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National Baptist Convention forbids its military chaplains to conduct gay weddings

national-baptist-conventionVia Black Christian News, we learn the nation’s largest African American Baptist organization in January released an Official Policy Statement to its military chaplains telling them they ‘are not to participate in any activity that implies or condones same sex marriage or same sex union.” The National Baptist Convention with headquarters in Nashville

On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States deemed unconstitutional Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which states “the word ‘marriage’ means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word ‘spouse’ refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or wife.” On August 14, 2013, the Office of Secretary of Defense announced that same-gender married couples serving in the military would be entitled to receive all benefits pertinent to married couples, effective September 3, 2013.

The Office of the National Baptist Ecclesiastical Endorser recognizes and supports the rights of all people to make social and legal decisions based upon their own personal convictions, teachings, and understanding of Local, State, and Federal law. In all matters of Faith and Practice, National Baptists are guided by Holy Scriptures. Genesis 2: 18-25 shows God’s concern for relationships by creating the woman to be a partner with man.

National Baptist Endorsed Chaplains, although serving in a pluralistic environment, are not to participate in any activity that implies or condones same sex marriage or same sex union. When the Chaplain is not able to perform specific rites and services because of conflict with Bible teachings, and with their own denominational faith and practice, they will make every effort to provide for the free exercise of religion with space and resources in keeping with military regulations and federal law.​

Last year their counterparts, the predominately white Southern Baptist Convention took a similar stance with its military chaplains.

“Our chaplains want to uphold the authority and relevancy of Scripture while continuing to serve in a very diverse setting,” said Doug Carver, the retired Army major general who leads NAMB’s chaplaincy efforts. “We believe these updated guidelines will help them do that while still sharing the love and the hope of Christ with everyone.”, said the denomination’s North American Missions Board.


Creating a safe place for change and transformation

Yesterday, we posted an apologetic video in which a NC minister dismantled numerous arguments used by the homosexual affirmation movement. This video is different. It isnt a defense of the faith against error from intentional enemies and concepts. In this one, a pastor from California, lays out an incredible plan to help people who struggle with same sex attractions and behavior get free and stay free. Pastor Michael Kelly cites the latest science, tried and true scripture, compassion and raw truth leading to a climatic call to come to Christ and be free. Along the way, he manages to speak to the church at large and all who have a struggle with the struggle. Watch and listen to this message entitled “Complexity of Explanations”. Pastor Kelly deals with the subject of same sex relationships and unhealthy opposite sex relationships and how the church can become a safe place for life change. This is about welcoming change and affirming redemption.

Odd Couple: COGIC convocation speaker married to father of lesbian bishop

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

In the postmodernist scheme of thinking, people are free to marry whom they will, but doesn’t the bible warn Christians about being “unequally yoked”?

COGIC’s 2013 convocation agenda is out and its peppered with morally questionable COGIC leaders. Which, by the way,  happens every year.  The 2013 speaker lineup includes Pastor Maria Gardner, a well known personality in COGIC circles.

Gardner divorced Deacon Burnett Thomas   and in 2012 the former “Elect Lady” of COGIC’s Evangelism Department married progay apostate Bishop James Langston the nonbiological father of lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder. Langston’s COGIC connections include being brother in law to W.W. Hamilton a former member of the church’s highest governing body, the General Board.  But Langston isn’t just a passive bystander to his daughter’s heinous teachings and lifestyle. According to the Flunder’s organizational website, Langston is part of the gay denomination’s “family”.

Flunder’s mother Ruth, accepted the homosexual lie and begin working in the Fellowship until she died in 2007. Ruth Langston’s funeral was a snapshot of the uncomfortable intersection of COGIC and its homosexual offspring.  The question is does Gardner also accept the homosexual lie that her new husband espouses?

Despite Gardner’s former years of preaching glory, her life has become littered with sex, divorce and remarriage scandals. It will be interesting to hear what she will “preach” to the COGIC faithful.

Its not clear who chooses speakers for COGIC’s high and holy gatherings, but more and more the speaker lineups are emanating the stench of false teachers.  Tragically, like postmodernist influence on culture,  the wheels of the organization have been turning slight degrees away from the truth of holiness.




Surprise, Surprise: Some Black Christians realizing that Obama played them to get votes

ba5fuj6cqaavse9_jpg_largeThe Black Christian News site ran a headline which read: “IRS Scandal Continues to Smolder: During 2012 Campaign, Black Churches Were Assured Their Tax Exemption Would Be Safe If They Helped Deliver the Vote for Obama Despite Being Unhappy Over His Support of Homosexual Marriage”

New information shows how Obama and his IRS cronies played black churches for his political gain. But what else is new?

The media played up the two faces of SOTUS. On one side they portrayed him in a religious context, using biblical imagery and words to play to the black church folk. On the other side they portrayed him as the most homo-centric president in the history of America. That was medicine for the homosexuals and their gay rights obsessive disorder. But now, some black folk are waking up to realize their fake savior and historical hero  was not attracted to them. To Obama, black churches were nothing more than a political downlow booty call. In reality he was into same sex politics.


At the same time the IRS harassed Republican nonprofit groups during the 2012 political campaign, it selectively advised black churches and other Democrat nonprofits on how far they can go in campaigning for President Obama and other Democrats.
This raw exercise in political favoritism has not been reported in the context of the still-smoldering IRS scandal, in which the agency in 2012 audited big GOP donors and blocked Tea Party groups trying to obtain tax-exempt status as part of what House investigators suspect was an effort to re-elect the president.

But that same year, top officials with both the IRS and Justice Department — including the IRS commissioner and attorney general — met in Washington with several dozen prominent black church ministers representing millions of voters to brief them on how to get their flocks out to vote without breaking federal tax laws.

The “summit” on energizing the black vote in houses of worship was hosted by the Democrat-controlled Congressional newsweek-obama-gay-presidentBlack Caucus inside the U.S. Capitol on May 30, 2012.

The day before the special IRS training session, then-Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver predicted Obama would get 95% of the African-American vote — but only if black pastors “encourage” them to get to the polls. (He ended up getting over 93% of the black vote.)

IRS Goes To Church
At the time, many African-Americans were unhappy that Obama came out in support of gay marriage. So Democrats gathered them in Washington for a “pep talk,” which included assurances their tax exemption would be safe if they helped deliver the vote.

It’s not clear if the White House helped organize the unusual event, but two key Cabinet members — Attorney General Eric Holder and IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman — both spoke at length to the black church leaders.

GCMW published a comprehensive timeline of Barak Obama’s trail of deceptive lies with the “black church” in tow. Most African Americans discarded anything they perceived as negative because BO was the historic first black president. Protecting his legacy was more important than the truth. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Tye Tribbett hams it up with gay personality B. Slade

rosssladetyeBlack gospel music industry worker Tye Tribbett, took some time to ham it up gospel style with B. Slade, aka Tonex aka Anthony Williams formerly of the black gospel music industry until he began extolling the virtues of homosexuality. B.Slade/Tonex/Anthony returned to familiar ground: the black church stage at Ebenezer AME in Washington DC. Don’t be alarmed. False churches like Ebenezer do this kind of stuff all the time. The video was posted by its gay music director Clifton Ross III.

If you can stand a few moments of sheer cat screeching from two men, have a look and a listen.


Black lesbian rev tells white gays how to reel in black church folk


Are you a white gay man who’s out of touch and spends too much time going to pride parades?  Do you want to get connected with blacks so you can feel da spirit and really fight homophobia?  Want to know how use manipulative tricks to get black church folk on your side to amp up your equality dreams? Well, fret no longer.  In a new how to video, you too can learn to get black folks to do your bidding! And, get this!: its easy!

Aunt Thomasina?

If Uncle Tom had a sister, would she be called Aunt Thomasina? The Rev. Irene Monroe, with trademark head rag, sits down with the WGWBS (white gays with blogs) from Truth Won Out  for this must watch new training video.

Rev. Monroe says if you use her approach its a done deal. If you do three simple things, white gays can have black folks eating out of their hands in no time:

1. You gotta get black ministers to talk for you. Blacks only listen to other blacks, right?  This sounds like it was ripped off from Planned Parenthood’s racist founder Margaret Sanger who said blacks were “human weeds” that needed to be exterminated. She devised a clever tactic using black ministers to convince blacks that abortion was the best option to keeping  black families manageable. We all know how that worked out. Thanks to Sanger, black women constitute only 13% of the female population (ages 15-44) in the US, but get 36% of the abortions. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion. On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. That’s a lot of dead black babies!

2. You gotta gets the black women on your side. Rev. Monroe said black women loves they babies. So what the white gays need to do is convince black mothers that homophobia (not abortion) is the cause of so many of their kids dying.  Its easy, she says. Real simple.  What she’s implying is that Black women are stereotypically gullible.   But wait! There’s more! IF you get gullible black women to buy into your racist drivel, you can also hook the black church as well!!!  Lean in for this one: Black women are the BACKBONE OF THE BLACK CHURCH!  You get two for the price of one if you act now!! Good going Auntie!

3. Lastly —and we know this is going to be tough for that Christian-hating, financially privileged white gay man out there — you gotta work with those “faith based” religious organizations. If you’re going to get anywhere, you have to court the religious folks. We’re guessing that homosexual Jews and Muslims also have to co-sign the “faith based” groups to get the ball rolling. But that shouldn’t be a big problem. Anything for the ole equality cause. Bonus added if you snag the ones who already use the “affirming” moniker. That way you don’t have to pretend to tolerate all that talk about deliverance, freedom from homosexuality and exgay ministry you despise.

So, there you have it, in three easy steps. White gays now have the tricks to get black folks up and crackin in no time. But wait! Thats not all!  Mention Miss Irene’s name and you’ll get instant recognition from black folks in those hard to get to hood churches!

And sorry,  please ignore the jarring white gay club intro music. Rev. Monroe probably just forgot to tell them to use Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Watch the video

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