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Effeminism and transpiritism celebrated at Stellars

Byron Cage announced it as “awesome. off the hook!”

David and Tamela Mann stood, laughing and applauding it.

Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda Clark Cole smiled and grooved along, too.

So what was it that brought the top gospel music industry celebrities and their fans to their feet with such unrestrained excitement?

The parading idiot Ricky Dilliard who seduced the crowd with his display of effeminate diva-ism while ironically singing about Jesus being the “light of the world”.

Don’t ask me why such profound madness has come to define black gospel music. Don’t ask me why such degenerate perversity in gospel music is acceptable and applauded by the top names.  Don’t ask me why pastors long to get these demonic circus acts in front of their young people and churches.

But you can ask G. Craige Lewis. His commentary on the subject is sobering, but would probably not affect these you see in the video.

“I was watching a portion of the Stellar Awards the other day and my 12 year old son walked in. He looked at the screen and saw Ricky Dillard doing his Ru Paul impersonating dance. The whole choir was dropping it like it was hot and the lesbians/gays in the choir were walking it out! My son looked perplexed and I asked him what he thought. He said, How can the people in the audience cheer and clap at that? Don’t they know that’s not right? The Lord spoke in my spirit and said, that is a beast marking! I told my son, those people in the audience want fame and awards so bad, that they will sit and clap for something so bad! They will stand and applaud Satan if it will get them an award or on TV. They will not speak anything against that or any other performance that was demonic because they wanna be something in this life. Have they taken the mark?

Think about it, how can you stand against the very industry that made you famous? How can you rebuke that performance without rebuking the system that put it up there? You can’t! And yet these same recording artists that were apart of that hoopla will be at your church or conference preaching, singing, and laying hands on the next generation to mute them and pass this mark on. The devil has orchestrated it so strategically that these very artists that won’t stand up for truth are the ones that are ministering to the next generation, setting the stage for the antichrist and the mark of the beast. Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, J Moss, DA Truth, and all the other youth ministers that were there clapping, laughing and applauding these antics will be the ones having alter calls at youth conferences all over because many pastors and youth leaders want the names instead of the anointing. But in the spirit realm what they are really doing is inviting the mark of the beast into their youth and teaching the young to be silent for gain and compromise when it’s convenient.”

What can you do? (1)Pray that God would raise up true men and women who will sing his praises out of a pure heart and clean life. (2) Stop –immediately– purchasing the diseased music of these people.

ADDENDUM 06.18.08: To clarify what I meant by “transpiritism”. In short, it is an “exchange of spirits”, hence, “trans” The behavior (or actions) of Ricky Dilliard on the video are a result of a “spirit” within. Definitely not the spirit of God.  In this case a spirit which “manifests” as different than what a man would normally display. This is not a comparison to social masculinity.  Dillard’s actions come across as seductive. The question why would a man display actions normally ascribed to a female? Read Dueteronomy 22:5 God probibits such conduct and any attire that would make one to appear as the opposite gender with the intention of attracting the same gender for sexual purposes. That was idolatry.

Whereas effeminate could simply be circumstantial “acting” (Tyler Perry-Madea,  Martin Lawrence-Shenaynae, etc), transpiritism goes beyond circumstantial behavior to a spiritual condition.


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