Women’s Freedom Stories [25 videos]

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  1. Angela says:

    I want to comment on the second video from the top – Folasade’s interview.

    What she said from 8:51 until the end of the video is eye-opening, common among many and true. Everything that Folasade said, I can attest to, 100%. I relate to it because as I mentioned in a different place on this site, I never was involved with a woman, but because of my troubled relationship with my father, I was on my way to hating men and embracing women.
    I asked the Lord just like she did why I was having feelings for women, and sooner than later the answer was revealed to me, in that I never forgave my father for his rejection and neglect towards me. I honestly thought that I forgave him, but in reality I did not. My animosity towards him tainted every actual and possible relationship I had and would have ever had with men.
    His inattention towards me was still weaving its way through every fabric of my daily dealings with men.
    I needed to forgive him, and I did. And once I did those hostile feelings I harbored towards him and all men vanished like vapors.

    Sometimes the answer to our question as to why we do the things we do is so simple, but, like American culture in general, simplicity isn’t ideal and we try to make everything complicated.

    I thank God that He prompted Folasade to ask Him why she was having those feelings; there’s no doubt in my mind that God operates through the conscience within every individual, but not all come to Him in genuineness. But she did, and because of her sincereity God answered her.
    Lord, I thank You for that.
    She did mention that she knew what the Word of God said about homosexuality, in spite of her relationship with another woman. And that just reinforces the scripture that tells me that the Word of God does not return to Him void – not once does it fail to accomplish what it was sent to do, whether it’s sent to the masses or to the individual. For Folasade, it was sent to plant a seed that would sprout forth in time.

    God had a head start on the Enemy – that Word was planted before the drought. Powerful indeed.

  2. Angela says:

    Also, the 13th video down from the top – Melissa…that testimony is powerful. What a transformation!

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  4. Mushy says:

    David, thank you for engaging in with me in this usscdision. I don’t think I was suggesting inclusiveness without boundaries, but the points I was trying to make above were that those who support direct discrimination against lesbians and gay men in the Church do so by placing conditions on those such as yourself in positions of authority: if you treat lesbians and gay men equally we will: leave your church, not pay our quota, not accept your authority take your pick of their threats. Whereas lesbians and gay Christians are saying please treat us equally and we will continue to respect the integrity of those who do not think we should be treated equally whilst disagreeing with them . No threats but then we don’t have the power to make threats. Secondly they discriminate against us not because of what we believe, but because of what we are, because of what God made us.Do I understand you to say that if a view is held with integrity it is unchallengeable? Hitler had very strong beliefs held undoubtedly with integrity. Racists have strongly held beliefs supported by the authority of scripture as they interpret it. Supporters of slavery had very strong beliefs supported by the authority of scripture as they understood it. Integrity is no criterion of truth of beliefs. It is the other side who draw the lines to exclude lesbians and gay men. You will probably know the quote: those who draw a line of exclusion are often surprised to see Jesus on the other side of it.

  5. kathleen says:

    my heart is shattered as well as my family…my daughter 35 yrs. old is claiming to be gay. there is a series of events has led to this. rejection from her dad i use to be a strong believer in our lord jesus christ, became bitter when marriage failed between 7 kids dad & i. i became bread winner, took me to two,three jobs,a man i befriend who i babysat his children was a phedaphile, i never knew. my daughter looked to him as a dad ultimately was raped,she fell threw our system i was the victim, & became jeolous, so my daughters dad, this person who rapted her, case was thrown out,( i was only another scorned single mom) my daughter was kidnapped for three mo. i became bitter, emotioally withdrew from my children. 8 yrs. ben sober for 9 yrs. living for my jesus,9-9-10 my oldest daughter,from several health issues,had been into perscroption drugs,resulted to a car accident, leaving her left arm mangled after 40 some operations, she ended her life…the daughter who claims to be gay, is very simple minded, controlled by this dyke, who has told her two sisters & myself she’s not gay(MY DAUGHTER) yet has her deep into the movement, has her cut off from all her family. all i can tell her time & time again, my UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I HAVE FOR HER, NO MATTER WHAT, I LOVE HER!!! yet she acts very slow, as if she doesn’t hear me, & continually tells me if i cannot accept this dyke, i cannot accept her… there is so much. yet i know i am limited n writing yet it’s almost like she’s n an occult, & needs deprogramming. does this make any since? need very sincere faith,& prayers.

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