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Notable Quotes: Dr Edward Lee Johnson

ejohnsonLaunching a rebuke to the leadership of his denomination, Dr. Edward L. Johnson of Lincolnville, SC charged that many in COGIC leadership are closet inclusionists waiting for the moment to turn the 108 year old black pentecostal denomination into a den of sex thieves: “In just the past 108 years God raised up the Church Of God In Christ with the purest Biblical practices since the birth of the New Testament Church. Even racism was brought to its knees for a brief period in Bishop Mason’s ministry. Magic Johnson, a “poster child” for the LGBT community has officially infiltrated our ranks as a (COGIC member). (Listen to his admitted statement with Anderson Cooper during the Donald Sterling debacle.) All it takes for the Church Of God In Christ to change its position against same sex marriage is for enough of the Johnson and Rush types to “creep” into our church. And trust me, there are many that are not highly visible but believe just like them among us. If people will not obey the Bible—what makes you think they will obey your constitution?” [source]

Throwup Thursday: False teacher Troy Perry’s gay gospel

If you love the truth, welcome to Throwup Thursday. Amidst cheers and applause, the vomit flows unfiltered from the mouth of gay christian false teacher Troy Perry, founder of the Metropolitan Community Church. He even shouts out a former Church of God in Christ member in the audience who’s now married to another man.

Odd Couple: COGIC convocation speaker married to father of lesbian bishop

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

In the postmodernist scheme of thinking, people are free to marry whom they will, but doesn’t the bible warn Christians about being “unequally yoked”?

COGIC’s 2013 convocation agenda is out and its peppered with morally questionable COGIC leaders. Which, by the way,  happens every year.  The 2013 speaker lineup includes Pastor Maria Gardner, a well known personality in COGIC circles.

Gardner divorced Deacon Burnett Thomas   and in 2012 the former “Elect Lady” of COGIC’s Evangelism Department married progay apostate Bishop James Langston the nonbiological father of lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder. Langston’s COGIC connections include being brother in law to W.W. Hamilton a former member of the church’s highest governing body, the General Board.  But Langston isn’t just a passive bystander to his daughter’s heinous teachings and lifestyle. According to the Flunder’s organizational website, Langston is part of the gay denomination’s “family”.

Flunder’s mother Ruth, accepted the homosexual lie and begin working in the Fellowship until she died in 2007. Ruth Langston’s funeral was a snapshot of the uncomfortable intersection of COGIC and its homosexual offspring.  The question is does Gardner also accept the homosexual lie that her new husband espouses?

Despite Gardner’s former years of preaching glory, her life has become littered with sex, divorce and remarriage scandals. It will be interesting to hear what she will “preach” to the COGIC faithful.

Its not clear who chooses speakers for COGIC’s high and holy gatherings, but more and more the speaker lineups are emanating the stench of false teachers.  Tragically, like postmodernist influence on culture,  the wheels of the organization have been turning slight degrees away from the truth of holiness.




COGIC Bishop J. Drew Sheard comments on homosexuality

One thing that may be a positive sign of COGIC’s old guard transitioning out is that the newer bishops seem more willing to engage the culture and at least talk about current issues in a cognitive manner. The Blake administration and his contemporaries are so tight lipped and up tight about homosexuality that it makes you wonder what the problem really is. Maybe its all the scandals they’ve had to tip toe around.

Detroit’s Bishop J. Drew Sheard, recently elected to the denomination’s General Board, took some time to respond to a question about Jason Collins and homosexuality. The challenge for those in front of the camera lens is to remain true to scripture. If they can just do that, we will be fine. After the colossal collapse of Kirk Franklin on the issue, its good to hear this bishop at least hold the line at the truth.  It would have been great and a spiritual plus had he briefly talked about how homosexuals can be redeemed and transformed, but this is a very good first showing.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT beginning at the 1:55 mark

[...]“You asked a question about Mr. Collins coming out of the clost as a gay man. Of course, the bible teaches us that God created a man and a woman. He created a woman for a man and at no time does the bible condone any kind of gay relationships. And so if you read the bible you will see that the bible often talks about those kinds of relationships and it talks about them not being of God and an abomination. And things of that nature. My opinion of Mr. Collins is I pray for him and I love him as a person and I pray that God will help him in this area. We often have issues about gays in our ministry and I make it clear that we don’t believe in any “gaybashing”, but we believe that we should help them live their lives the way that God intended for them to do. So thats my opinion of that. I hope that you will be prayerful and read the word of God and see where the Word of God very clear ly states that God intended for a man should be with a woman.”

Media accuses Charlotte COGIC pastor of using “gay slur”

Intending to cast a pall of shame on those who voice opinions opposite gay cultural orthodoxy, an NBC affiliate station is accusing a COGIC pastor in Charlotte of using a “gay slur” after  D-list NBA employee Jason Collins’ announcement that he preferred sex with other men.

Apparently, Pastor Michael Stevens [previous GCMW coverage] of University City Church was (like a lot of people) very turned off by all the hype surrounding such a scurrlious announcement. He said it was a “sad day when President Obama celebrates a gay NBA player!”

A Charlotte pastor used a four-letter gay slur to refer to professional basketball player Jason Collins, who announced this week that he is gay. The pastor, Dr. Michael Stevens, is the head of the University City Church.

Tuesday, he admitted posting a comment on the internet critical of President Obama, who came out in support of Collins. The comment read: “This is a sad day for America…and for the Prez to call this h—.”

Pastor Stevens said the word he used was shorthand.

“So, I use it not as a quote-unquote ‘slur,’ but just shorthand for homosexual, which is the life they have chosen to live,” he said. Stevens’ church has some 1,500 members.

He said he has done extensive studies of homosexuality in the African-American community and disagreed with the President and those who support Collins.

“I just found it amazing that they would embrace the quote-unquote ‘courage’ of someone coming out of the homosexual closet,” Stevens said.

Asked if that did not sound as if he was anti-gay, the pastor said: “You said it best. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.” Stevens said he would not apologize for using the word and did not have any regrets.

The video doesnt work but Pastor Stevens’ response suggests that he was chided in some way by the reporter about his remarks. Its good he stood his ground because he doesn’t have anything to apologize for. Is the phrase “homo” a slur? While it may not be good taste, its no more offensive than homosexuals and their allies gratuitously slinging the slur “homophobe” against those who oppose the normalization of homosexuality.

Strange goings on with some COGIC members

Several  rather strange (and tragic) events happened over the last few weeks involving  members of the Church of God in Christ denomination.

STOMP JESUS controversy – A professor at Florida Atlantic University who demanded that students write Jesus’ name on a piece of paper and then stomp on it has been placed on administrative leave due to concerns for his personal safety. Deandre Poole, a member of Lighthouse COGIC in Ft Lauderdale came under fire for the bizarre exercise after one student refused to participate and was subsequently threatened with suspension. Poole claims he was “just doing my job”.  More here

FOLK STAR GAY controversy – Michelle Shocked was a celebrated folk singer whose schedule was packed with venue appearances around the country. That was until she unexpectedly unleashed on homosexuals and gay marriage during the second half of her concert in San Francisco with a sizeable group of gays in the audience. Shocked sharply rebuked homosexuals and repeated several epithets including telling them “God hates fags”. Shocked is a long time member of West Angeles COGIC pastored by Bishop Charles Blake. The fallout has been even stranger.

EASTER SUNDAY MUSLIM EXECUTION – Members of the Hiawatha COGIC in Ashtabula, Ohio were traumatized after Easter Sunday service when a 25 year old man shot and killed another man outside the church then entered yelling Muslim statements typically associated with executions in the name of Allah. Turns out the shooter, Reshad Riddle was the son of the murder victim. Full story here


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