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Pastors, Prophets and Preachers

Pastors prophets and preachers: it has already been established by God that homosexuality is a sin. It always has been and always will be. That question is answered and that argument is forever settled. Now, its time for us leave such rudimentary things and move on to perfection. Where you have done a disservice to those who battle against this affliction is that you have failed to consistently preach, prophesy and disciple them into holiness freedom.

preacherI hear all the time “my pastor preaches HARD against homosexuality!” That is to say that when you do talk about it, you give it the smack-down treatment. I understand your need to beat it down. But after you finish beating down sin, you must lift up the sinner or the struggler. Lift them up not just with platitudes but with real solutions including recommending they seek out specialized discipleship and accountability from ministries [wait for it] like the one God anointed me to do. For those who are further along in their overcoming process,  recommend The Overcomers Network

Just like a general practitioner is not schooled or skilled to handle specialized medical issues, just because you are a pastor-prophet-preacher doesn’t mean you have the skill (insight, discernment) to handle some specialized post-salvation issues. If you are skeptical of such ministries or ministers like me, all you have to do is seek us out and find out how credible it is so that you can put it in your resource arsenal. That’s what you do with doctors. We don’t want to send people to quacks who could kill them. So you ensure that the person you are seeing is skilled, consistent and credible with observable fruit.

Homosexuality and its attendant issues cannot all be resolved by just an altar call. Decades of emotional, sexual and relational damage cannot be undone by one night of ecclesiastical passion set to hammond organ music. Altar calls are fine but are akin to saying take two aspirin and call me in the morning. You owe it to those you preach to, to give them more than a hot message against the thing they most likely NEVER WANTED anyway.

Stop making “deliverance” the end-all panecea for every situation. As critical as it is, deliverance is simply the beginning. Like Jesus, its the open door to the new life’s process aka “sanctification”. If people don’t know this, they will think something is wrong with them or the devil will tell them they cannot be free. Either is a serious detriment to spiritual growth and maturity and you don’t want that for the members of your church!! While every one receives the same salvation, people do experience that salvation in different ways. You may have to use mud and spit on some, while others you may need to say “pick up your bed and walk!”. In other words, methodologies should be organically inspired by the Spirit, while deliverance should be authenticated by scripture alone.

Redemption is about two things: resolution and solution. Although some things will not be resolved immediately, there’s always a solution for it in scripture.

Preaching hard against sin, but giving the sinner or struggler little to no hope of overcoming will push people into (a) hypocrisy (b) hopelessness (c) deception. And that would be your fault! I encourage you to rethink your strategy or either get one that will produce men and women who leave homosexuality to follow Jesus and NEVER return to it!

Pastor DL Foster


NO inheritance

Gay rights hero alleged to have celebrated DADT repeal by sexually assaulting gay Marine

Another one of Barack Obama’s gay honorees is under fire for a sex crime. And its going to be hard to blame this one on the usual scapegoat of homophobia and bigoted white, male conservative republicans. The man hailed as a pioneering gay hero by the New York Times and lauded as a “key player” behind the demise of Dont Ask Dont Tell, will be going to trial for the sexual assault of a gay male Marine officer. It appears the hero used the DADT repeal as an excuse to take advantage of a drunk Marine and did the dirty deed. Unfortunately, the dirty deed has caught up with him.  From the Daily Caller

Air Force Lt. Joshua Seefried was initially charged in April, a development that went largely unreported by the media. The charges came about after complaints from U.S. Marine Lt. Edgar Luna, who is also gay.

On a weekend in May of 2012, Seefried had gathered with a group of gay military officers in New York City. Luna was also present, and the group was celebrating the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which Seefried’s organization, called OutServe, had anonymously worked with several of the officers at the event to remove. After a few drinks at a restaurant, Seefried invited some of the officers to join him at his hotel spa. Later, Seefried and Luna reportedly separated off to a private hotel room.

Luna alleged that Seefried then made non-consensual advances on him, but couldn’t remember almost anything that had happened to him after the restaurant because of extreme intoxication. Luna awoke shortly after the incident, totally disoriented and naked.

Seefried’s gay buddies are hoping that the newly passed law intended to will be the ticket to his success.

Hudson said he is troubled over the decision by General Burke to “ignore” the Article 32 investigating officer’s recommendation against proceeding with a court-martial for Seefried.

Hudson said that Seefried ironically would have benefited from a bill stalled in the U.S. Senate that calls for removing military commanders such as General Burke from the decision-making process in sexual assault cases.

Lets be real clear: this sexual assault wasn’t committed by some straight, gay-hating, fag-basher,  but by an open, “out and proud” branded gay rights hero. Seefried’s, if found guilty will be one of thousand of rapists and sex offenders on active duty who prey on their own “sexual orientation” pool. According to the DOD Sexual Assault and Prevention Response Report,  in 2012 alone, some 14,000 male on male sexual assaults were reported.



Isn’t it strange that this individual who was given such high, historical prominence by the liberal media when he was shilling for gay rights is now a media ghost as a sex assault perp? How could Elisabeth Bumiller, the NYT reporter who wrote the glowing report about Seefried miss this? After all when DADT was repealed he was all over the media.  Obama invited him to the White House to witness the repeal signing. Two years after the Seefried article, the Times featured a story about male on male sex crimes, noting :

Sexual assault has emerged as one of the defining issues for the military this year. Reports of assaults are up, as are questions about whether commanders have taken the problem seriously. Bills to toughen penalties and prosecution have been introduced in Congress.

But in a debate that has focused largely on women, this fact is often overlooked: the majority of service members who are sexually assaulted each year are men.

In its latest report on sexual assault, the Pentagon estimated that 26,000 service members experienced unwanted sexual contact in 2012, up from 19,000 in 2010. Of those cases, the Pentagon says, 53 percent involved attacks on men, mostly by other men.

But if failed to mention what would have been a kingpin example of this destructive phenomena by citing the Seefried case. As to the perpetrators of the 14,000 male on male rapes,  its not known how many of the perpetrators are gay. There seems to be no interest in identifying people by “sexual orientation” when they are the criminals.

Obama donor and Human Rights Campaign founder arrested for gay pedophile rape

terrancebean3Although the national media has been predictably silent about a rich white homosexual man who raped a 15 year old boy, the story is growing in intensity. Terrence Bean, a friend of President Barack Obama and a top Democrat donor to many big name party elites, was arrested and charged with the crime this week in Portland. He founded the ironically named Human Rights Campaign and a gay political funding organization. But his perverted heart and elitist entitlement mentality have now become his undoing.

Gays are quick to get up in arms if someone compares homosexuality to pedophilia, but its little more than superficial “outrage”. As Terrence Bean proves, they are but two sides of the same coin.


Bean isn’t the first homosexual pedophile the US President has “honored” and kept close to his bosom.

  • Obama honored dead homosexual pedophile Harvey Milk with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009
  • Last year., Obama honored openly homosexual AZ teen Caleb Laieski who was indicted on more than a dozen counts of sexual misconduct with a minor under the age of 15.

hrcpGCM Watch has sounded the alarm numerous times before about the pedophilia component of the LGB[ ]TQ movement.  The P is intentionally silent. Read here, here, here here and here.

In keeping with the conventional logic of the gay community, the HRC should be shut down and completely dismantled. It is a fraudulent organization that purports to uphold human rights but was founded by a man who destroys the human (and sexual) rights of young male humans. After all, they claim that the now defunct Exodus International was delegitimized simply on the false claim its “founders” returned to homosexuality.  If an organization’s founder is responsible for the legitimacy of the organization, then the HRC should be immediately shut down, its assets seized and given to support underage victims of  gay sexual abuse.

Bean had remained on the HRC’s Board of Directors until his latest slip up was exposed. His name was then quickly removed.

EXGLBT advocacy organization, Voice of the Voiceless is  demanding the HRC accept responsibility for Bean’s heinous actions and pay for the therapy of the victim.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has been one of the most outspoken proponents in the effort to ban Sexual Orientation Change Effort (SOCE) therapy for minors. They have aided gay activist organizations in California and New Jersey who successfully passed laws to ban SOCE therapy in 2012-2013, and have undoubtedly played a role in the sixteen bills that were introduced in state legislatures across the United States in 2014, fourteen of which already failed this year thanks in part to the #TherapyEquality campaign of Voice of the Voiceless (VoV).

 But now we have more insight as to why HRC and other gay activists don’t want their victims to have access to SOCE therapy. On Wednesday, detectives from the Portland police Sex Crimes Unit arrested 66 year-old Terrence Patrick Bean, Founder of the Human Rights Campaign and current member of their Board of Directors, on two counts of third-degree sodomy, a felony, and one count of third-degree sex abuse, a misdemeanor. His victim was a 15 year-old boy.
“It is outrageous and tragic that the Founder of the largest gay activist organization in the world is molesting boys, while at the same time their leadership is pushing for laws across the United States to keep those same boys out of the counseling office to heal trauma at the hands of homosexual pedophiles,” commented Christopher Doyle, Co-Founder and President of VoV.”
David Mixner a gay political strategist and civil rights activist said: “Terry Bean is always one of those behind the scenes people you rarely hear about in American politics…”
Now, we know why he kept a downlow behind the scenes profile.

WATCH: Pastor Thomas Beavers destroys the “gay christian” lie

Hear it for yourself, a powerful examination of the so-called gay christian lie by Pastor Thomas Beavers of Birmingham, AL. Don’t miss the analogy about his two year old son.

John Burton outlines a biblically strategic war plan on homosexuality

JohnBurtonUsing parallels with the people who built the tower of Babel, noted revivalist John Burton of Detroit reveals in Charisma Magazine a brutally honest portrait of the homosexual movement’s social agenda along with nine “prophetic keys” that can restrain its power.  If you’re sick of the Osteenish type of equivocation , read on and equip yourself.

We agree with Pastor Burton: we are at war! Too many Christians still fail to see homosexuality and its destructive agenda as the foremost threat to the spiritual health and welfare of the church. That ignorance works to the advantage of the church’s enemies.  Because the church is the last line of defense against this agenda’s insatiable lust for dominance, multiple strategies have been launched to break those defenses.

Its important for faithful Christians opposed to the homosexual agenda to know its not our charge to eradicate sin of any kind. We need not fret ourselves over laws passed. Remember they passed laws against Daniel, and it looked like his opponents had won a great victory over his refusal to obey the unjust law. But we all know how that turned out. Our responsibility is to restrain and restrict sin’s  growth and influence. We accomplish this by being what Jesus identified as “salt and light” in Matthew 5:13-16.  Such sin retardants have profound affect on the greater good. Unrestrained sin with no Christians is like a forest fire with no firefighters.

Burton shares insight and a harder strategic response needed in this season. “God opened up a powerful strategy to disrupt the momentum of the homosexual agenda to me—and a successful campaign will result in innumerable people set free.”, he says.

Barton believes this strategy will set people free if the church can unify around it. That may be the most difficult part of the strategy is unity. Our unity was the first defense attacked and it has not yet recovered. There is a growing schism —a spiritual civil war if you will— on the issue of homosexuality and its parent problem the authority and credibility of  scripture.

The agenda of the gay movement is patently deceptive because the spirit controlling it is deceptive. Deception is primarily a spiritual issue which must be fought with spiritual weapons.

“The gay agenda is driven by a spirit. We must keep this in mind. Of course, we don’t wrestle with people. We wrestle with unholy spirits. But it’s true that many people are in alliance with those very spirits we are battling, so it’s unfortunately common for there to be collateral damage. Don’t mistake that collateral damage with fighting against flesh and blood. When we deal with evil spirits, those who renounce them will be set free, while those who embrace them will experience their judgment.”

In the conspiracy, Burton has also spotted the  gay christian movement. Its role as favored religious aberration by the political homosexual movement is unmistakable.

When they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens… Gen.11:4a

The goal then was to take dominion, and that’s the goal now. The city represents the plan to spread horizontally around the world—to see homosexuality become not only accepted, but the primary leader of humanity. This spirit doesn’t simply want to be affirmed—it wants to dominate. The tower represents a connection with heaven. The “gay Christian” movement is moving at the speed of light—and even the most biblically sound arguments against it are not convincing those who are seduced by this spirit. The unity is too strong, and the response of the church has been too weak. This simultaneous horizontal and vertical advance of the homosexual movement is brilliant, though not original. We saw it at Babel, and we’ll see it again at the end of the age.

Some Christians ad social conservatives are already conceding that social issues such as homosexual marriage, like abortion, will eventually become the law of the land. When it occurs that doesn’t mean the fight has been lost but rather that ultimate victory is nearer than we may imagine. According to Jesus, the widespread proliferation of perversion is not a victory for its supporters, its a sign to its opponents that our redemption is nigh.

Even with this in mind our response is never to retreat to isolationist positions deep in religious ghettos called churches. The Jews of the Warsaw ghetto showed us that no matter how great the odds against us, they are temporary. Evil may indeed appear to triumph for a season. When we will have done all we are charged to do, what remains is in the hands of our sovereign God.

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