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False prophet Carlton Pearson defensive about being called gay

False prophet du jour Carlton Pearson used to be pentecostalism’s golden boy. Then, he found a wooden nickel and began a crusade to prove that wooden nickels have more value than gold. He’s never been the same since. Strangely, in a March 26th facebook post, Pearson defends his heterosexuality. Strange because he gives no reason as to why he has to defend it. But his defensiveness does bring to scrutiny an oft used accusation against people who preach against homosexuality. Over and over homosexuals (especially the religious type) assert that those who oppose homosexuality are secretly homosexual themselves. They are “repressed closet cases” they say. But what of those who obsessively advocate for homosexuality? Wouldn’t the logic apply to them as well? It did in this case. Apparently, its been put to the test and Carlton Pearson is upset and on the defensive.

His words follow, verbatim:

pearsonI am not gay, but wouldn’t apologize nor be ashamed if I were. I love my wife dearly and have been married to her for over 20 years. We have scores of married and single gay friends we love and respect. You don’t have to be gay to love gay people and even hang out some with them. You don’t have to be a divorcee to love, support and respect them. Neither do you have to be Muslim or Jewish to have friends from those religious disciplines. As Inclusionists, we teach that we don’t have to go along to get along and that we can mind many of the same things without necessarily having the same mind about everything. Inclusionists believe Peace is possible, both individually and globally.
Jesus was accused of eating with “sinners” (Mark 2:15) and protecting prostitutes and adulteresses from the stones of the religious right of his day, called Pharisees. The word Pharisee translates “separatist” or “separated” in both Hebrew and Greek. I am an Inclusionist and proudly so.
Many of my self-righteous detractors accuse me of being gay because I am so outspokenly supportive of gays. Next to the Jewish community, the same gender loving (SGL) community were the first to reach out to me after hearing my Gospel of Inclusion. Do these same people, suspicious of my sexuality, also say I am atheist, a Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Scientologist because I hang with, love and accept them all and others, including those hypocritical so- called Christians who hate themselves and everyone else?
I’m not preaching false doctrine, just exposing it while dealing with some 2000 years of entrenched and mostly erroneous indoctrination. I love Christ and so- called “Christian values” but those taught more by Christ than most Christians.
It both amazes and amuses me that so many Christians simply cannot believe that someone loves unconditionally in the way they like to proclaim Jesus taught and did. Most so-called “people of faith” actually have more fear than faith or more faith in their fears than in God. Or perhaps when I say God as it relates to fundamentalists, it is commensurate to fear of God or faith in their fear of his wrath, in effect is their worst fear. Their God, in order to keep them from sinning, something they presumably would prefer and habitually do, threatens to send them to an eternal customized torture chamber. I once feared that god and his hell too, but I no longer do and I don’t even believe in that manmade and presumably bible supported god or his hell. Even the heaven I believe in is not the one in the Christian bible. That one is too gaudy for my taste. I never liked the streets of gold thing. Reminds me too much of my old TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Stage). BTW, my dear 84 year old mother keeps one of the 3 TVs in her bedroom tuned to TBN 24/7 Lol! . I actually prefer sands and beaches to walls of Jasper and topaz as the book of Revelation describes and prescribes. And why would heaven need walls anyway? Moreover, as I close, most gays I know are much more like Christ than many of the Christians I know. And most of my same gender loving (SGL) friends, both male and female, seem to be better (not bitter) and more responsible and loving Christians than most common fundamentalists. Same is true of many of the non-Christian SGL people. I could say the same thing about several of my atheist, Jewish and Muslim friends as well. Again, this is not a criticism, but an observation and an important one that must not be ignored. Being in church or a church no more makes you Christlike than being in a garage makes you an automobile. What say ye?

This is nothing more that perverse and self serving apologetics. Pearson has so deeply invested himself in his inclusion delusion, he may never recover from it. We can only hope he will, but the father of lies has a hook in his mouth and God may just allow it to remain in place. Still, Pearson has a following. That’s not necessarily a good thing, because Jim Jones had a following as well. If one does not escape the clutches of a false teacher it will lead to death: most certainly spiritual and sometimes naturally.

Atlanta minister Mark Moore writes that Pearson’s inclusion delusion will force the church to abandon its foundational anchors.

“To view inclusion as a viable Christian doctrine, we would have to throw away the Old Testament and its big mean God who had the nerve to punish people. We would need to censor the radical Jesus of the Gospels on that whole “must be born again” thing and silence Paul and his admonition to “come out from among them.” We would certainly have to walk through revelations with a white out paint brush and cover up all of that lake of fire and judgment stuff. In short, we would have to completely disregard the word of God in order to make inclusion make sense. Jesus is not simply a way, He is the only way. Yet and still, it seems that more and more people are living lives and promoting lifestyles that suggest Bishop Pearson was right in his assertion that the church is moving closer to his position.”

For more on Pearson and his journey into ignominy see our past reports here, here and here.

Ken Ham calls out Auburn Theological Seminary for progay, anti-Bible website

Calling it “very disturbing”,  prominent, Christian creationist advocate, Ken Ham, called out a deceptive website aimed at converting weak-minded Christians on the issue of homosexuality.  The “disturbing” part in “very disturbing”  is that the website wasn’t launched by some seedy porn producer,  but by the Auburn Theological Cemetery Seminary in New York.

Auburn Theological Seminary was originally established as a Presbyterian seminary, and—according to its website—is “the second oldest seminary affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA)” and “maintains a covenant agreement with the Presbyterian Church (USA) to promote strong church leadership.” Auburn seminary is on the campus of Union Theological Seminary, and focuses on leadership training and continuing education.

The website, dubbed “The Friends and Family Plan” is run by Auburn Media,  a part of Auburn Seminary. Ham says the effort being made by ATS  “flies in the face of everything God’s Word says about marriage and sexuality.”

Ken HamHam writes that visitors to “The Friends and Family Plan” website are assumed to be supporters of homosexual behavior. The web visitors are walked through a series of questions about who they know that doesn’t support such behavior, and then they’re given a “plan” tailored to reach the person who has chosen to stand on the authority of God’s Word rather than man’s opinion when it comes to same-sex behavior.

The website’s creators explain why they focus exclusively on reaching Christians:

Approximately three-quarters of Americans identify as Christian. According to research there is a growing number of Americans who know, respect, and even love an LGBT person but do not provide full support for LGBT equality because of their Christian convictions. The Friends & Family Plan has focused on Christians because we believe that if we can help conflicted Christians support the people they know and love who are LGBT without leaving their Christianity behind, we will be well on our way to developing a critical mass in America that stands for equality for LGBT people.

These statements reveal a huge flaw in the seminary’s thinking. They actually believe there’s a way to reconcile the homosexual lifestyle with Scripture. But the Bible very clearly does not approve of same-sex relationships.

Read “Seminary Promoting Homosexuality to Christians”


Pastor Dwight McKissic: When Saints live in Sodom

mckissicPastor Dwight McKissic’s new blog post  is an insightful look at the past and the present. Its a significant blueprint for the 21st century church that strives to remain true to the will of God as we navigate growing governmental acceptance of homosexuality and the specter of persecution that waits silently in the wings.

In it, the influential black Southern Baptist pastor of Cornerstone Church in Arlington, Texas asks “How Should Kingdom Citizens Relate to Gay and A New Gay-Friendly America?”

The righteous of our day have been seemingly transported back to the spirit and age that existed in ancient sodom where perversion and the disregard for life were the dominant vices that gripped the region’s residents. Most may not realize that Sodom was prosperous and influential by modern standards. It was one of the reasons Lot was attracted to the area. Besides its moral perversion, Ezekiel pointed out that one of the city’s  fatal flaws that it had ‘excess of food and prosperous” (ESV) but had no concern for those suffering. (16:49)

Saints of today are increasing confronted by the challenges of a new sodom. Homosexuality is seen as a virtue to be celebrated and affirmed. Those who refuse to dance to the music are marginalized, demonized and subjected to punitive actions by the state.  Clearly, things have changed wrote Pastor McKissic.

“The world that I was born into in 1956 did not officially and affirmatively recognize a “gay” person as a sociological category that merited celebration, congratulations, affirmation, special rights in addition to civil rights, minority status, entitlements, or any of the like. Heretofore, identity and recognition as a human being, American citizen, male or female, a member of a people group, religious affiliation, or your Daddy’s name, was sufficient. Within the past decade, the U.S. military, pulpits, POTUS, SCOTUS, Halls of Congress, popular votes in certain states, the public school systems, and the NFL, have all upheld policies and affirmed same-sex relationships and homosexuality. We are all having to accept the fact that in the New America, there is a new demographic called “Gay American,” that are recognized as a legitimate, official, respected people group by all major American Institutions—including many church leaders and some (mainly liberal) denominations. The social acceptance of homosexuality has occurred in America primarily within the past ten years—from the fall of Gov. McGreevey to the rise of Mr. Michael Sam.”

While some churches and religious individuals are selling out and endorsing homosexual behavior sight unseen, others are digging in and throwing more condemnation wood on the fire. Pastor McKissic writes that those two extremes do not reflect the truth of scripture.

So, how do Kingdom citizens relate to gay and a new gay-friendly America? What are saints to do now that we recognize that we live in Sodom? I’ll tell you what we must do. We must love the homosexual unconditionally, while we preach and practice grace, love, and truth uncompromisingly.

1. First, we must acknowledge that at least three Scriptures indicate, or suggest that homosexual relationships would be widely accepted and approved of before Christ returns.

2. Not only are saints to accept the fact that living in Sodom is an inevitable biblical reality or prophesy coming true, we must also be like the two witnesses in Revelation and speak the truth in love to all who ask about our faith, or our belief in the Judeo-Christian concept of marriage between one man and one woman.

3. Finally, the best offense is a good defense. Seattle just proved that in the Super Bowl. Therefore, the remnant faith community needs to strengthen the bonds of our marriages.

Part prophetic and part introspective correction, the solution is one that wise saints will embrace, share and practice in these coming days.  The only thing I would add to Pastor McKissic’s counsel is be prepared to exit Sodom quickly when our call comes.

Read the entire When Saints live in Sodom





Pastor David Slautterback expels unrepentant homosexual from congregation

Adam and Eve-Garden-God-satan

Discipline is something religious homosexuals aka gay christians reject without even so much as a thought. The god they subscribe to is too loving to hold them accountable for anything they do or say. This god’s love has zero accountability. Consequently, any scriptures that require discipline, accountability, judgment, discernment, holiness, sexual purity, self control, or personal responsibility are summarily rejected. This is because religious homosexuals have been seduced by the sexual orientation lie.  The sexual orientation lie says that homosexuality is a gift from God. You are made the way you are and nothing can change that. Furthermore, anything you do and say as a result of  your sexual orientation is exempt from any correction.

If a church can’t discipline its members according to the directives of the scriptures, it will open itself up to all forms of rebellion and apostasy.  A case in Pennsylvania is showing just how difficult it will be for pastors who allow unrepentant homosexuals to dictate the terms of acceptance in the fellowship of the saints.

Bobbie Pierce, 20, of Mount Wolf, said he is being denied membership and communion at Ambassador’s Bible Chapel in Newberry Township because he is gay. Pierce said he has attended the church for years, and he was baptized there.
Pastor David Slautterback said that he and other church elders removed Pierce from the church’s membership — and announced that fact to the congregation during the church service last Sunday — because Pierce has failed to have a change of mind concerning his sexuality.

Slautterback said Friday that he and the other elders want Pierce to repent for his sin and to return to fellowship at the church, where he is still welcome to attend as long as he does not cause division or speak contrary to scripture.

Pierce said he has attended the church for years, and he was baptized there.

Pastor David Slautterback said that he and other church elders removed Pierce from the church’s membership — and announced that fact to the congregation during the church service last Sunday — because Pierce has failed to have a change of mind concerning his sexuality.

Slautterback said Friday that he and the other elders want Pierce to repent for his sin and to return to fellowship at the church, where he is still welcome to attend as long as he does not cause division or speak contrary to scripture.

Slautterback said neither he nor other members of his church hate Pierce. “We placed Bobbie under church discipline out of love for Bobbie and regard for his soul,” Slautterback said.

You should be mourning, instead you are puffed up

Just like the situation in 1 Cor 5, the offender found others who supported him in his outrageous sexual sin. Pierce, instead of submitting to the pastor’s discipline as a voluntary member,  threw out suggestive accusations of suicide. That was backed up not by scripture but by “research” and attempts to paint the church as hateful.

Pierce posted on the York Daily Record’s Facebook page a letter he said he received from the church. He said he decided to talk about what was happening with him because he wants others to know they’re not alone.

“I’ve heard so many stories of someone who is homosexual who has a strict Christian family, who commits suicide,” Pierce said. He admitted that he has felt that way a few times, but his friends have helped him to feel better.

Pierce said he hasn’t chosen to be gay. He said he’s done research, looking up scripture and interpretations of scripture online. He believes he is a Christian, and said “homosexuality isn’t a sin, it isn’t a choice.”

Slautterback disagrees. He said he thinks that Pierce can and should change.

“I do not believe that a homosexual person has to be homosexual any more than I believe that a person who is inclined to steal steals,” Slautterback said.

Pierce said he plans to continue attending Ambassador’s Bible Chapel “to show that I’m going to rise above the hate, or at least I’m not afraid.

Via personal experience with Christ, the church is a place of  ongoing change and transformation.  While we are all still subject to sin, at the very least acknowledging our actions as sin help to keep us spiritually transformative. Sadly homosexuals want not only to remain unchanged, but want the church to throw away one it is most fundamental tenets.

Pastor Slautterback and his staff responded in a way that was fair, biblical and loving. Mr. Peirce’s soul is at stake and its an act of love to hold him accountable for his sins if he is to remain part of the family of faith.

Atheists at TWO headquarters mad about NALT vids

After several weeks or so of  typical  liberal blog fawning and posting cheery, christian next door type videos from so called “NALT Christians”,  Wayne Besen’s core commenting constituency is still extremely hostile to the whole gay affirming Christian thing.  The lovefest is not a two way street.

The “Truth Won Out” collaborators are finding out that trying to sell sugar sweet gay affirming religion to its atheist meanies is a steep climb. The videos are being met with cold silence or virulent anti-religion, antiChristian bigotry. This is sure to create a conundrum for its two co-birthers, particularly since neither are Christians, nor have they ever been. Its like a MartNALTha’s Vineyard native trying to lead a survival course in inner city Chicago. TWO’s leader Wayne Besen is Jewish and has only scant  precursory knowledge about Christianity. Consequently,  Besen seems to be allowing head religious heckler-jeckler Evan Hurst to be the PR man, but he’s fighting an uphill battle as well.

On a serious note, it goes to show you just how apostate factions of Christianity have become. Not to be alarmed as we have been forewarned.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. (2 Tim 4:3-4)

Some sample responses:

CHAZ: It becomes increasingly nauseating and tiring having to put up with and all to [sic] often argue and defend in that same pseudo authenticity the fake imaginary gods and so called principals of the religious whom have ironically shown themselves very adept to change when it suites[sic] them and their existence.”

CHRIS: Sounds a bit like Sally Fields: “You like me. You REALLY like me.” I am not interested whether Christians like me or not. Some of these people are still propping up bigoted churches with their donations every week, all the while saying that they do not agree with what their leaders say about LGBT issues. By giving ONE penny to these groups, you are tacitly supporting the bigotry. To all Christians: If you do not like me, then fine. If you do like me, that’s fine too. But whether you do or not, it will not affect my life in any way. Just keep your [expletive] out of my back yard. Sorry to be the wet blanket on this, Wayne. I admire your other work immensely and hold you in high regard.

Hurst seems to be flying solo in the cockpit, But how long before the steam runs out and Besen discards this  project du jour for his next “big thing”?

Maybe TWO should crank up a NALT for muslims, buddhists and atheists. That ought to produce some really interesting smiley faced vids.

Hurst prematurely quipped that “The anti-gay contingent are going to be so mad.” But its not all like that.  Turns out the ones really mad are  Hurst’s own supporters.

Colin Ivan Osborn hopes to wake up “The Other Side”

othersideplayStill in the casting and production mode, a new stage play called “The Other Side” is hoping to wake up a much needed discussion about sexuality, sexual abuse and identity according to Connecticut based director/producer/actor Colin Ivan Osborn.

THE OTHER SIDE [trailer]  produced by Osborn and Ramiro Rojas-Lara is a stage play of a spiritual leader’s life reality and struggles and the process he goes through in order to get to the Other Side. Pastor Jeremiah Bryant was a faithful husband, father, pastor, friend and community leader. He did everything right but everything seemed to go wrong. But his life suddenly takes a turn when he meets Michael Cherry. The Other Side is a story about a man’s triumphs over adversity, internal struggle, abuse and self-identity. It is a realistic view of a spiritual leader’s truth behind the pulpit and what he has to go through in order to get to THE OTHER SIDE.

In LA on business, Osborn took some time to talk exclusively with GCM Watch about the play.

GCM WATCH: Colin, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about your stage play the Other Side. So let me ask a few obvious questions. What’s the significance of the title of the play?

COLIN OSBORN: Initially the play was going to be called The Other Side of the Pulpit. But I shortened it to just The Other Side  for a couple of reasons. One,  I wanted it to draw a wider audience. I didn’t want it to be specifically a church play. Its not necessarily a church play, but it does have some religious references in it. I used that title coming from a lot of some experiences I’ve seen cause I have a lot of minister friends who have expereinced life and have gone through situations. Some of the stuff is fictional but there are some truths in what we talk about.

GCMW: If the church isnt your intended audience, who is it that you are aiming your message at?

CO: Everybody. Everybody who has been broken. Everybody who has experienced hurt and pain. Everybody who is not able to deal with and overcome things by the past. Those who have been dogmatized by the church and people who have been abused sexually. I want to talk to everybody. Some of that comes from my background workwise cause I work in the criminal justice field as well.

GCMW: No doubt, there are a lot of broken people in the church as well who could stand to benefit from seeing your play. If thats the case, what would you like for them to walk away with?

CO: I want the church people to walk away feeling safe to talk about what they’ve really gone through. From experience church people have been taught thats its not okay to talk about whats really going on. Put on your game face, your poker face. By you putting on the poker face youre exemplifying God…but in actuality you’re still broken. That’s kinda like the lead character in the play [Pastor Jeremiah Bryant]. He convinced himself to put on a poker face but everything that he’s been trying to suppress is coming back and controlling his life.

GCMW: You said you’re not aiming this at the church audience, but your lead character is a pastor. How do you reconcile that?

CO: I want the church to come outside the church so this is for everybody. A lot of the topics in this play ironically are conversations Ive had with church people. They say I wish the church would talk about this. I’m a rebellious type of guy, so lets do it. I dont want there to be any segregation when it comes to that. Everybody is dealing with something. so everybody needs to talk about it.

GCMW: Lets talk about Pastor Jeremiah Bryant. I’ve watched the trailer and there’s some striking imagery in the trailer particularly at the end where another man’s hands embrace him while he is looking in the mirror. So is it fair to say homosexuality is one of the issues youre dealing with in the play?


CO: Definitely.

GCMW: And what’s your approach on the subject?

CO: Its not the typical conversations people have. Its not dogmatic. I’m definitely not talking about it to say that its right or wrong. I think that [pauses and sighs]… Im trying to use that situation to force people to ask another question. I’m not saying its right. I’m not saying its wrong. I have my own beliefs about things. But what I do want to do is to talk about the stuff people dont talk about which is why I wrote it in that manner.  What’s funny is a lot of people have seen the trailer. And when they see that part they say hmmm I need to find out whats going on. I want to use that to pull and be suspenseful.

GCMW: You being the playwright, are your personal beliefs entwined in this play? I know you said youre not trying to say whether its right or wrong but if youre trying to move people to resolution, is it wise to leave it as an open-ended situation?

CO: I think so. I think by leaving it open-ended its going to force people to talk. Are some of my beliefs in there? There are some of my beliefs in it but I wrote the play based off of people’s stories. Like I said I wanted to talk about the topics that no one really wants to talk about it. Especially in our community.

GCMW: So this is a “black” play because all of the characters are African American, right?

CO: All the characters are African American but they also all come from different backgrounds. Their fan bases are very diverse.  There’s a universal message and I’m just using the “black experience” to bring that message out to everybody. Its not stereotypical and not traditional.

GCMW: Do you think that anyone will be offended at any of the subject matter in the play?

CO: I kinda hope they are offended. I hope they are offended. If people get offended its because they have an issue with themselves internally. If they get offended, good.  Now, talk about it. So to some extent I hope they do get offended because at the end of the day something is going on with you.  Im not saying that negatively but yeah it means that Im doing something right.

GCMW: Talk to me about the production of the play. Is this going to have elaborate stage props…?

CO: This is my first major production so Im not trying to come out with big stage props but it will be as professional as possible. With the caliber of actors that I have, that alone will help to up the whole production.

GCMW:  Im gonna give you a chance to drop some hints to well known folks. [he laughs] So, if you could assemble a dream cast of actors to work with, who would it be?

CO:  Honestly, I would love to work with Morgan Freeman and Felicia Rashad. The older ones have so much wisdom and they have so much knowledge and skill. Im kinda an old soul so thats where Im at. I love the older actors.

GCMW: And I’m going to help you out with Alfre Woodard!

CO: Oh God, YES! I love her! Oh my God, yes! And Viola Davis!

GCMW: What producer inspires your work?

CO: I do appreciate what Tyler Perry is doing. I appreciate him more because of the struggle he’s had and to see how he’s overcome his life obstacles. That’s appealing to me. If I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him all I’d want is to say is let me sit down with you for 15 minutes and just tell me how you overcame. To me, thats more valuable than asking for a part.

GCMW: Colin, how long did it take you from the conception, the idea to actually beginning work? People say “I have a dream” but the dream never becomes a reality. So how did you get your dream to this point?

CO: [laughs] Three and a half years.  I finally woke up sometime last year. Im 33 years old now, so when I was 32 I finally said I think I can do something with this. So its been about a three and a half year process.

GCMW:  Great! Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to shed some light about the play.

CO: Thanks, I appreciate the opportunity.

Osborn says his website with tour dates will be updated. A “mini movie” about  The Other Side is slated to be released September 2013.

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