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GCM Watch’s Annual 12 Heroes of the Faith 2014 Honors





As the curtains of time have closed on 2014, Gay Christian Movement Watch honors and highlights the uncommon faith and courage of men and women from across a spectrum of occupations and backgrounds who came face to face with the wall of social intimidation and threats from gay rights bullies. They spoke out against lies or resisted by refusing to comply with unjust laws. Inspiring us all, these 12 heroes have risen up and made significant impact even during times where homosexuality, a state supported vice, carries real penalties for those who oppose it. These men and women, our brothers and sisters in the faith, show us what its like to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. Such courage in the face of persecution is what honors God and inspires the Body of Christ to be bright lights in a dark world. May God bless, keep and prosper these heroes of the faith and their families!

Pastor David Slautterback of Ambassadors Bible Chapel in Newberry Township,  PA. Pastor Slautterback made the bold and biblical decision to remove an unrepentant homosexual man from membership in the church. Though painted as intolerant, Pastor Slautterback followed the example and instruction set forth by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 5.

Dr. Myles Munroe the prolific international Christian teacher and founder of  Bahamas Faith Ministries International. Two months before his tragic death on November 9th, Dr. Myles Munroe spoke out forcibly and eloquently against homosexuality in a press release entitled “Homosexuality: Phobia or Principle” (Aug 31st). His wisdom was on full display as he warned the church and warred against the terrible fallacy of deception seemingly sweeping the whole world.  The over 2,000 word article used strong language to combat the lies being propogated by the homosexual movement.

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala of Kenya and the chairman of the Global African Future Conference Primates’ Council, boldly rebuffed efforts by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s attempt to force African Anglicans to accept homosexuality. Wabukala said, “Without clear understanding of biblical authority and interpretation, such dialogue will spread confusion and open doors for false interpretation of the gospel,” said Wabukala in a pastoral letter. “I 2014faithheroescannot commend the proposal.” He termed the College of Bishops’ proposal deeply disturbing, given the intensive debate within the communion on the subject adding “The underlying problem is whether or not there is a willingness to accept the Bible for what it is, the word of God.”

Linda Seiler, an EXtransgender who now heads up the Assembly of God’s campus outreach efforts at Purdue University. Seiler testified at an public forum at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. She unnerved the LGBT community with her bold compassion and yet uncompromising message of truth and freedom from homosexuality and transgenderism.

Truett Cathey of Jonesboro, Georgia. The larger than life founder of Chick Fil A and consummate humanitarian passed away Monday, September 8th but not without leaving a clear legacy of active support for ministries who help people overcome unwanted homosexuality. Chick Fil A for many years under Cathy, provided the now defunct Exodus International with funds and food support for events. That support ended in 2012 when homosexual activists, angered by Cathy’s son Don remarks about gay marriage persuaded the company to discontinue all support for such ministries and organizations.

Pastor Robby Gallanty of Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN didn’t set out to create a viral video. He just wanted to equip his congregation with compassionate, but uncompromising truth. The message was part of his “True North” series. Like other messages, they posted it on the church website. The end result was an incredible message on sexuality from a Kingdom perspective. The video went viral inciting both widespread criticism and praise.

Pastor Steve Riggle, pastor of Grace Community Church, a megachurch in Houston, Texas emerged as one of the leading voices opposed the wickedness of Houston’s lesbian mayor Annise Parker. When Parker attempted to force Houston pastors to turn over sermons, tapes, emails and other communication opposing the mayor’s unjust transgender ordinance, Riggles and the “Houston Five” went to war and in the process inspired millions of Christians all over the nation to stand up against homosexual social aggression.

Rev Joseph B. Rightmeyer, a teaching Elder and head of Presbyterians for Renewal in Louisville, Ky was stripped of his credentials by religious liberals in the PCUSA after he strongly continued advocating for the biblical standard of marriage and sexual expression in the church.

Professor Brendan Bain, D.M., M.P.H., FRCP; former head of head of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network in Jamaica was fired by the University of the West Indies for simply telling the truth about AIDS and its proven connection to homosexual sex practices. Bain testified as an expert witness in the high profile trial being adjudicated in Belize. Professor Bain also serves as an elder at the Mona Heights Chapel in Kingston, Jamaica

Chief Kevin Cochran, the Fire Chief of Atlanta, Georgia for seven years was fired by the city’s black-hearted mayor Kasim Reed for writing a book which among other things, cited the bible’s prohibition on homosexual behavior. The book “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” shares instructional wisdom about biblical morality.  Cochran was first suspended without pay, then after pressure from homosexual activists, fired. Mayor Kasim Reed attempted to frame the firing as violation of city policy but Cochran went public saying “I was fired because of my Christian faith”.

Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) based in Naperville, IL was arrested and tried in Regina Canada  on charges of “mischief” and violation of Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” law for discussing with college students the dangers of homosexuality. The outspoken Christian speaker had been targeted by a group called Intolerance Free Weyburn who want to ban Christians opposed to homosexuality from entering Canada. LaBarbera, along with Canadian prolife activist Bill Whatcott were later acquitted of the charges.

Bill Whatcott was arrested and tried in Regina Canada  on charges of “mischief” and violation of Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” law for discussing with college students the dangers of homosexuality. Whatcott, along with American profamily activist Peter LaBarbera were later acquitted of the charges.

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Notable Quotes: David Kyle Foster

dkfoster Author and Producer David Kyle Foster via Charisma Magazine speaking plainly about two offshoot homosexual issues: The term “gay marriage” is an oxymoron. It is an invention of broken man in defiance against the expressed desire and design of God for mankind. It is the fallen creature trying to tell the omniscient Creator how things should be. Even the misnamed “gay Christian”—those who practice homosexuality without repentance and therefore are not Christian—are examples of man praising God with his lips while his heart is far from Him (Matt. 15:7-9)—calling Him Lord, Lord, while refusing to do what He says (Matt. 7:21-23; Luke 6:46). To invent a form of marriage that defies the natural and spiritual order is insanity and can only lead to the destruction of those involved, and according to Scripture, even the society that allows it to happen (Gen. 19:1-29; Jude 5-7; Rom. 1:32).”

Notable Quotes: Rector Kevin Miller

Kevinsc2Responding to the confusing language, identity issues and theological perspectives espoused by so-called “gay christians”, Kevin Miller, an associate rector at Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton,IL   said to World Magazine: “To enshrine gayness as part of your Christian identity, to me, forecloses the possibility of change.  “Gay Christian” language makes helping churchgoers more difficult, because it diminishes their hope and their expectation in the Lord that some measure of transformation is possible. “

Reform not possible with gay affirming churches

deadchurchMainline denominations which have given themselves over to doctrines of devils are not enjoying a life of fruitful bliss.  They are being bled dry of churches and members who decided they will not stay in fellowship with those who reject the truth of the scripture. Many left are old, white graying reprobates who think they are being progressive by teaching that homosexuality is a gift from God.  GCM Watch advocates and encourages immediate and  permanent separation from any organized body, any fellowship, any religious grouping which condones homosexual practices in any form. Staying will only cause you to die a slow death with them.

Thankfully some are waking up to the reality that reform with these heretics is not possible.

After a 2011 decision allowing gay ordinations, 270 congregations left in 2012 and 2013. And church analysts estimate upwards of another 100 churches may leave by the end of the year as presbyteries vote on a proposal to rewrite the church’s constitution to refer to marriage as being between “two people” instead of the union of “a man and a woman.”

In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, some 600 congregations left in 2010 and 2011 following the denomination’s 2009 decision allowing the ordination of pastors in same-sex relationships.

That the denominations’ changing stances on gay ordinations and same-sex marriages were a key factor in the exodus is without question. But new research into why congregations decided to leave reveal differences on sexuality issues were only part of a much larger divide.

Among the broader, longstanding concerns that convinced departing congregations that they no longer had a home in their denominations that Carthage College researchers found were:

• “Bullying” tactics by denominational leaders.
• A perceived abandonment of foundational principles of Scripture and tradition.
• The devaluation of personal faith.

“The ones that left said reform was not possible,” said Carthage sociologist Wayne Thompson, study leader.

You read that correctly. The ones who are the loudest shills for “love, acceptance, tolerance and understanding” are the biggest religious bullies on the block. Those who disagree with them will receive no love, no acceptance, no tolerance and no understanding.  In other words, reform is not possible.  Leave those who are dead to the truth to bury the dead.

David Briggs’ article further explains: Leaders of churches departing from the ELCA said along with the policy on gay ordinations that the denomination was no longer a good fit for their churches and it was important for them to disassociate with the reputation of their former governing body.

More specific reasons included claims that some ELCA leaders were “dictatorial” and that the denomination was undermining the authority of scripture and was more interested in social justice work than traditional ministry, Carthage researchers John Augustine and Brian Hansen reported.

Departing Presbyterian leaders also characterized the policy on gay ordinations as “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” but far from the sole reason.

Their concerns included claims that the denomination was overly politicized and weakening biblical authority and traditional teaching on the divinity of Jesus.

“The situation in the PC (U.S.A.) was hopeless as I see it,” said one Presbyterian pastor who left with his congregation to join the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.

“Our new presbytery is … trying to help us be successful without being bullied by a denomination that has turned its back on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

As the angel asked the women looking for the risen Savior, “why do you look for the living among the dead?”

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