VIDEO: Freedom Stories

Welcome to a brand new section of GCM Watch. We call it Freedom Stories and these pages contain video testimonies of men and women who have left homosexuality, bisexuality and lesbianism to follow Jesus Christ.

And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him. Matthew 4:18-20 KJV

Jesus yet calls us to leave what we have been doing and follow him.

Those who have left their past life behind stand as witnesses against so much of what we have covered here at GCM Watch. Their stories are of hope, confidence and promise that God is who he said he is (a deliverer) and he will do what he said he will do (deliver from all our sins).

These testimonies are from men and women from everywhere. They tell their stories in their own way, with their unique voices and through their own desire to inspire others to seek the promise of freedom. Some are more “polished” than others, some are shorter than others, some are more detailed than others, but all are for the glory of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to share these living epistles with your friends, pastors, family members or anyone who is struggling to believe if coming out of homosexuality is possible. Freedom is not just a pipe dream, its a promise from God.

I am so grateful to God to be one voice in the number to say that God changed my life and made me a new creation.

We will be adding more videos as they become available.

7 Responses to VIDEO: Freedom Stories

  1. Zuwaira vakaron says:

    Well thank God for those who have publicly forsaken Satan and his ways and accepted the Lord Jesus as Lord and Saviou. For the Lord said very clearly in His word, that ‘ if you confess me before men, I will confess you before my Father, but if you deny me before my men, i will deny you before my Father. Congrats brethren! We need more of you in the KINGDOM.

  2. jeezusgurl says:

    Love this site ! Just found it yesterday. How can I sign up to receive emails from you guys ! We need more sites like this ! Thanks GMC Watch, so glad to see that African Americans are searching for more than just hip-hop and basketball !

  3. Obiekmos says:

    Jesus receives the worst of all sinners. You can never encounter Him and remain the same. He will give you the grace to go and sin no more. Whatever and however your sins are, just come to the cross and receive the grace that is greater than all your sins. Don’t say you can’t help it, He will help you. We are all born sinners and that is not our faults, but if you allow yourself to die a sinner by rejecting Jesus and go to hellfire you are to blame. Repent now and believe the gospel. Your life shall be glorious! Halleluyah!

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  5. Thank You for all pious devotions but they was not what You promised. You promised real facts of change.Where are the promised testimonies from different individuals telling about the process of their release the rate of backsliding experiences if there are any of that kind, the time for their release and how long they have been stable in their new life, how many of them have still homosexual temptations without falling back and how many have got et natural heterosexual life?

    • gcmwatch says:

      Samuel Svensson,

      I searched for my “promised real facts of change” but couldn’t locate it. Maybe I missed it, so please point out that out so we can better understand your complaint.

      Maybe you missed this but we’ve listed 120 VIDEO testimonies on this site for you to review and critique if thats your main goal.

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