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Sexual orientation is a farce

Homosexuals have a phrase they use to identify their sexual expression called “sexual orientation”. I won’t go into why they replaced the previous designator —sexual preference— with the new nomenclature, but it has everything to do with institutionalizing a farce. Sexual orientation is alleged to be the “hard-wired” way a person *feels* about another sexually. The familiar soundbite “you cant help who you love” is derived from this fallacy. Sexual orientation therefore becomes justification for how a person acts out their sexual desires because again alleged sexual orientation cannot be changed (whether homosexual or heterosexual). But the bible does not allow or acknowledge such justification. All sin (behavior) is traced directly back to one’s unregenerated desires, thoughts and emotions.

But every man is tempted when he is drawn away by his own lust and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin; and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death. James 1:14-15

And all sinful behavior dead ends into death. Thus, according to scripture there’s nothing good, righteous or fruitful about homosexuality or its intangible roots. If a person has wrong feelings, it will produce wrong behavior. In 100% of the scriptures which cite it, homosexuality is described as wrong behavior. That’s why a person cannot just be redeemed from homosexual behavior but also from the thoughts, feelings and desires which feed that behavior. Romans 12:1-3

People are not born with a sexual orientation, they are born with a sinful orientation.

Welcome to Offenderlibrium: gays vs ‘sense offenders’

The situation with homosexual activists and their ongoing actions to silence, intimidate, stifle, remove and dominate [true] Christian thought, speech and behavior in the public arena reminded me of the 2002 sci-fi movie Equilibrium. In particular, it reminded me of the totalitarian firing of Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed who did so at the lurid urging of homosexual activists. They stayed slightly off left stage but clearly were the puppet masters behind Reed’s actions. They wanted to eliminate the Chief’s Christian viewpoint which offended their social sensors. In other words the Chief became a Sense Offender.

According to the plot, Equilibrium is set in 2072 in Libria, a city state established by the survivors of World War III that devastated the world, where a totalitarian government requires all citizens to take daily injections of “Prozium” to suppress emotion and encourage obedience. All emotionally stimulating material has been banned, and “Sense Offenders” – those who fail to take their Prozium – are put to death, as the government claims that the cause of all wars and violence is emotion. Ironically, its the clerics vs the sense offenders in this movie.


Well here we are in 2015 in the Land of Liberty but some citizens are being deprived of their liberties. Have you ever wondered about the daily shots of desensitization to homosexuality US citizens are being given to suppress natural opposition to homosexuality? Everybody is expected to dance wildly when homosexuals play the music and if there is some “homophobia” in your heart, you’d better make sure no one ever finds out. You could be reported by a co-worker or even a family member. The desensitization doses are doled out via TV, movies, entertainment, in schools and sports events and other convenient satellite centers around the country. When people get out of line (like Chief Cochran) they either must undergo “sensitivity retraining” or be fined or both. When the sensor police are really mad, they kill your career no matter how much good you have done.

Are you afraid, hesitant, careful of what you say about homosexuality on facebook, at your job, IN CHURCH or even in a casual conversation with a friend? You know homosexuality its a sin. You know God changed people who were homosexuals, but you dare not say it, write it or think too long about it. Its because you know they are listening. They are watching and they are waiting to catch you because you are a Sense Offender.

Amber Bullock: Sundays Worst



NO inheritance

Love Thy Neighbor EX-version


Born gay or Born again?

The argument as to whether some people are “born gay” has for too long hindered the church’s priority mission of facilitating redemption from sin. We’ve come to the place where it should be put to rest so that there are no barriers to introducing Jesus to broken people.
Big Picture Theology
Are people born gay? Yes, they are. All people are born with a spectrum of sinful proclivities that later develop into sinful behaviors. No one is born into this world untouched by the poison of sin. Its in every beautiful child’s spiritual dna, undetectable by human machines, technology or scientific research. Homosexuality is simply one of those sinful conditions. We do not punish or blame people for sinful dna because we ALL have it. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
While we are born in sin, we were not created in sin. Birth comes through human channels while creation was the work wrought solely by the hands of God. Thus man was created holy and blameless, in the image and likeness of God. Homosexuality was not present in the spiritual dna of our human foreparents. It entered in only when our foreparents sinned against the goodness of God and thus every person born thereafter would automatically receive this broken inheritance.
​New Birth Changes Everything
Because we are born in sin and iniquity, God provided a fullproof way that every person who believed could escape sin and its ultimate payoff: death. His Son Jesus is that way, the only way any person can ever hope to experience a new life free from the curse of their birth condition. For those who desire relationship with God both here and now, being born again is not an option it is an unconditional requirement. Encased within that inescapable requirement, is a simple prerequisite. All you have to do is believe.
God’s love is so deep for humanity and his mercy so pervasive, his response to those who believe is to fully recreate them in his image and likeness. He restores them to original holiness as “new creations” where the old birth condition is erased and a new life begins.
If you are struggling with homosexuality or believe that you were born gay in a condition with no possible hope of change, settle the questions, doubts and insecurities once and for all. Believe Jesus came to show you God’s love by taking your place on the cross. Ask God to forgive you of all your sins and accept that he will abundantly pardon you.

As he promised he would, you will experience that supernatural change that millions have before you. Seek to know your God and his way through his Word. Witness Ministries can help you understand how to maintain and overcome challenges to your new identity. Contact us and let us know you’re ready to live BORN AGAIN!

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