying that he had been pushing the false theory of inclusion i.e. “God loves you just as you are”, nothing else required.

But notice in media interviews there’s no mention of an affirmation from God or the bible of his sin. Instead, he cites people who agreed with his lie as his confirmation that he was right.

In one week, I gained over 1,000 Facebook friends. I’ve heard from Hong Kong, Japan, London, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria… one story after another from people who say, “Oh my God. I feel like you totally told my story.” I’ve heard from other pastors who’ve come out or pastors who are still in the closet, afraid to come out. I’ve heard from teenagers. For every negative one that I get, there’ll be a hundred that are loving and affirming. I hear it over and over: “You saved my life.”

But listen at what the scriptures say.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, 2 Tim 4:3

Paul was right and the time has come.  Religious homosexuals like Swilley only serve as signs that the scripture is true. It has already prophesied their ascension, the nature of their deception and ultimately their fall into hell. Swilley’s words are doctrines of devils. Their most used tactic: reposition their deceptive language as love.

Not a savior, but a murderer from the beginning

Thankfully, we are beginning to hear some prominent voices speak out against Swilley’s full blown liefest.

On October 31st,  Creflo Dollar mentioned  it to his church. Dollar didnt call out Swilley by name but told his congregation, “The Bible says that even the very elect will be deceived. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, it seems like we’re almost there. Especially when you have preachers getting up in their pulpit saying, ‘I’m gay, and there’s nothing wrong with it.’

Pastor Dollar said Swilley isn’t helping anybody.

“There is nothing liberating about submitting to or accepting an identification that God does not want a Christian, especially a preacher, to accept. You’re not gonna save anybody’s life, you’re gonna make it worse. You’re not gonna stop people from killing themselves. They’re gonna do it even more. Just because you have a weird feeling that doesn’t line up with the word of God, don’t submit to the feeling,”

That’s true, false teachers care about nothing except satisfying their own vile desires.  Those who engage in homosexuality will not inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6). Anyone who tells them otherwise might as well take a gun and shoot them in the head. Death and sin go hand in hand (Romans 6:23). As shofarsound wrote, false teachers are murderers like their father the devil.

And if you think that Swilley’s mind is polluted, his son and un-exwife’s is just as polluted. Asked about people’s reactions to his father’s coming out church party Judah Swilley said:

Christ said there are two laws to be Christ-like: to love God and to love people. It’s very simple. If you’re not loving, you’re not Christ-like. People try to say, “I’ll accept them [homosexuals] but I won’t affirm them.” That’s ridiculous! You have to love them.

You know, Leviticus says all kinds of crazy things. I mean that with all due respect but it says things like not to let cattle graze with other cattle, don’t have a variety of crops in the same field, don’t blend the fabrics of your clothing. If you are disrespectful to your parents, you must be killed. … There are all kinds of things in there.

Thank God that most of it has been supportive. Unfortunately, we’ve heard from closed-minded religious people that see things a different way. The crazy thing is that the people who have extreme religious beliefs and they bring out different scriptures and try to pick and choose them to make their point. You can’t just pick one thing and take it out of context.

We’ve answered rubber stamped gay christian lies before here and here. Its interesting that while they accuse people of “picking scriptures out of context”, that’s exactly what they do with the commandment to love. Judah has probably never read Jesus’ words where he says “if you love me you will keep my commandments”.

But I must admit, in all my years of dealing with the insidious gay christian movement,  I’ve never seen anyone vomit out so many lies per sitting. At a rapid pace, Swilley literally lies, distorts, regurgitates and then quickly starts the process over without batting an eye. His father, the devil has been preparing him for 39 years to deceive millions and he is rushing with wild abandon to do just that.

So Bishop Swilley, lie on. Enjoy your temporary tenure in the world’s spotlight. Exult in their praise and adulation of your fake religion and self manufactured sexual identity. Heap to yourself followers who hate God and his word. But the time is approaching where your soul will be required and the blood of those who have followed you into perdition. A lie has a short life in the fast lane, but in the end only God’s truth will prevail. And the consequence for you will be great, devastating and eternal.

There’s no need to prophesy your end. Like other false prophets before you, God has already planned it.

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Rev 21:8

Additional reading on Swilley from Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. Love the line “Vicky Gene Robinson, move over. There’s a new spiritual fraud in the pulpit.” How very true.

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