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Voice of the Overcomer: Take a step of faith out of homosexuality


Pastor DL Foster featured on Al Jazeera’s America Tonight

Al Jazeera video still

A video except from the Al Jazeera America special report on homosexuality and the black church. Tonya Mosely interviews Witness Ministries founder, Pastor DL Foster who was featured sharing his testimony and upholding the truth.

Overcomers Network launches Coming Out Delivered Project


The Overcomers Network, founded by Pastor DL Foster in 2010 as a discipleship empowerment organization for EXLGBT Christians, celebrates the goodness and mercy of God with the Coming Out Delivered project.

The project, featuring members of the Network, is intended to counteract all the negative images of exhomosexuals in the media, by breaking the silence and refusing to be invisible in a time when there exists doubt about the reality of change and transformation.

“Our faces, our smiles, our lives, our families and our stories of freedom are real. And so is the God who gave us this freedoml!”, said Pastor DL Foster.

The Overcomers Network’s membership is open to all former homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals and their spouses regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, location, social status or denominational association.

Overcomers Network

Overcomers Network convenes dialogue on “homosexuality in the church” [full audio]

Almost 70 pastors, elders, bishops, apostles and church leaders representing churches all over the nation,  as well as family members of people who struggle with homosexuality joined the Overcomers Network on July 9th for a groundbreaking panel dialogue on “Homosexuality in the Church.  The two hour event produced a seminal body of teaching, instruction and enlightenment.

Here is the full audio.

When a lesbian yeilds to Christ: change is the rule, not the exception


Self evident truth: “And such were some of you”

The trailer for the new 2 hour resource film “And Such Were Some of You” has been released by Dr. David Kyle Foster’s Pure Passion Ministries.

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