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Former Rambo manager responds to gay church appearance

The GCM Watch story on the progay pastors who are slated to be part of the National Quartet Convention has stirred up quite a discussion about the person who intitially spoke out to clear up the air on the late Dottie Rambo.
Now, Larry Ferguson, Rambo’s longtime manager who was with her when she lost her life in a bus accident, is fighting accusations against him by some readers of this blog.
Pictures of Ferguson at the Open Door Community Church,  a gay church,  in Arkansas were emailed to this blog, so we decided to ask Ferguson to explain why he was at this church and if his previous claims were invalidated because of his own appearance at a gay church— sometime he said he does not support. The pictures show Ferguson participating is a forum discussion and posing with attendees of the conference including the church’s pastor.
His response follows unedited:
The Open Door Church held a Dottie Rambo tribute concert (aprox 2 years ago) and I was asked by Lulu’s former manager Terry Dorsey to come speak about Dottie Rambo specifically. I believe this was summer or fall after the accident. I have never turned down a chance to talk about Dottie Rambo, her music, and her life. I didn’t attend a conference unless the Dottie Rambo night was part of a conference. If so it was an all musical night. There was no preaching the night I spoke. Dottie Rambo songs were sung and I spoke about my relationship with her and the accident I had recently been involved in that took her life. Many organizations and churches were doing special events like this as they knew my wife and two children had no income or health insurance at that time. I was in the midst of past and future surgeries and continued medical care. I was accompanied by a retired nurse by the name of Joyce who traveled with me on these dates as I was on heavy narcotics and I was non weight bearing. The people were very kind to me and loved Dottie’s music very much. Please know I am in no way making an excuse for being there. If anyone knows me they know I have never missed a chance to speak positively of Dottie Rambo.

The particular night I spoke I only discussed Dottie Rambo and her music. I think I spoke for 15 minutes at the most. I didn’t minister, preach, or teach only shared of what Dottie Rambo meant to me. If a slide show occurred I had nothing to do with that nor do I recall that (possibly photos of Dottie were shown behind me). I make no denials of being at Open Door. Also, any judgements that I have made in my life don’t reflect those of Dottie Rambo. I have never preached in any church and I am a born again Christian who has worked in the music business. I have never represented myself as a minister or preacher nor would I ever misrepresent myself. If one appearance I have made or anything that I have ever done could turn others against Christ or against Dottie Rambo’s ministry then I publicly ask for forgiveness and publicly repent of these actions.
My original statements were in regard to Pastor Gallagher’s comments in which he falsely stated that Dottie Rambo had embraced the inclusion doctrine and any connection she had with Pastor Dony and Reba’s teaching. I also stated to the high regard and high standard in which Dottie Rambo carried herself. I could never hold a candle to her light. Her ministry speaks for it’s self and never did she compromise the word of God.

I make no excuses or compromises for speaking about Dottie at the Open Door Church. I also have never misrepresented myself and/or faith. I believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and the only way to Heaven is through Christ because of his death, burial, and resurrection. I am also an open book and willing to accept any responsibility of my actions. Though, I’m not a Minister, I do know that our witness and walk is watched by both fellow Christians and the lost. I would never intentionally bring reproach to his name nor Dottie’s.

These pictures were brought up for two reasons one to distract from the issue (reporter on this website) concerning inclusion doctrine (which I don’t subscribe to) and second being Dony and Reba Rambo performing as The Rambos at the National Quartet Convention. I don’t make my living through the financial support of the public, nor do I pastor, or think of myself as a public figure. I do appreciate being held accountable for my actions. I believe in giving the public the right to choose weather or not they want to financially contribute or support a cause, event, or person that someone has views contrary to scripture like you have done with these reports. I also welcome any person to do as I have done and express the reasoning for their actions and repent of any actions that have been committed that could hurt or confuse their walk with Christ.
Pictures of Ferguson at the church can be viewed here.

National Quartet Convention to include progay Rambos

LOUISVILLE, Ky – This is another sad and negative reflection on the southern gospel music industry. A 100 year celebration may have some sour notes.

The National Quarter Convention, billed as Gospel Music’s  largest annual event is featuring Dony McGuire and Reba Rambo McGuire, the Nashville pastors who support the specious inclusion doctrine and homosexuality. In May 2008, following the tragic death of southern gospel music luminary Dottie Rambo, GCM Watch broke the story when a gay christian wrote the following on a progay message board:

The most moving and beautiful things at this conference was Saturday night, when Dony McGuire and Reba Rambo invited all the pastors of gay churches that were there, to come up on the stage, remove their shoes and he and his wife, personally washed their feet apologizing for the years he and his wife, and the Christian church at large had thrown stones , maligned God’s work in Gay churches, and had excluded and thrown out these pastors and their congregations. He and Reba wept as they washed and kissed the feet of these pastors. He said that over the past year, his church has gone through some tough times because he has invited gay people to come in and welcomed them. Several members have left and he has caught a bunch of flack (sp?) because of his inclusion of GLBT [gay,lesbian, bisexual, transgender] people into his church.”

Sponsors of the event include Daywind Music Group, Daystar Television Network and Compassion Children’s Ministry.

Daywind’s President, Ed Leonard, issued a statement to GCM Watch saying:

“I am unaware of their stance on this issue. As individuals, I understand they have been invited along with many others to participate at an event during NQC which celebrates 100 years of Southern Gospel music, Dony with the Downings, and Reba with the Rambos.”

Other sponsors had not responded at publication.

Insiders tell GCM Watch NQC attendees are made up of a majority of Christian conservatives and fundamentalists who are staunch opponents of homosexuality. Past speakers include Pastor John Hagee and this year Sarah Palin is showcase speaker.

The NQC press release listed the following participants:

  • Bluegrass segment featuring members of the legendary Lewis Family, Jeff & Sheri Easter, and the newly formed Lewis Tradition
  • nqc

  • A Gospel Caravan segment with the Lefevre Quartet, the Chuckwagon Gang, and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet
  • A Speer Reunion with members Diane Mayes, Ann Downing, Sue Dodge, Jeannie Johnson, Karen Apple, Ben Speer, Faye Speer, the Speer Sisters.
  • A Cathedral Reunion with Legacy Five, Greater Vision, and the Mark Trammell Quartet
  • A Hinson Reunion featuring Ronnie Hinson, Chris Freeman, Larry Hinson, Bo Hinson and many former band members such as Gary Prim
  • A Downings Reunion featuring Ann Downing, Joy Gardner, and Donnie McGuire
  • A Rambos Reunion featuring Reba Rambo McGuire, Buck Rambo and Reba’s daughter Chastity
  • A Singing Americans reunion with Michael English, Ed Hill, Rick Strickland, and Dewayne Burke
  • A reunion of 1980′s version of Gold City featuring: Tim Riley, Brian Free, Ivan Parker, Mike Lefevre, and Garry Jones
  • Dottie Rambo manager sets the record straight on late singer’s beliefs

    In an exclusive email to Gay Christian Movement Watch, the long time manager of the late singer Dottie Rambo said she did not support “inclusionism” nor did she support her daughter and son in law’s progay church ideology.

    Larry Ferguson and his family, traveling with Rambo at the time, were all injured in the fatal bus crash. He was managing the singer at the time of her tragic death and  requested GCM Watch publish his exclusive comments in response to a story which appeared on our site in May 2008.

    “I would like to publicly state that Dottie Rambo didn’t subscribe to the “Doctrine of Inclusion”. Dottie believed the only way to Heaven was through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior. She lived every word she sang and walked in the truth. Dottie showed unwavering love to anyone she came in contact with no matter their faith, belief, life styles, or celebrity. Nearly everyone that made her acquaintance usually left hearing the Gospel message and knowing she was a compassionate loving Christian. Dottie Rambo was no respecter of persons . Dottie believed there was a Heaven and there was a Hell and would not employ or entertain conversation to the contrary.

    This being said she and her daughter Reba and son in law Dony McGuire DID NOT share beliefs concerning Christian teachings. I’m not speaking of one particular issue but nearly an entire life body of work and ministry. Though Dottie lived in Nashville, TN where her daughter’s church is located she refused to go to the church due to their doctrinal teachings as she believed they were contrary to God’s word. She never attended one service at the church her daughter pastors and was adamant that she never would. This was a very public choice that Dottie shared with fans, friends, colleagues, audiences, pastors, and congregations. Dottie loved her daughter very much though their ministries and personal lives were separate.

    If you will go back over the last few decades and view Dottie’s appearances you will find that her daughter is sparsely seen with her. As her manager Dottie directed me to never book her on an appearance with her daughter or son in law. On a few tribute television specials honoring Dottie, her daughter appeared on the programming as I didn’t want to explain their strained relationship personally and doctrinally with producers of programing.

    Dottie Rambo’s fans were an eclectic group of individuals that include traditional church goers and those outside the church. She showed immense love and appreciation to every person she came into contact with. I can’t stress this enough. Her ministry was to share with broken people that they too could overcome great physical illness, divorce, loss of family, sin, and hurt through the power of Jesus. Dottie never consider herself a preacher, but her songs were sermons in themselves. “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Needs” sums up her message.”

    The comments stating that Dottie Rambo had embraced the gospel of inclusion were posted by Pastor Kevin Gallagher.

    “Dottie Rambo didn’t always support the gay movement, but with her continued slide to a more secular and worldly lifestyle over the later years….probably due to some input and influence from her hyper liberal daughter and son in law, Dony and Reba McGuire.

    With her open embracing of the gospel of inclusion came her open acceptance of the gay and lesbian lifestyles.”

    Gallagher made those comments on June 24, 2008 and sadly passed away June 25, 2010.

    About Larry Ferguson
    drmgrLarry Ferguson, a Louisville, KY native dreamed as a child of working in the music business. His family and friends were often forced to listen as he attempted to entertain or give them the latest scoop in entertainment news.
    Ferguson was represented by Alix Adams Modeling Agency throughout high school during which time he won a contest which landed the teenager his television debut as the guest co-anchor opposite Kirby Adams on WHAS-11 TV, the Louisville CBS affiliate, on it’s local based magazine show “Louisville Tonight Live”.
    By mid teens Ferguson became involved in Southern Gospel and Country music promotion. Before adulthood Larry had already started his own highly successful concert promotions company “Larry Ferguson Promotions”. It was at this time Ferguson began bringing in America’s favorite Country and Gospel groups to the Louisville, KY area. In later years Larry would bring Legendary Gospel figures such as Jake Hess to packed venues and eventually work with his favorite Gospel artist Dottie Rambo.

    Pastor Clint Brown takes a partner


    Pastor Clint Brown of Orlando, FL is a “nationally known” gospel music industry worker featured with Rod Parsley and other televangelist platforms. He’s also been featured in the news as another prosperity pimp who divorced his wife. According to the local ABC affiliate, court records revealed Brown spent $70,000 of church money on women’s clothes his wife and daughter say they never saw.

    That being noted, on July 25, Brown will be partnering with Jeff Ferguson to present  what is billed as an “educational event” entitled “You Can Write A Song”.

    While we have no problem with people learning how to write songs, we do have a problem with it being presented at a church and with Jeff Ferguson leading it.

    Its no secret today’s church is being overrun with double agents who attempt to play both sides of the doctrinal fence at the expense of unsuspecting people. Unfortunately individuals like Ferguson are being dishonest about their associations with the gay christian movement.

    Ferguson’s bio is chocked full of Christian luminaries:

    As a gospel singer, Jeff has provided the special music/worship for noted speakers including Bishop T.D. Jakes, Rod Parsley, John Bevere, Jerry Savelle, Mike Murdock and Dr. Lawrence Kennedy. Jeff has performed his music from pentecostal campmeetings to a full concert at Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral.

    As a songwriter, Jeff’s songs have been recorded hundreds of times by artists including T.D. Jakes, Beverly Crawford, Cece Winans, Clint Brown, Micah Stampley, Vickie Winans, The Crabb Family, Vicki Yohe, The Prestonwood Choir, The Christ Church Choir, The Greenes, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Ivan Parker and Dottie Peoples.

    But why doesn’t Ferguson mention that he’s also performed at gay christian churches and conferences? Is he ashamed of that or does he fail to mention it because he knows it will cause him to lose money from churches? Why do we allow people to cavort privately with false brethren and false teachers and then come back (with those spirits) pretending to “lead people into the presence of God”? GCM Watch noted that although Ferguson’s schedule is full of dates, he carefully omits location information on his singing engagements.

    We noted the same disingenuous behavior with gospel  singer Kirk Talley. And as we discovered with former southern gospel singer Ray Boltz, these singers code their music with their sin. Ironically, Ferguson released an album entitled “No Secrets” which a gay church proudly highlighted. On another album he pens a song entitled “It doesn’t matter who you are”.

    The problem is that these so-called music ministers are really money hustlers who take every opportunity to deceive churches for the sake of mammon. Who are they really ministers of if money becomes a motivation in being deceptive?

    In August 2008, Ferguson was a guest at White Rock Community Church in Dallas, a gay church which teaches false gay christian theology on homosexuality.  Does Ferguson agree with them that its natural for men to engage in sexual relations with other men (Amos 3:3)? White Rock Church says Paul is wrong in Romans 1:

    “The reality is that “unnatural” usually means something you don’t want to do, rather than something that is really UNnatural. It’s unnatural to shave. It’s unnatural to eat popcorn from the microwave. It’s unnatural — isn’t it? — to fly in big metal tanks (I mean, if God wanted us to fly, God would’ve given us wings.) But it sure would be unnatural to give it up now, wouldn’t it? Is it unnatural for a certain number of people in every culture and time to fall in love with members of their own sex? Actually, no.”

    In September 2008, Ferguson appeared at the Midwest SpiritQuest Conference, a gathering of homosexuals of the apostolic flavor. The conference is fronted by a church which refuting an article condemning homosexual practice by the United Pentecostal Church claimed (among other things) that homosexuals are forced into homosexuality by churches who won’t accept them as…homosexuals. [source]

    In November 1999, Ferguson headlined the fifth anniversary celebration of a homosexual church in Virginia.

    You’ll never see any of this on Ferguson’s biography or websites. Why? Because this is part of the deceptive practices of the enemy. But the scriptures clearly admonish to stay away from people who do and approve of such things. Not only should we stay away from them, we should expose them by warning others of their deceptive practices.

    You can be sure that no immoral, impure, or greedy person will inherit the Kingdom of Christ and of God. For a greedy person is an idolater, worshiping the things of this world. Don’t be fooled by those who try to excuse these sins, for the anger of God will fall on all who disobey him. Don’t participate in the things these people do. For once you were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So live as people of light! For this light within you produces only what is good and right and true. Carefully determine what pleases the Lord. 11 Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them. Ephesians 5:5-11 NLT

    Addendum 07.15.09
    A very interesting read of a secular reporter’s account[scroll down midway] of his visit to Clint Brown’s church FaithWorld in October 2005.

    “No doubt, Clint Brown is one animated speaker. He paces the stage, he screams at the audience, and they scream back. That said, I had trouble figuring out exactly what message Brown wanted to convey. He was, to put it bluntly, all over the place. He talked about the literal seven-day creation, and then skipped to something about God giving him the talent to praise more than to preach, then to women not pursuing men, then to homosexuality being bad, and back to the idea that giving the church money is good. But he is entertaining, and he did end with an altar call that produced a number of raised hands signaling new converts, so all’s well that ends well.

    Two lines stick out from Brown’s sermon. The first: “Man and man don’t fit, and if it don’t fit, acquit!” This got huge applause, and though I’m not sure if it technically makes sense, the point is that gays are sinful, based upon the in-hole/out-hole theory of sexuality. The second: “Women, quit running around chasing [men] and let them come to you because you don’t need them.” While some feminists might cheer this line on, in context it was actually a call for chastity and came during a discussion of to what degree men should be leaders of the household. At least I think so; like I said, the sermon was a bit disjointed.”

    If Brown really is against homosexuality (although he may not have the moral voice to do so) he should inform Ferguson that partnering with him is off lest he be further spiritually contaminated. Or perhaps he’s changed his views in the last 3 years?

    Ray Boltz writes predictable new song

    Ray Boltz used to sing and write songs about Christ and his church. We dont know if that was all a charade now that Boltz is a self-declared homosexual Christian.

    After getting involved with the Metropolitan Community Church, the gay denomination based in California, Boltz is now singing about his sexual sins. Although he claims to still be a Christian, Christ is no longer the focus of his songs.

    Boltz’s new song “Dont Tell Me Who to Love”  (lyrics at the link) is a predictable tune about the “right” to “love” who you want to love.  Symbolism aside, Dont Tell Me is little more than a tongue-in-cheek attempt to sanctify homosexuality.

    While I was writing the song “Don’t Tell Me Who To Love” I was not familiar with the supreme court case “Loving v. Virginia.” Growing up in the sixties, however, I was aware of the attitudes concerning people of different races being allowed to marry. As early as the 1800’s, judges had claimed that such behavior would lead to “deplorable results” producing children that were “generally sick and effeminate.” Preachers also claimed that it was “immoral, unnatural and against the will of God.”

    Boltz attempts to cast his song as some sort of civil rights anthem while using black-white marriage as a backdrop. More predictability he learned very quickly from the gay movement.  I’m highly skeptical any of the black civil rights organization (as gay affirmative as some of them are) will adopt this as a theme song.

    Boltz says, “I hope this song encourages us all to say “I know what’s in my heart and that should be enough…don’t tell me who to love.”

    Its sure to be a hit with the gay christian crowd. Maybe christian pedophiles will help make the song a cult favorite because after all that’s their argument too.

    Gospel Music Association spineless on homosexuality

    Some say he’s gay and honest, but Ray Boltz is a backslidden Christian who made money hypocriting his way through church life as a ”gospel singer” until the devil finally penetrated his mind. Its also interesting that after Boltz became a homosexual and divorced his wife, she joined the christian terror group Soulforce. Boltz said he used his music to talk about his homosexuality:

    “I was so good at pretending/like an actor on a stage/but in the end nobody knew me/only the roles that I portrayed/and I would rather have you hate me/knowing who I really am/than to try and make you love me/being something that I can’t”  (from the song God knows Ive tried)

    That’s why its important to examine music based on God’s word, not your emotion because music naturally FIRST connects and appeals to the emotions. Emotions can be misleading especially if a person’s life is not submitted to God. Boltz and many others are proof of that.

    But that’s not the real story. The real story is the spineless, jellyfish response of the Gospel Music Association when asked about Boltz’s public declaration of homosexuality.

    According to OneNewsNow, when asked about Boltz’s homosexuality, The Gospel Music Association – the group which gives out the Dove Awards – told the [Washington] Blade, “We do not comment on the lifestyle choices of people in our community.” The GMA (John Styll, president pictured left) even denied that it is a religious organization!

    That’s an interesting choice of words.  So Christians can now have certain unmentionable  ”lifestyle choices” which are off limits to any commentary? The reason the Gospel Music Association (I emphsize Gospel) is pretending to be nuetral on the “lifestyle choices of people in their community” is because they know that a great majority of the so-called gospel singers they give awards to are in a degenerate spiritual condition and if people knew just how messed up they are, they wouldnt buy their records. And the GMA wouldnt have an awards show. And nobody would make any money.

    The GMA is lying plain and simple because if one the members of “their community” was found out to be a closeted white racist they would be falling over themselves denouncing it and distancing themselves from it. Its easy to deduce based on the GMA’s refusal to take a stand against immorality that they knew of Boltz’s homosexuality all along, but did not want to stop the flow of money into the organization. They know that others are deceiving the church also, but the lust of money has reduced them to self absorbed fools.

    Check out the list of spineless liars who are afraid to say if a Christian is a homosexual then it is wrong. Among them their chaplin Bishop Kenneth Dupree, who is a member of Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies (HGAAA). Dupree married Natalie Cole in 2001 and divorced her a scant three years later. Her third, his second divorce.

    I guess this is why the GMA doesn’t comment on the “lifestyles” of its members. They are all in the secret sin network together.

    People often ask me what should they do with the music of people like Boltz after a person publicly departs from the faith. There is no biblical guidance on it so it really becomes a matter of personal choice.  The more important issue is that we do not let someone’s talent cloud our judgment thereby justifying their sin. No amount of singing, talents, gifts or fame will cause one to have eternal life with Christ, only repentance and faith in Him opens the doors to the kingdom of heaven. Sadly for these people, unless they repent, their works will perish in the fire when tried.

    Please STOP supporting these organizations while they spit in your face and deny the Bible’s truth.

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