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False prophet Carlton Pearson defensive about being called gay

False prophet du jour Carlton Pearson used to be pentecostalism’s golden boy. Then, he found a wooden nickel and began a crusade to prove that wooden nickels have more value than gold. He’s never been the same since. Strangely, in a March 26th facebook post, Pearson defends his heterosexuality. Strange because he gives no reason as to why he has to defend it. But his defensiveness does bring to scrutiny an oft used accusation against people who preach against homosexuality. Over and over homosexuals (especially the religious type) assert that those who oppose homosexuality are secretly homosexual themselves. They are “repressed closet cases” they say. But what of those who obsessively advocate for homosexuality? Wouldn’t the logic apply to them as well? It did in this case. Apparently, its been put to the test and Carlton Pearson is upset and on the defensive.

His words follow, verbatim:

pearsonI am not gay, but wouldn’t apologize nor be ashamed if I were. I love my wife dearly and have been married to her for over 20 years. We have scores of married and single gay friends we love and respect. You don’t have to be gay to love gay people and even hang out some with them. You don’t have to be a divorcee to love, support and respect them. Neither do you have to be Muslim or Jewish to have friends from those religious disciplines. As Inclusionists, we teach that we don’t have to go along to get along and that we can mind many of the same things without necessarily having the same mind about everything. Inclusionists believe Peace is possible, both individually and globally.
Jesus was accused of eating with “sinners” (Mark 2:15) and protecting prostitutes and adulteresses from the stones of the religious right of his day, called Pharisees. The word Pharisee translates “separatist” or “separated” in both Hebrew and Greek. I am an Inclusionist and proudly so.
Many of my self-righteous detractors accuse me of being gay because I am so outspokenly supportive of gays. Next to the Jewish community, the same gender loving (SGL) community were the first to reach out to me after hearing my Gospel of Inclusion. Do these same people, suspicious of my sexuality, also say I am atheist, a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Scientologist because I hang with, love and accept them all and others, including those hypocritical so- called Christians who hate themselves and everyone else?
I’m not preaching false doctrine, just exposing it while dealing with some 2000 years of entrenched and mostly erroneous indoctrination. I love Christ and so- called “Christian values” but those taught more by Christ than most Christians.
It both amazes and amuses me that so many Christians simply cannot believe that someone loves unconditionally in the way they like to proclaim Jesus taught and did. Most so-called “people of faith” actually have more fear than faith or more faith in their fears than in God. Or perhaps when I say God as it relates to fundamentalists, it is commensurate to fear of God or faith in their fear of his wrath, in effect is their worst fear. Their God, in order to keep them from sinning, something they presumably would prefer and habitually do, threatens to send them to an eternal customized torture chamber. I once feared that god and his hell too, but I no longer do and I don’t even believe in that manmade and presumably bible supported god or his hell. Even the heaven I believe in is not the one in the Christian bible. That one is too gaudy for my taste. I never liked the streets of gold thing. Reminds me too much of my old TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Stage). BTW, my dear 84 year old mother keeps one of the 3 TVs in her bedroom tuned to TBN 24/7 Lol! . I actually prefer sands and beaches to walls of Jasper and topaz as the book of Revelation describes and prescribes. And why would heaven need walls anyway? Moreover, as I close, most gays I know are much more like Christ than many of the Christians I know. And most of my same gender loving (SGL) friends, both male and female, seem to be better (not bitter) and more responsible and loving Christians than most common fundamentalists. Same is true of many of the non-Christian SGL people. I could say the same thing about several of my atheist, Jewish and Muslim friends as well. Again, this is not a criticism, but an observation and an important one that must not be ignored. Being in church or a church no more makes you Christlike than being in a garage makes you an automobile. What say ye?

This is nothing more that perverse and self serving apologetics. Pearson has so deeply invested himself in his inclusion delusion, he may never recover from it. We can only hope he will, but the father of lies has a hook in his mouth and God may just allow it to remain in place. Still, Pearson has a following. That’s not necessarily a good thing, because Jim Jones had a following as well. If one does not escape the clutches of a false teacher it will lead to death: most certainly spiritual and sometimes naturally.

Atlanta minister Mark Moore writes that Pearson’s inclusion delusion will force the church to abandon its foundational anchors.

“To view inclusion as a viable Christian doctrine, we would have to throw away the Old Testament and its big mean God who had the nerve to punish people. We would need to censor the radical Jesus of the Gospels on that whole “must be born again” thing and silence Paul and his admonition to “come out from among them.” We would certainly have to walk through revelations with a white out paint brush and cover up all of that lake of fire and judgment stuff. In short, we would have to completely disregard the word of God in order to make inclusion make sense. Jesus is not simply a way, He is the only way. Yet and still, it seems that more and more people are living lives and promoting lifestyles that suggest Bishop Pearson was right in his assertion that the church is moving closer to his position.”

For more on Pearson and his journey into ignominy see our past reports here, here and here.

Gay marriage cleric: “Jesus didnt know it all”

The false prophets supporting homosexual marriage just keep getting more bizarre as the days go by. Their arguments are rarely, if ever, biblically coherent. But like hordes of flesh eating zombies they keep popping up.

In order to justify homosexuality, marriage perversion and the entire spectrum of gay related issues they have to throw Jesus, the bible and 2,000 years of church doctrine under the bus. And then back over them.

On a recent tv debate on Fox News Sean Hannity show that’s exactly what the false teacher Oliver White, a cleric with the United Churches of Christ, did. If the name sounds familiar, its because White made news in 2012 when 72% of his predominately African American congregation in St Paul, MN walked out on him for attempting to force his false religious beliefs on them. Despite homosexuals trying to prop up his dead works, he lost the church. Read here

But he’s back and as nasty and as ignorant as ever, even degrading and blaspheming the Lord Jesus himself.

For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about  long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.  Jude verse 4

Said White: “If Jesus were alive today, he would be more inclined to say, ‘you know, I didn’t know it all…”

Does Jesus know all things? Of course. He is God. He openly proclaimed himself to be God (that’s why the Jews attempted to stone him twice before the crucifixion).

John 1:1 says that “the Word was God.” John 1:14 says that “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us” This clearly indicates that Jesus is God in the flesh. Acts 20:28 tells us, “…Be shepherds of the church of God, which He bought with His own blood.” Who bought the church with His own blood? Jesus Christ. Acts 20:28 declares that God purchased the church with His own blood.

As God come in the flesh, Jesus  is omniscient.

Briebart has the story with videos of this stunning display of ignorance and intentional lying all in the name of same sex marriage.

Not far behind is the plastic voiced false teacher Carlton Pearson who fetched up a gaggle of clerics in Chicago to do the same.

J. Delano Ellis’ JCAAPB certifies openly homosexual bishop

In July, GCM Watch reported that the Cleveland based Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops had released a strongly worded rejection of homosexual clergy. But now, new information reveals that Official Statement was simply an attempt to cover up the school’s knowing admission of an openly homosexual bishop.

O.C. Allen, founder of an Atlanta  homosexual church attended and was certified by the school and is now wearing the school’s insignia.

Bishop J. Delano Ellis, his staff and roster of high powered, high profile bishops had been extremely silent and guarded as questions began to surface.   Allen and his cadre of gay clerics sported the insignia of the JCAAPB during their 2012 meeting in Atlanta. Several ministers connected to the school said that Ellis was afraid of the controversy that might erupt if he publicly confronted Allen so he has remained silent, hoping it would not be noticed. But GCMW found out that Allen threatened to sue the school if it did not admit him.

The fiery voiced Ellis who started the college  in 1993 along with Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop Wilbert McKinley, Bishop Roy Brown tout the organization as a place of rigorous training for those who operate in episcopal offices.

And according to its website the JCAAPB has  ” grown into the premiere development center for the Episcopacy in the African American culture.”

The website says “The reputation of Archbishop J. Delano Ellis is well established as being a blend of compassion for leadership and a bulwark for legitimate and principled order for all episcopal issues.”

Central to the issue at hand, the “Official Statement on Homosexuality insisted that “The ordination of a practicing homosexual to any church office contradicts the clear mandate of God.  Therefore, the Joint College will NEVER accept or bless same-sex unions of any kind or grant those living such a lifestyle Apostolic Succession into Holy Office.” (their italics)

But the official statement doesn’t address the problem which prompted it. In fact, the letter is a artful lie. The Joint College didn’t ordain Allen nor did they give him “apostolic succession”. That was never the real problem. But Ellis did deliver to Allen what he wanted: legitimacy. Fearful of a threat to sue, Ellis caved in and gave him what he wanted.

Orlando Short, Jr., an adjutant with Joint College told GCM Watch, ” The College was not legally ready for an openly gay bishop to come to the college. He was stopped at the door, but because of charter verbage, [sic] he would have been able to sue if we denied him. He was quiet the whole time there. While there, he bought patches and gave them to his bishops. Because of this the letter was drafted to let people know what we believe.”

GCMW contacted Ellis’ office for a statement, but none was forthcoming. Instead of Ellis being truthful publicly about the situation and in the process warning other leaders, he played along with the deception for the sake of image. Despite all of his fiery condemnation of homosexuality and homosexual clerics, Ellis and his school has lost its credibility as any legitimate guardian of the Pentecostal heritage.

Some see the situation as both an attack and a colossal failure on the organization’s part.

“Its a shame for the Joint College to issue such a powerful statement on the issue of homosexuality and then, even consider a practicing sexually immoral person to darken the doorsteps of an institution such as the Joint College of Bishops,” said Pastor Fred Rochester of Brooklyn, New York.

“The capitulation of the Joint College is another example of the LGBT (gay) agenda to get the true church of God to surrender by perverted infiltration, its absolute Biblical position and right to prevent those that practice sexual immorality a place at the table of truth. It is another attempt by homosexuals to further erode the pillar and ground of the truth into a pile of worthless rubble.”

Allen is a cohort of former pentecostal bishop Carlton Pearson who was rejected and branded a heretic by Ellis and the Joint College in 2004 for his doctrine of inclusion teaching.  Allen and his homosexual religious organization are seeking legitimacy by association and the Joint College provided the perfect setting for both proxy revenge and the semblance of legitimacy he desired.

A former member of the Joint College, who asked not to be named summed up  his disgust with Ellis’ gay bishop debacle.  “This is a disgrace,” he said.

African American Pentecostal Bishops reject gay ordination

CLEVELAND – The nation’s foremost organization of African American pentecostal episcopates has released a statement rejecting the ordination, approval and acceptance of unrepentant homosexuals into Christian ministry. Despite increasing numbers of predominately white formerly mainline denominations capitulating to ordaining and consecrating open homosexuals, others are drawing a spiritual and policy-based line in the sand.

The  Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops (JCAAPB) released a strongly worded statement via its website decrying “prejudice, bigotry and violence” against homosexuals, but maintaining a unwavering biblical position in the process.

The act of homosexuality is a sin according to God’s Word. God’s intent in creation was that male and female would be complimentary, that the privilege of sexual expression would be between male and female only, and this expression would be only in the context of marriage. Both heterosexual and homosexual sexual behavior outside of marriage violates the human spirit and distorts God’s intent for our lives.  The Holy Scriptures condemn homosexual practices (Genesis 19:4-10; Leviticus 18:22; 30:13; Romans 1: 26-28; and First Timothy 1:8-10), and we follow this instruction and example of Jesus.

While the world systems are being continually affected by cultural and sociological changes, we will not compromise or deviate from the standards set by God.  We do not endorse or consecrate homosexuals to the Holy Office of Bishop, or condone their ordination into Holy Office as Deacons or Elders (Priests), for to do so is both dishonoring to God and a betrayal of our Faith.  The ordination of a practicing homosexual to any church office contradicts the clear mandate of God.  Therefore, the Joint College will NEVER accept or bless same-sex unions of any kind or grant those living such a lifestyle Apostolic Succession into Holy Office.”

Headed by former COGIC official J. Delano Ellis, the Joint College first made news in April 2004 when it convened a special session on the so-called “gospel of inclusion” and declared it heresy and its chief advocate Carlton Pearson, a heretic [source].

The organization counts among its executive board COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles Blake, Sr,  Bishop Alfred Owens, head of the Mt Calvary Holy Churches of America, Bishop Walter Thomas and Bishop Claude Alexander of Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors.


The [d]evolution of Carlton Pearson

Yvette Flunder’s Fellowship of pentecostal homosexuals is touting its upcoming churchfest.

But there’s an interesting arrangement of guest speaker pictures.

There’s no debating that Carlton Pearson has changed over the years. The question however remains: By his hand in glove advocacy of homosexuality is Pearson preparing the way for others or for himself?

Slated to appear at the Fellowship’s annual religious production, is Pearson’s picture placement telling a story?

1. From a COGIC evangelist, Flunder devolved into a lesbian bishop.

2. Wyatt Greenlee paid his fees and followed her as a gay bishop’s assistant.

3. Tonex/Anthony Williams/B.Slade  trekked out of the breeding ground of  strange fire to the heart of religious hedonsism.

4. Jim Swilley saw the devastation caused by other sexually perverted ministers in his family but still devastated many of his church’s members with his gay liefest.

5. After trying out traditional pentecostalism,  gay church circuit parties, then weird new thought religion, is Carlton Pearson next in line?

We’ve seen it before with so-called inclusion clerics claiming they were only trying to seek justice and equality for gay church and/or family members. But later we found out that they were just testing the waters to see how much public support they could elicit for their own private abominations. See this man, this man and this man [b].

Breaking News: False prophet Carlton Pearson quits false church

CHICAGO – In breaking news WGN  Chicago has reported some members of the Christ Universal Temple are cheering the resignation of former pentecostal bishop turned gay affirming apostate Carlton Pearson.  [source]

After less than two years in the pulpit, the embattled interim leader of Christ Universal Temple has stepped down to make room for someone new to lead one of the city’s largest congregations.

The Rev. Carlton Pearson, once one of the nation’s pre-eminent Pentecostal preachers, stirred controversy from the moment he assumed leadership of the South Side mega-church in 2009.

Ousted from his mega-church in Tulsa, Okla. for teaching that Muslims, Buddhists, and homosexuals go to heaven, he joined the New Thought movement when selected to lead Christ Universal Temple.

But some members of the congregation objected to Pearson’s appointment, saying he lacked the theological training to lead a New Thought church. The movement uses a metaphysical interpretation of the Bible and focuses on healing, meditation and thinking positive thoughts to improve one’s life.

New Thought pioneer, the Rev. Johnnie Colemon, founded Christ Universal Temple in 1956. In 1974 she formed her own denomination, the Universal Foundation for Better Living (UFBL). Then in 2006, after building a $10 million religious empire, Colemon retired with no succession plan in place.

Pearson said he has expanded that empire by launching a $3.2 million capital expenditure campaign, a prime time television broadcast and a live stream of services on the Web.

“All the things that any normal church would want to happen did,” Pearson said. “I was trying to extend the church message beyond the church walls to a inclusive audience … They want to take the church in a different direction, back to where they were before I got there.”

The Rev. Roderick Norton, a church minister, said Christ Universal is now searching for a new leader within the New Thought movement.

“I think it’s the best thing that happened,” he said. But member Hermene Hartman disagrees.

“I think it’s our loss very honestly,” Hartman said. “I don’t think he has been fully appreciated or given the opportunity for expression of ministry. It’s too bad that Christ Universal Temple wasn’t interested in a new broad church.”

Pearson has been in flux every since he debuted his specious “gospel of inclusion” and was pronounced a heretic by the Joint College of African American Bishops. Afterwards he began shilling for the homosexual christian movement. Recently he appeared on CNN and announced that he knew many gay ministers and music ministers who wanted to come out of the closet, but couldn’t because of potential money and position losses.

Christ Universal Temple is a hybrid religious organization that believes in metaphysical newthought doctrines and a large faction of members had fought Pearson’s appointment since the very beginning.

Whether this is good or not remains to be seen, but it is a rather strange occurrence. A false church forcing a false prophet to resign because he’s not false enough.

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