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Led by Pastor Dwight McKissic, Pastors group confronts Nashville Baptist school over lesbian bishop invitation

Without fail, everywhere gay christians show up, confusion, chaos and division ensues. Numerous local churches, denominations and independent fellowships have suffered irreparable damage trying to accomodate gay chrisians whose sole aim is to uproot historic Christian belief on homosexuality.  The conflict is inevitable because gay christians are the new nicolatians. No real Christian who loves Jesus could also love the deeds and doctrines of the new nicolatians.

mckissicThat’s why a prominent African American pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention has raised serious concerns about the American Baptist College‘s invitation to a lesbian “bishop” to speak at a yearly event.  Pastor Dwight McKissic of Arlington, Texas pressed the issue on his blog calling the inclusion of Yvette Flunder and other Christian-oriented apostates a “horrible day to trample on the history of those who sacrificed to buy the land for ABC, and to validate the heretical teaching of Flunder and Townes, that the Bible does not address homosexual relationships.”

The school has plans to allow not only lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder access to students but also a gaggle of other anti-natural marriage religious leaders. Flunder is scheduled to appear at the school for the 2015 Garnett-Nabrit Lecture Series. Other speakers include prohomosexual clerics Delman Coates and Lawrence Kirby.

We’ve exposed Flunder’s false teachings and poisonous doctrine before. In case youre wondering why Pastor McKissic opposes Flunder access to the students, see here and here for the antithesis of Baptist teaching. Flunder stands to profit from this gig as well. Thats really why she wants to be on the program, she lusts after money while claiming to be concerned about “people being free”.  As McKissic pointed out its treachery to allow her and the other false prophets to regurgitate their nasty venom on land Baptist slaves who opposed homosexuality, bought and paid for with blood, sweat and tears money.

Other African American pastors have launched public opposition to the appearance and vowed to protest as well.

As expected, a left wing homosexual rights group group quickly waded into the fray claiming that the opposition was a “small group” of “homophobic” detractors.

The ABC’s facebook page responded to criticism in early February,  “The conference is about innovative ways of growing churches and ministries. Our speakers success in growing phenomenal ministries is the reason they were selected and not by their sexual orientation.”




Odd Couple: COGIC convocation speaker married to father of lesbian bishop

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

In the postmodernist scheme of thinking, people are free to marry whom they will, but doesn’t the bible warn Christians about being “unequally yoked”?

COGIC’s 2013 convocation agenda is out and its peppered with morally questionable COGIC leaders. Which, by the way,  happens every year.  The 2013 speaker lineup includes Pastor Maria Gardner, a well known personality in COGIC circles.

Gardner divorced Deacon Burnett Thomas   and in 2012 the former “Elect Lady” of COGIC’s Evangelism Department married progay apostate Bishop James Langston the nonbiological father of lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder. Langston’s COGIC connections include being brother in law to W.W. Hamilton a former member of the church’s highest governing body, the General Board.  But Langston isn’t just a passive bystander to his daughter’s heinous teachings and lifestyle. According to the Flunder’s organizational website, Langston is part of the gay denomination’s “family”.

Flunder’s mother Ruth, accepted the homosexual lie and begin working in the Fellowship until she died in 2007. Ruth Langston’s funeral was a snapshot of the uncomfortable intersection of COGIC and its homosexual offspring.  The question is does Gardner also accept the homosexual lie that her new husband espouses?

Despite Gardner’s former years of preaching glory, her life has become littered with sex, divorce and remarriage scandals. It will be interesting to hear what she will “preach” to the COGIC faithful.

Its not clear who chooses speakers for COGIC’s high and holy gatherings, but more and more the speaker lineups are emanating the stench of false teachers.  Tragically, like postmodernist influence on culture,  the wheels of the organization have been turning slight degrees away from the truth of holiness.




Historically, progay theology resembles slaveowner theology

Third in a series of articles during EXhomosexual awareness month highlighting the continued challenges faced by EXGLBT Americans.

Homosexuals love to claim their movement parallels the black civil rights movement. But with the exception of being a minority demographic, the simularities end there. The lessons of the past are not the sole domain of the religious left. In fact, they have unjustly misinterpreted history with disastrous results.

You dont know Eric Dillard. Just consider him representative of the thousands of deceived religious gays who continue laboring to prop up a lie that has no legs. Dillard once supported deliverance from homosexuality, even singing on a song  about overcoming homosexuality.  But now, using  acid washed metaphors, he attempts to equate slavery and unfair subjugation of women with calling homosexuality sin.

“Let’s put everyone back in slavery. 2. Women, no rights for you at all. Sit in the back of the church and be seen and not heard. 3. If anyone gets divorced, women take cover because you’re about to be stoned. And on top …of that, none of you will be getting remarried and have it smiled on in the congregation of saints as we watch you walk down the aisle in your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th tuxedo and white wedding dress.

When people refer to homosexuality as being a sin. We first need to know in “what” context it’s referring to and then what is the distinction of it. Because the way that the Bible (written by faulty men) states, even if you’re feminine you are not going to Heaven. That has nothing to do with being gay at all. The Amplified Bible goes further to call it out right homosexuality.So again, this is not about making homosexuality right. But if we’re going to be consistent. Let’s be consistent. How consistent are we really…..?”

When confronted with the truth about their sins, religious homosexuals (just like their political counterparts) typically trot out a series of illogical rebuttals intended to somehow tie biblical teaching about homosexuality to other forms of human oppression. In essence they say the church was wrong about slavery and women, therfore its wrong about homosexuals. But they intentionally ignore key factors motivating those were “wrong”.

The major flaw with this ideology is derived benefit. Derived benefit, in this case is something that’s financially advantageous for those in power.  Not only are Eric Dillard and his progay cohorts grossly misinformed about history and social movements, it appears they aid and abet the deception by claiming to be fighting against the very lie they now help to uphold.

Dillard’s premise that we must know what “context” sin is, is within itself a major sign that such a person is only seeking a derived benefit for themselves. In the eyes of God, sin has no “context”. Sin is any and everything, whether consensual or nonconsensual that defies God’s standards. It doesn’t matter who commits sin, whether its committed in thought or deed. If it falls short of God’s clearly stated standards of holiness and righteousness, it is sin. Only a foolish and disobedient mind would seek some sort of contextual exemption clause.

Now, let’s follow the money trail

1 Timothy 6:10. For the love of money is the root of all evil.  Thus, money helps to supply what the evil hearts of men desire until it consumes all in its cyclic and systemic obsession.

racist cartoon 18661. Slaveowners derived a tangible financial benefit from misinterpreting scripture to keep blacks under the bondage of slavery. The perversion of religious teaching from the mouths of white slaveowners was simply a means to achieve an end. It was a calculated deception including forbidding the slaves to learn to read. Telling the slaves that God and/or the bible wanted blacks to serve their white masters, helped slaveowners continue reaping the benefits of free labor estimated at billions of dollars.

“Slavery is fundamentally an economic phenomenon. Throughout history, slavery has existed where it has been economically worthwhile to those in power. The principal example in modern times is the U.S. South. Nearly 4 million slaves with a market value of close to $4 billion lived in the U.S. just before the Civil War. Masters enjoyed rates of return on slaves comparable to those on other assets; cotton consumers, insurance companies, and industrial enterprises benefited from slavery as well. Such valuable property required rules to protect it, and the institutional practices surrounding slavery display a sophistication that rivals modern-day law and business.”–The Economic History Association

2. Anti-suffrage males  fought against women’s rights primarily for financial gain. Sharing jobs with women meant that men would lose their dominant edge in the workplace, thus lose their financial power (and perks). Denying women the right to vote was simply a tool to keep them out of power while ensuring that money and jobs remained in the hands of men. Like the white slaveowners, the social oppression of women by men was all but assured to duplicate itself  in the church because the same men populated the church.

“The idea that the only “true” woman was a pious, submissive wife and mother concerned exclusively with home and family.” –

Men derived a tangible financial benefit by misinterpreting scripture to keep women subservient and silent in the presence of men. Jesus himself restored the equality of women and at the same time maintained the order of God’s creation. And he did it with no conflicting variance. A man who finds a woman for a wife finds something good. And as a single woman, she is good before he marries her. But sharing power with women threatened the financial benefits men derived and thus twisting the scripture use but a natural progression to maintain the status quo. Like denying them the right to vote, keeping them silent and subservient in the church served the greater purpose.

3. The white jim crow racists of the 60s also financially benefited by misinterpreting scripture about the equality of African Americans. Using barriers of unjust laws and deceptive ideology, white racists kept in place the system that prevented African Americans from reaching positions of power and thus achieving equality with whites. Keeping blacks out of jobs that paid commensurate wages, kept black people out of power. Like the other deceptive and dehumanizing socio-religious pograms before the jim crow era, the power of money was the bottom line motivation. While segregationists could not en masse prevent blacks from gaining ground, in the south and pockets of other parts of the country, the tactics against them helped slow progress considerably.

Lying pay$ off

The clear common motivator in all oppressive movements was financial gain, not biblical dishonesty which facilitated systemic power over another group. The bible’s words became a convenient tool in the hands of these people. Not only the Bible, but the US Constitution was misused as well.

But there exists no such financial benefit for people who correctly interpret scripture in reference to homosexual practices. No one who believes, teaches and upholds the sexual standards of the bible stands to benefit financially from doing so. In an ever increasing age of intolerant tolerance, such people and organizations actually are penalized for not falling in line with homosexual inclusion ideology.  Logically, for the church to be compared to the aforementioned oppressive movements, it would have to allow homosexual inclusion.

Therefore its the  religious progays who are financially benefiting from the misinterpretation of scripture just like slaveowners, the anti-suffrage sexists and the jim crow racists.

For example, the United Church of Christ was the first “major” US denomination to endorse homosexual marriage in 2005. That decision cost them over 200 local congregations. Faced with growing deficits, the UCC begin actively courting fringe gay religious groups. It benefited financially (and image-wise) from the influx of scores of fringe black pentecostalesque homosexual churches led by lesbian bishop Yvette Flunder.  The payoff for these churches (and other homosexual churches) who bear the name UCC  is the  air of legitimacy. According to the Institute on Religion and Democracy, the UCC bled out over 1 million members in the last 40 years, with some 40,000 members running away from the sinking ship on its 50th anniversary year.

To counter this, homosexual (political and religious) activists have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into dead religious organizations, rewarding them for the benefit of lying about God’s standard for sexual expression. It was a major financial payoff in exchange for twisting scripture in favor of homosexual practices.

“Our gay dollars can turn the tide, sending a message that attacking us has grave consequences and the reprisals could very well cost a person a job or celebrity endorsements as we have seen with retracted statements and public apologies from Isaiah Washington and Tim Hardaway. Our gay dollars can also assert a proactive stance in which we frame the public religious discourse on our own terms. For example, “OutGiving is more than just a gathering of philanthropists – it’s a specific, focused, and streamlined roadmap to making your dollars do more … to increase capacity on the frontlines of the fight … where they can have the greatest impact,” Tim Gill, founder and chairman of the Gill Foundation, wrote in a open letter to this year’s conference participants. The time is now for us to assess our impact on American Christianity in this country, and to assert our muscle in today’s political landscape, especially against a party more set on winning votes at the ballot box than souls in the church.” –lesbian activist Rev. Irene Monroe

If  the progay clerics and organizations and had any intellectual honesty, they would inform their followers that they are part of a longstanding tradition of lying for financial gain. American slaveowners did it, the anti-suffragists did it, the jim crow racists did it and the pro homosexual apostate church is doing it.


False teacher Frederick Haynes III stumps for Obama gay marriage lie

We first reported on Dallas based false teacher Rev. Frederick Haynes III August 2009, when he attended and spoke at a Yvette Flunder’s homosexual religious cabaret in San Francisco here.  Haynes, pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church, suprisingly used that occasion as well to stump for his idol god Obama in the wake of the defeat of Prop 8.

Haynes tells a story about a bear and a dream before he lapses into Obama-worship. Nothing new there.

He then contrasts Obama’s election against the defeat of Prop 8 in California. He blames black folk (whom he characterizes as bears destroying the dream) for the defeat of gay marriage. Of course that was a lie, because the LA Times based its defeat of Prop 8 on overblown exit poll data, but Haynes never mentioned that.

In fact this information was out in public more than seven months before Haynes’s speech. But such facts would have complicated his prepackaged lie. That’s the lowest form of pandering in existence. For all his so-called education, its unfortunate that Haynes is but another educated fool sucked in by the lie of homosexuality.

Well, he’s back. This time selling bottles of the same ole regurgitated religious vomit he had before. Plus he’s taken his churchified buffoonery to a new level of lunacy.

In a message called “He’s not the pastor, he’s the president”, Haynes warms over the typical superficial arguments used to defend perversion and now marriage perversion. The pastor-president argument is an insult to the intelligence of thinking people.  GCM Watch has documented how Obama –who was elected as president– conveniently uses  his positional capital to slide into a pastor role when he justifies homosexuality. Read here for the documented timeline. Obama has cited more scripture in his homosexual affirming public policy efforts more that any of his predecessors combined.

Judging from the video comments, atheists have went hog wild over his speech. That alone, tells you all you need to know about Haynes, in case you weren’t familiar with him. He was also attached to Jeremiah Wright and like most liberal inside-out hypocrites he was caught trying to pull up his mentor’s pants. This gives a whole new meaning to the so-called black liberation theology the two espouse.  Wright had an adulterous relationship with Haynes’ white 37 year secretary Elizabeth Payne. When she blew the whistle on Wright, Haynes fired her.

Its best to also default to the scriptures to explain people like Haynes.

Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints. For certain persons have crept in unnoticed, those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ. Jude 3,4


Gay gospel music industry workers threaten the church’s spiritual health

Its about to happen again. Another secret keeper who has slugged around in the behind the scenes darkness of the gospel music industry’s gay underground subculture has decided to tell it all.  But what he is telling is old news. Disclaimer: If you are an uniformed gospel music “fan”, you may want to click out here. Cutting out cancerous growth is not a pretty function.

According to a New York Times story, “Anthony Heilbut has been a leading producer, reviewer and historian of black gospel music for nearly a half-century. During that time, he came to know many performers who were gay or bisexual, and he treated their private lives as private. Mr. Heilbut’s authoritative book “The Gospel Sound,” published in 1971 and updated several times since then, contained just one sentence about homosexuality.”

Before we go any further, lets just get our bearings by bringing in some literati context. With any new book, the author has to evoke a certain amount of controversy to attract potential buyers. Otherwise, there will be no or low sales and the book will not make the publishers any money. In the business world, not making money is a cardinal sin.

So that’s just what Anthony Heilbut is doing. Selling his book so he can make the publishers and himself some money. The article says he’s doing it because of the “gay marriage” issue and the so-called “homophobia” of the black church.

“Now, amid the volatile national debate about same-sex marriage, Mr. Heilbut has thrown the doors open to what he calls the “secret closet” of gays in gospel. In a lengthy chapter of his forthcoming book, “The Fan Who Knew Too Much,” he not only pays homage to the artistic role of gays and bisexuals, but also accuses black Christians, clergy and laity alike, of hypocrisy in opposing same-sex marriage while relying on gay people for much of the sacred music of the black church.

The timing of Mr. Heilbut’s book, and the intensity of his argument, has thrust it from the dusty corners of arts criticism into the heat and light of the political arena in a presidential election year. Same-sex marriage, more than any other issue, has forced the black church as an institution to try to reconcile its dueling strains of ideological liberalism and theological conservatism. At the congregational level, it has meant the awkward coexistence of gay musicians and antigay preaching and casual ridicule.”

The issue with the so termed black church, homosexuality and its socio-theological underpinnings are about as complicated as it gets.  On one hand, the downlow relationship between the black church and its cadre of homosexual musicians, singers, performers, jesters and the likes is ungodly and spiritually unhealthy. God has never sanctioned it, approved of it nor blessed it in any way. It is an outgrowth of the lust of man and his desire to run the institution of the church as a business sans the moral standards of God.

On the other hand, the money factor is one that cannot be minimized nor denied. Both parties in this perverted relationship derive financial benefits that they willingly pursue and enjoy.  Although Heilbut (and other gay apologists) attempt to frame it as homophobia and hypocrisy, they are conveniently leaving out 50% of the problem. Its like two equally guilty sex partners attempting to make the other look more guilty than they.

Witness the response of a pastor the article quoted as a lone voice of dissent against Heilbut’s book.

“Ludicrous, outrageous and nonsensical,” said the Rev. Emmett C. Burns Jr., the pastor of Rising Sun First Baptist Church near Baltimore, who is a prominent opponent of Maryland’s new law permitting same-sex marriage. “The black church respects the talents of musicians who have gay and lesbian tendencies. But the church never gives up its beliefs that such persuasions are anathema to individuals within the church and in direct conflict with the Bible.”

The black church respects the talents of musicians who have gay and lesbian tendencies? That’s a confession of guilt. In other words the pastor is saying we know these people are spiritually jacked up and have no connection to the God they sing about, but we really want the benefits of their talent. So they continue paying them to get in religious blackface every Sunday and get the church membership dancing and jigging for Jesus. After that, everyone smokes a cigarette and calls it a day. Until the next hookup.

Rev. Burns’ statement reflects an ignorance of God’s word so prevalent in contemporary black churches. There is nothing in scripture which requires the church to “respect the talents” of sexually immoral churchgoers.  To the contrary, the scripture does tell us to put out of the fellowship those who continue in sexual sin while claiming to be a Christ follower (reference 1 Cor 5). But because the story’s author is about painting a one sided picture, it quotes guilty party #2 attempting to condemn guilty party #1.  The author, Samuel G. Freedman may be an accomplished writer about American Jewry, but he is woefully clueless about the complicated interworkings of black churchianity and its secret homosexual lovers.

Moneylust and the sickness it breeds

The bible says that the love of money is at the root of all evil. People have asked many times why this situation with homosexuals, music and the church remains locked in such a nauseating cycle of shame for the church.  At the root of this evil is the lust for money.

Homosexuality and music is big business for the church and its greedy leaders. The Gospel Music Association reported in 2009 that Gospel music was a half billion dollar industry!  That’s per year. In 2008 sales were up 38%. Billboard said that in 2010 Christian/Gospel music held up much better than the broader music market in sales volume. Somebody is raking in a lot of cash!

Talented church homosexuals are like friends with benefits. The talent –not Jesus– attracts people to the church, which attracts money to the church, which attracts other homosexuals to the church, which attracts more money to the church, which ultimately means a cash payout for the hireling in charge. To understand what’s going on, you have read Acts 16:16-21 with spiritual eyes.

16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a female slave who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. 17 She followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” 18 She kept this up for many days. Finally Paul became so annoyed that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her.

19 When her owners realized that their hope of making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities. 20 They brought them before the magistrates and said, “These men are Jews, and are throwing our city into an uproar 21 by advocating customs unlawful for us Romans to accept or practice.” (our bold) NIV

The reason why this “talented” girl was so valuable to her masters “as is”, was purely financial. And when real men of God came along and cast that spirit out of her, she was of no more use to them. The reason black church leaders are so protective of their talented homosexuals is also purely financial. That’s why they would never invite real men of God to their churches, only other flashy hirelings.  They know that a real man of God would jeopardize the money train. Gays get cash, prominence and accolades out of the deal and the hirelings get the same thing. Just like the girl operated in spiritual divination, the music of homosexuals has the same effect. In a word, its musical divination. Unrepentant gays are in rebellion to the truth (1 Thessalonians 4:1-12), which is likened by the bible as divination (1 Sam 15:23).

The truth of the matter is that homosexuals in the black gospel music industry (and those who hold sway at local churches) are a serious internal threat to the church’s spiritual health.  Gays in church don’t want the gospel, the power of God to save and transform them. They want the powerless, gospel music derivative they’ve created which bears no resemblance to the gospel its named after. They are infected with SIV and spreading it to every church that welcomes them. We issued a spiritual health advisory two years ago, but  still the musicals, concerts, competitions and choirfests roll on unabated.

With conventions offered by organizations like the Gospel Music Workshop of America, homosexuals can strategize how they will keep deceiving the church with their divination music.  And have you ever noticed that the homophobia head hunters never criticize the GMWA and similar organizations? Not one single word of criticism. The reason is because these are primarily homosexual run religious junkets. These snake holes breed both predators and victims, but don’t worry its all in a homophobia free environment.

All of the well known male homosexual gospel singers frequent these meetings and there is personal testimony to that. After a season, some washed up secret literary santa will write about them after they are dead and gone. Just like Heilbut is doing for his bygone era.

His reasons for breaking his silence are partly practical. Many of the musicians he identifies as gay or bisexual — James Cleveland, Alex Bradford, Clara Ward, Sister Rosetta Tharpe — are now dead, and in Mr. Cleveland’s case, dead from AIDS.

Mr. Heilbut, writing in the present, lives very much in the past. His favorite era of gospel music ended around 1960. What has persisted unabated is the homophobia that compelled him to write the new book. “It still exists, the same toxic atmosphere,” he said. “This is not the past. The same pathos continues.”

Unfortunately, the sad and tragic saga of the black church and its downlow lover will continue until Jesus comes and judgment falls. The black church really doesnt want another James Cleveland, but there are so many of his talented, but perverted offspring running around the best it will be able to do is find somewhere for them to sing. Then pay them off.

Despite all the success in front of the lights, most of these people lead tragic lives behind the scenes. Read the bio of Clara Ward.

What can you do about it? Stop buying their music. Get out of their fan clubs.  Stop attending their concerts. Stop supporting their appearances. Tell people the truth about this corrupted industry. Learn to sing a new song to the Lord. Pray and live holy.

Read more of GCM Watch’s extensive reporting and documentation of the moneylust and spiritual sickness of the black gospel music industry.


Obama’s religious harem on graveyard status

We’re going to call this good news. GCMW has never been a supporter of the gaggle of false teachers and lukewarm denominational heads assembled by the fake SOTUS (savior of the US). Its been our contention that SOTUS only needed a religious cheering section when he, on occasion, would put on his temporary bible teacher’s hat and lecture the nation on some out of context and misinterpreted bible passage. The trade off for the appointed religious heads was a biography stocking-stuffer.

The past Easter at a White House “prayer breakfast”, SOTUS set the table  for a false teacher Yvette Flunder, the lesbian bishop of the Fellowship which she’s selling piece by piece to the  majority white gay MCC denomination. Its a money issue. Also in attendance:  Harry Knox who said New Testament teaching on homosexuality is a lie and the MCC head witch Nancy Elder, the gay denomination with clergy leaders who have openly talked about masturbating to images of Christ, invited people to deface the bible, allows members to make belief in Jesus optional, portray Jesus in books as a sexually promiscuous homosexual, and purchased a $55,000 ventriloquist version of Jesus to help spread their lies.

But such are celebrated by Obama as fine, upstanding Christian folk.  At least while he needed them as props.

But it appears that the Faith Based council has been buried in an undisclosed location without a headstone.

Politico noted with interest:

“Not that the President ever really had one, contra this Politico report: what Barack Obama had was a collection of useful idio… ah, “a group of religious organizations that were perhaps a little too trusting of the President’s motives and intentions.” Either way, the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships was always merely window dressing; the Democrats have always had to grapple with the problem that their rank and file voters have drastically different views on religion than do their self-selected “elite” voters. And by that I don’t just mean differences in policy positions, although that’s certainly true, too: what I primarily mean is that your average Democratic voter is much more likely to love Jesus Christ because He was, well, Jesus Christ – and not because Jesus Christ merely had an interesting take on the social gospel.”

The council in past times was always neutered and passive. The only ones who really made any noise were the gay christians on the panel. This was a shining moment for them to have an open presidential venue to spew out their venom and vomit.

h/t Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

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