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The gay hate crime hoaxification issue

fakehatecrimeWe may need to start a website called to keep up with all the fake hate crimes cases homosexuals create to stir up hatred against Christians. Its really, really sad that homosexual activists are so desperate to mutilate themselves, commit crimes and outright lie to keep up the facade that Christians are sneaking around maliciously trying to injure or kill them. All for the cause of “equality”. And I guess it doesn’t hurt to get some cash out of the deal. But this certainly doesn’t sound like anything black civil rights activists did. They were actually murdered, beaten, bombed, drowned, hounded, lynched, had property and more. Plus just by showing up without having to say a word of identification, they were denied basic rights. They never had to resort to immoral criminal acts to show white racists for who they were. Unless gays vocally identify themselves as such, no one would ever know.

But this right here might take your breath away. This is the systemic and intentional hoaxification of America by the homosexual movement.

FBI dumps SPLC as an official “hate crimes” resource

Significantly good news to report. The specious civil rights hybrid monster in Montgomery, AL has been officially beheaded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to a report out yesterday, the Southern Poverty Law Center along with the Anti Defamation League got the axe and will no longer be considered a legitimate resource for the accumulation of hate crimes data. From the Washington Examiner, the following report:

splc-propaganda1The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has labeled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as “hate groups” for favoring traditional marriage, has been dumped as a “resource” on the FBI‘s Hate Crime Web page, a significant rejection of the influential legal group.

The Web page scrubbing, which also included eliminating the Anti-Defamation League, was not announced and came in the last month after 15 family groups pressed Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey to stop endorsing a group — SPLC — that inspired a recent case of domestic terrorism at the Family Research Council.

“We commend the FBI for removing website links to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that not only dispenses erroneous data but has been linked to domestic terrorism in federal court. We hope this means the FBI leadership will avoid any kind of partnership with the SPLC,” Tony Perkins, FRC President, told Secrets.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center’s mission to push anti-Christian propaganda is inconsistent with the mission of both the military and the FBI, which is to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” he added.

Wayne Besen’s EXhomosexual hate scheme has crashed

For years the SPLC has used its lofty and trusted position to transform itself into the crassest of social bullies courtesy of unhinged homosexual rights extremists like Wayne Besen at the ironically labeled “Truth Won Out” blog. Particularly,  Besen conspired with a gaggle of gay lawyers at SPLC to train their self indulgent hate binoculars on former homosexuals with the intent to link them to real hate groups like the KKK.  The FBI’s scrubbing of any connection to them is a small step in curtailing these rabid and dysfunctional organizations’ attempt to destroy the beauty of American diversity.

Read the full story at Washington Examiner.

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Prominent white homosexual activist exposed as a racist gay pedophile

Now we know what some homosexual activists are doing when they are not parading in front of TV cameras accepting awards for their photoshopped public lives. Not a surprise to here because Brinkin isnt the first homosexual pedophile icon for gays, but we can’t help but wonder how many more prominent homosexuals activists are secretly racist pedophiles?

brinkin-pedophileLarry Brinkin, who worked at the Human Rights Commission for the City of San Francisco for 22 years and was a prominent homosexual rights activist for more than 40 years, pleaded guilty to felony child pornography possession last week.

Brinkin is expected to serve six months in jail, five years of probation, and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life when he is sentenced on Mar. 5. But he likely will get to keep his city pension because possessing and viewing child porn apparently is not considered a crime of “moral turpitude” under San Francisco’s retirement/pension rules.

According to police, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle and SF Weekly, Brinkin had photographic images of children between the ages of 1 and 3 who were being sodomized and forced to perform oral sex on adult men.

Also, in e-mails attributed to Brinkin using the account “,” he praised interracial adult-child sex saying, in one message, “I loved especially the [N-word] 2 year old getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b***h is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D— Rules!”

Brinkin, who is “married” to partner Wood Massi and has a son with two mothers, retired from the city’s Human Rights Commission in 2010, when he was 64 years old. At the time and with the support of city official Bevan Dufty, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, in honor of Brinkin’s work over the years to combat discrimination, passed a resolution declaring the first seven days of February 2010 “Larry Brinkin Week.”

Brinkin is just one of several who have been exposed in the last few months. Andrea Cardosa, a lesbian school administrator in Alhambra, California molested two of her young female students.

Postscript: As homosexuals get more “freedom”, it seems they are letting down their pretenses. Brinkin may be getting to keep his pension, but prison has been known to be harshly unforgiving to pedophiles. No shock and denunciation as of yet from Brinkin’s fellow gay comrades at Troof Wins Out.

Read the entire story of Larry Brinkin at Joe For America

Nations beat back gay imperialism on the international front

Unlike black civil rights activists, homosexual activists have been known to use an assortment of underhanded tricks, outright lies and even intimidation tactics in their push for “equality”. We’ve seen countless so called gay hate crimes exposed as criminally fraudulent and even the dismantling of the Matthew Shepard hate crime narrative.  Now, several nations have delivered death blows to attempts by gay activists to gain dominance on the international front. It appears that some countries are just not buying  US imported gay imperialism rhetoric.

A British investigator found that a majority of murders of homosexuals in that island nation were actually not the result of homophobic religious mob killings. According to Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH),

“All of those murders that I have investigated have been in [homosexual] relationships and are victims of gay attacks, domestic situations.” – British investigator and former Scotland Yard detective Les Green said in July 8, 2012

I personally traveled to Jamaica three consecutive years (03,04, 05) and visited all areas of Kingston and some other parts of the country. I talked to regular people and observed with my own eyes many OBVIOUS homosexuals walking about in broad daylight and nobody even looked twice. At night I saw more who all seemed to be happy and not hiding their sexual preferences. Perhaps the 3 years I was there was an all time lull anomaly in the out of control “gay murders” homosexual activists claim happen with regular frequency. The truth is they want CONTROL of Jamaica and they will use any lie no matter how far fetched, to get it. Despite massive outside pressure, Jamaicans are not budging on changing their current laws. More from AFTAH


Sex between consenting homosexual partners is once again illegal in India after the country’s Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling Wednesday. Four years ago, India’s High Court decriminalized such a relationship, in what was then hailed by gay rights groups as a landmark ruling. The Supreme Court overturned that ruling. Known as Section 377, the law has been in the books since India’s Colonial-era days. It bans people from engaging in “carnal acts against the order of nature.” On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that the penal code was constitutionally valid. Via CNN

Croatian voters have backed proposals to ban same-sex marriages in a referendum. Two-thirds of those who voted approved changes to Croatia’s constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
A government spokesperson confirmed that the constitution would now have to be changed accordingly. In fact 10 of the 13 newest European Union states have banned homosexual marriage. Via the BBC

On today, Australia’s High Court has overturned legislation allowing gay marriage in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
The ACT parliament passed a bill in October making the territory the first part of Australia to legalise same-sex weddings. But the national government challenged the decision, saying it was inconsistent with federal laws.
Some 27 couples who married since the law came into effect last weekend will now have their unions declared invalid.
The court said the issue should be decided by parliament – which in September 2012 voted down gay marriage legislation. Via BBC reports

In June, the Russian President Vladmir Putin enacted a series of laws that enraged the homosexual world.

Putin signed into law a measure that stigmatises gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality. The lower house of Russia’s parliament unanimously passed the Kremlin-backed bill on 11 June and the upper house approved it last week.

The Kremlin announced on Sunday that Putin had signed the legislation into law. The ban on “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values over western liberalism, which the Kremlin and the Russian orthodox church see as corrupting Russian youth and contributing to the protests against Putin’s rule. Hefty fines can now be imposed on those who provide information about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to minors or hold gay pride rallies. Via The Guardian

Responding to “gay conversion therapy” lawsuits

In recent days, homosexual activists and their allies have launched legal attacks against American mental health professionals who offer what has been called “gay conversion therapy”. See here, here and here.

Let the record reflect that Witness Ministries DOES NOT and HAS NEVER practiced or advocated “gay conversion therapy”. We are not therapists, but preachers of the gospel. As per our statement of beliefs:

We encourage persons struggling against sexual and gender identity issues to seek professional counseling for the solutions they desire. Such counseling should not be a replacement for repentance but as a supplement to one’s Christian journey to maturity in Christ.  We caution that those providing the counseling, in order to be effective, must base their counseling on Biblical principles. We therefore reject all practices such as yoga, transcendental meditation, spirit-guides and other new-age based techniques that focus on humanistic solutions to the spiritual problem of sin.”

If the allegations about the methods used by these organizations to convert homosexuals is true,  we strongly disagree. Attempting to become “straight” is a false path out of homosexuality. Why is” becoming straight”  a false road? Because heterosexual acts (fornication, adultery, heterosexual porn) are not holy and heterosexuality alone is not inherently holy. There will be plenty of heterosexuals who have never even considered a homosexual act in hell.  God’s universal command to all who follow His way is to be holy as he is holy (Lev 11:44; 1 Peter 1:16). Thus, the goal of change from homosexuality is nothing less than holiness. Follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no man will see the Lord Heb 12:14.

We do practice and preach with full confidence  the power of God  which converts homosexuals and any other person enslaved in sin. We will continue to do so not by the allowance of man, but by the will of God. For we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone —including the homosexual— that believes (Romans 1:16).

Nearly 100% of scripture that cite homosexual activity, condemn it in the strongest terms. The lone exception is when it celebrates in glowing spiritual language, those who have been delivered from homosexuality by faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

“I fully believe these actions by CA Rep. Jackie Speier and other homosexual activists will inevitably cause even more people wanting freedom from sexual sins to seek out ministries like Witness Ministries.”, said Pastor DL Foster. “Closing doors of hope to those seeking freedom will only push them to seek it elsewhere. In that regard, we stand ready with open arms to welcome and minister the same freedom God has given to all who come to Him by faith.”

Attempts to use the law to prevent individuals who voluntarily seek change through whatever methods they choose are unconstitutional and intolerable acts of bigotry. Every citizen should enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness according to their own self determination.

Great Britain PM crusades 4 gay marriage

The threat of  government induced homosexual rebreeding isnt just a stage critical threat in America, but its parent nation, Great Britain is also under category 5 attack with the county’s Prime Minister David Cameron officially crusading for the establishment of gay rights.

As reported in our March 9th article,  ”Economic embargoes and sanctions next to advance ‘gay rights’?” Prime Minister Cameron at the end of 2011, has become known as a crusader for gay rights around the world.  He threatened to cut off aid to any nation that violates gay rights.  Britain has already slashed $30 million in aid to Malawi after the African nation sentenced two homosexuals to 14 years hard labor (source).  Great Britain has threatened to cut off financial aid to the following African nations of GhanaTanzania , and Uganda  for their anti-homosexual rights.  Despite Britain’s threats, the Nigerian senate passed an anti-gay bill.  The bill states that anyone practicing homosexuality would be convicted and be made to serve a 14 year prison term.  In addition,  anyone that aids or “abets” same-sex unions would have to serve 10 years in prison (source).  Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe, called David Cameron satanic because he stated that he would cut monetary aid to any countries that didn’t promote gay rights (source).

Now you can add same-sex marriage to his list of crusades of the homosexual community.  Presently, Cameron is attempting to get same-sex marriage legalized in Great Britain.

Pushing marriage perversion 

In 2004 homosexual couples in Great Britain won the right of civil partnership.  It granted them nearly the same legal status as heterosexual married couples with avoiding using the word marriage for same-sex couples.

However, Prime Minister Cameron and his Conservative Party are pushing to fully legalize same-sex marriage in Great Britain.  There are at least 12 openly gay members of Parliament from the Conservative Party, which is more then all the British political parties combined.  The majority of these lawmakers came into office with Cameron in 2010.  Cameron states that same-sex marriage is a basic human right for homosexual couples (source).

The beast campaigns for  Same-Sex Marriage in religious overtones

Former Great Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Labor Party in 2004 were the group civil partnerships that gave same-sex couples equal access to national pensions, inheritance, tax breaks, and rights that heterosexual married couples have.

Now the Former Prime Minister, through his ecumenical religious organization the  Tony Blair Faith Foundation,  is leading a crusade to reform all of the world religions to accept homosexual marriage.

Blair stated that the mission of his faith’s foundations  to” move religions away from this anti-gay literalism and towards pro-gay evolution.” He is also optimistic that all religions, including Islam, can go through a “process of Reformation” and that eventually, all religions will accept openly gay people and their partners (source).

 UK Christians Respond to the threat

Cameron has met resistance among Christians in Great Britain.  In response to the backlash, there seems to be some backpedaling going on already.  At an Easter reception on April 3, the Coalition for Marriage reports that Cameron met with a group of Christian leaders to assure them that he only wants to introduce homosexual marriage in registrar offices, not in churches.  More than 407,000 people have signed the Coalition for Marriage’s “Don’t Play Politics With Marriage” petition which opposes the government to legalize same-sex marriage.

The response from Christian leaders: Such assurances are meaningless.

The nation’s equality laws would inevitably create the impetus for allowing gay marriage ceremonies in churches.

U.K. Christians have some supporters in parliament.  Conservative M.P. Nadine Dorries is among them. Dorries points to a recent poll that reveals 57 percent of Christians are ready to abandon the Conservative Party over the move to legalize gay marriage.  This means that  70 percent of the nation opposes gay marriage.

“The fact is that many people now look at the Conservative party and are reeling with the realization that this modern party is the one they don’t know, didn’t vote for and no longer represents their views,” says Dorries. “They don’t recognize the values, are confused by the policies and repelled by the elitism (source).”

So let the battle for same-sex marriage begin in Great Britain! Who will be the winner and who will be the loser?  We shall see.  Please pray for the Christians in the United Kingdom to stand firm on the truth of the Word of G-d.

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