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Gay pedophilia may be more common than reported

A special GCM Watch Report

The official line from the social apologists of the gay community is that pedophilia is primarily a heterosexual crime. Bring up pedophilia in any conversations even remotely related to gays and you will hear that quick retort.  Now, that should be questioned, due to more and more cases of homosexual activists (high profile ones included) running into trouble because they cant restrain their lust for child sex. Perhaps homosexuals really do have higher incidences of pedophilia, but have been successful at keeping such things out of the public eye. Its not at all beyond the gay rights enslaved mainstream media to shield and/or obfuscate the facts about homosexuals who commit child sex crimes. Its interesting that in some molestation cases, the “heterosexual” labeled is quickly attached to a man who’s sexual desire oriented towards young males or boys, thus furthering the perception that most child sex crimes are committed by heterosexual men.

But several cases have recently come to light, causing us to re-examine this issue.

From Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, a report that Adam Flanders, a convicted sex offender, is suing to get his pedophile mug shot, letter and attendant information removed from a profamily watchdog site. That’s really strange considering gay activists engage in such  “exposure” activities against others with dizzying frequency.

Folks, this is one of the most curious and outrageous examples of ‘homo-fascist’ arrogance I have ever encountered, and I apologize for delays in bringing it to you through AFTAH. Below is the (slightly redacted) text of a 2007 letter by Maine homosexual activist Adam Flanders, exposing the pedophilia, perversion and all-around dysfunction at a Maine “gay youth” group, “OUT!…as I Want to Be.” [View the letter  and  a local article about his explosive letter.]

As MassResistance writes, “Flanders was subsequently convicted of sexually molesting a 14-year-old boy he met at the “gay youth” organization. He spent time in jail, and is currently a registered sex offender in Maine.” [Click HERE to view Flanders' Maine Sex Offender Registry listing.]

One can only imagine how many incidents of adult-teen predatory behavior and abuses like this have gone on at the many “gay youth” centers in cities and communities across the country, but which have never been exposed, much less investigated!

Recently, Flanders started pressuring pro-family websites to take down his letter exposing OUT! Most complied, but not Brian Camenker of MassResistance — a true man of principle who makes it a point never to give in to “gay” activist bullies. So Flanders accused Camenker of “stalking” him and got a bizarre “restraining order” (in a kangaroo-court trial) against Camenker — even though Brian, living in another state, had never come near Flanders.

Next, when Brian continued to refuse to take down his letter, Flanders successfully pressured Camenker’s Kentucky-based web provider to drop MassResistance as a client. Even the conservative WorldNetDaily pulled a couple of articles about the story after being pressured by Flanders.

The Flanders’ suit seems to be based solely on prejudice. Why isn’t he also suing the government of Maine for putting his pedophile mugshot of its official sex offender registry? In a response letter to AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera, Flanders seemed to significantly downplay his crime and even suggested that in Maine age of consent laws weren’t serious.

“You people act like this is some crime of the century, but that’s not how it’s viewed here in Maine. Things are different here. The age of consent is different. When I was sentenced, DA Rushlau told my attorney that the sentence was a “gift.” I’m not sure what that meant, but Rushlau is going to be representing the State in my criminal appeals.”

Homosexual activists have strenuously argued that there is no connection between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children. They point out that the majority of child molestation cases are by heterosexuals. But they neglect a pivotal fact: homosexual identified persons comprise only a small percentage of the population (2%), yet account for an extraordinarily high percentage of offenses against children.

Now consider a report from the Journal of Sex Research, which noted that homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of the total number of child sex offenses, even though they are outnumbered by heterosexuals over 20 to one. Less than 3 percent of the population commits one-third of the offenses against children!

In The Gay Report, homosexual researchers report data showing that better than 7 out of 10 homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with minors of 16 to 19.


The common gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender acronym (GLBT) may need to be revised for inclusion of the P (pedophile) identifier. If you think that’s far fetched, consider the recent case of  Larry Brinkin, a  prominent California gay rights advocate who was exposed not just as a pedophile but as a RACIST PEDOPHILE. From Briebart:

“Larry Brinkin, the gay activist who led the fight to get San Francisco to recognize domestic partnerships, was arrested for child pornography today. Items seized from his home included computers, videos, tapes, and discs.  He had been a long-time employee of the Human Rights Commission, and a central figure in the gay rights movement. The San Francisco board of supervisors actually gave a “Larry Brinkin Week” in February 2010 upon his retirement.
The search warrant is a comprehensive list of terribles: images of year-old infants subjected to sodomy and oral sex, and perverse racial comments (Brinkin’s email: “I loved especially the 2 year old n—– getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b—- is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D— Rules!”).”

Additional coverage from the San Francisco Examiner. Questions: why didn’t this make national news? Why are the usual gay affirming race pimps silent about this? Why didn’t gay rights leaders  publish extensive coverage refuting and distancing themselves from such a vile lowlife?  After all, Brinkin is one of their highly lauded heroes.

A report from the Journal of Sex Research, noted that homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of the total number of child sex offenses, even though they are outnumbered by heterosexuals over 20 to one. Less than 3 percent of the population commits one-third of the offenses against children! In The Gay Report, homosexual researchers report data showing that better than 7 out of 10 homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with minors of 16 to 19.

The dirty secrets of gay sex culture are beginning to seep out. In late July 2005, I uncovered and exposed a scheme by what was then called  Richmond (VA) Organization for Sexual Minority Youth (ROSMY). Called the “Mpowerment Project” it aimed to send boys into gay clubs to “educate” grown men about sex. The salacious ad ROSMY placed on their website had been there for months and would have remained, but when I brought attention to it on my social-political blog Perspectives in Motion, they quickly removed all references to the program. After several evasive tactics to get me off their track, ROSMY officials then outright denied anything was amiss.

But the damage was done.

Agape Press (later renamed OneNewsNow) picked up the story and implicated Wachovia Bank which had provided funding to the organization.  But in a letter responding to a complaintant about the ROSMY link to Wachovia, the bank said: “Wachovia is not an ongoing supporter of the organization mentioned in the blog, ROSMY, and we are requesting that our name be removed from their website.”
The letter also said that the Agape Press story “misrepresented” Wachovia’s association with ROSMY. However the Agape Press story only said “ROSMY is receiving financial support from Wachovia Securities…” This is exactly what the ROSMY website stated. Wachovia did not elaborate on how it was “misrepresented.”

Later, I received a letter from  Kevin Wasserman who said he witnessed ROSMY exposing kids to adult sexual situations and kept it secret under the guise of “confidence” clauses which meant parents were not privy to what was happening.

Things get personal

When more negative press bore down on ROSMY, its white leaders tried to deflect my criticism of their wicked and criminal behavior by enlisting the support of Julian Bond, the past president of the NAACP. Bond was a gay rights advocate who ROSMY thought had the power to shut me down. It was an old racist trick. Get a black to shut another black down. It didn’t work. Bond sent me a letter (on official NAACP letterhead)  calling ROSMY a “blessings” and falsely accusing me of whatever he could latch onto to get the heat off ROSMY.  I responded with specific challenges to his letter.  But of course, Bond never responded. You can read about that here, here and here.

Addendum: Renew America writer Gina Miller uncovers the truth behind Adam Flanders lawsuit


Tentacles: the leaven of the gay agenda

The conclusion of our exclusive and extensive interview with Pastor Joe Schimmel of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, CA exposing the roots of the homosexual agenda and its fellowship with leaders of the satanic religion. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Shofarsound: Tell me how the homosexual agenda fits into end time prophecy.

Pastor Joe: Jesus warned us that in the last days, just prior to his return, that the world would become just as vile as it was in the days of Lot, who was persecuted by homosexuals of Sodom (Luke 17:26-30).  That homosexuality is one of the sins in view in Sodom is made clear in Jude 1:6-8.

We are also warned in the book of Revelation, that the world will become so wicked, that even the holy city of Jerusalem will become like Sodom and Egypt in the last days (Rev. 11:8).

Add to these passages the fact that the apostle Paul, in 2 Timothy 3:1-7 stated that the last days perilous times would come, and that many people would be “without natural affection.” The Greek word that Paul uses is Astorgos, which literally means “without family love” or “without natural love.”  The only other place that Astorgos is used in the New Testament is in Romans 1:31, just after Paul condemns homosexual behavior and other sinful activity.  Paul’s warning in Romans chapter one, that men abandoned their natural relationship with women for that which was against nature, is certainly “unnatural affection” and against God’s plan for what He created to be a truly loving family.  This brings us back to Crowley’s satanic quest to usher in the age of Antichrist, and destroy the family, which he called “public enemy number one.”

Moreover, in the book of Revelation, which deals with the end of the age, Jesus, not only prophesies about a return to Sodomy, but warns that the final judgment will be for many sins including “abominations,” which we discussed earlier, includes homosexuality (Revelation 21:8, 27).

Shofarsound: The recent passage of California’s gay indoctrination law reveals a tell-tale moment about the goals of homosexual activists. What do you think is the ultimate goal of the homosexual agenda?

Pastor Joe: The most hideous aspect of the goals of the homosexual movement is that many homosexuals want legal access to our children.  While this is obviously not true of all homosexuals, we can see that many of the leaders of the modern day gay movement, going back to Crowley, Harry Hay, Alfred Kinsey and Kenneth Anger, they were after the very young.  Whether it was Crowley’s sexually perverted orgies with young boys; Harry Hay’s marching with NAMBLA; Kenneth Anger’s relationships with young men like Bobby Beausoleil or Kinsey commissioning the molestation of children in an effort to prove that children are sexual creatures.  We document in “The Kinsey Syndrome” that Kinsey favored incest and that he, and many of his associates, have led the way in lowering or eradicating the age of consent laws.

Shofarsound: How is the homosexual agenda influencing the gay christian movement’s theology?

Pastor Joe: The homosexual agenda influences Gay theology by continuing to place the worship of the creature above the worship of the creator.  When this takes place, the whole created order is inverted.  Tragically, those who embrace gay theology hold the words of their leaders in higher esteem than those of the Lord Jesus Christ, the apostles and the prophets.  When you erode the authority of scripture and begin with Satan’s premise in Genesis chapter three, asking “Hath God said?” about things He has already made clear, you fall into the trap of replacing God’s truth with Satan’s lies.  Homosexuals, who claim to hold to the authority of scripture as the word of God, typically seek to explain away the many texts that condemn homosexual activity.  They ignore the fact that the entire church for 2,000 years, beginning with the early church father’s, uniformly understood God to have made Himself abundantly clear throughout holy scripture, to be against all sexually immoral behavior, including homosexuality.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12, we read that the world will refuse to love the truth and be given over to the lie. The apostle Paul reveals to us that this will result in the worship of the Antichrist as God (2 Thes. 2:1-4). Paul makes a similar point in Romans chapter 1:18-32, when he states that those who worship creation instead of God, believe a lie.  Discerning Christians should see where this lie is going and hold fast to God’s Word without wavering.

Shofarsound: We dont see a lot of evidence of the church responding, but in light of what you have revealed, how should the Church respond to the homosexual agenda?

Pastor Joe: I believe that we need to respond to the homosexual agenda with Christ’s great commission. We need to speak the truth in love, and share with homosexuals, the same way we share with those who are caught up in other sins.  We need to approach those who have been deceived by the leaders of the homosexual agenda, in a spirit of humility, remembering that we too were enslaved to one vice or another, whether it was homosexuality or a myriad of other sins.  We need to remember that we are saved by God’s great grace and that God impartially extends this grace to all of humanity (Titus 2:11-13). We need to remember Paul’s Holy Spirit inspired words when he instructed us to:

“…. always to be gentle toward everyone. At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit” (Titus 3:2b-5).

We need, as the Lord instructed us through the apostle Peter, to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us, with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).

We need to share the gospel and remember that it is the power of God to salvation, to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). We need to share with those caught up in homosexual activity, that the power of the gospel to save, refers not only to the power to deliver us from the penalty of sin, but the power of sin. Many who are caught up in homosexuality have experienced the power of the evil one and cannot comprehend the fact that they can be set free.  We need to share with them the power of God’s Word (Heb. 4:12); the power of the gospel (Romans 1:16) and the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8).  We need to let them know that the same power that rose Jesus from the dead, is available to them in person of Jesus Christ, if they are only willing to sincerely repent of their sins and embrace Him through faith as the Lord and Savior (Romans 8:11).  He has promised victory to whoever will come to Him (John 6:37).

I would strongly counsel that we fast and pray for our friends and loved ones, and all who are bound by the spirit of homosexuality.  I truly believe we will see greater and greater victory in the lives of those we are witnessing to, when we first break up the fallow ground with prayer and fasting:

“Is this not the fast which I choose, to loosen the bonds of wickedness, to undo the bands of the yoke, and to let the oppressed go free and break every yoke?” (Isaiah 58:6).

We need to sincerely love and pray for those who have been given misinformation and taught that homosexuality is not a sin, or that it is genetic, or that it is impossible to be set free.

Lastly, I would encourage that those who are in need of help or guidance, to contact ministries like your own, that specialize in biblically based ministry to those caught up in homosexuality.  We need to pray for ministries that are on the front line of this battle, so that God will graciously hold them up, and use them mightily to save those who are bound by the stronghold of homosexuality.

Pastor Joe Schimmel digs up the roots of gay activism

I had the recent opportunity to review international Christian apologist Pastor Joe Schimmel’s expose’ called Satanism and Homosexual Agenda.   Pastor Schimmel resides in Simi Valley, CA and has been in ministry over 25 years. In 1990, he founded and pastors Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley and is president of Good Fight Ministries.  His testimony of transforming power of Jesus Christ in his own life is told  in the powerful documentary “They Sold Their Souls for Rock & Roll,” which has been heard during live presentations at churches around the world. In it, he describes his own deliverance from the bondage and satanic influence of Rock Music at age 18.

With the rise of homosexual marriage, gay churches, apostate churches who redefining sin to benefit sin and legal issues facing the contemporary church, GCM Watch asked  Pastor Joe to share an in-depth perspectives on how satanism and homosexuality are co-joined.

Shofarsound: Pastor Joe, thanks for taking the time to share your perspectives with our readers. I’d like to start out by just asking what’s your overall biblical perspective on homosexuality?

Pastor Joe Schimmel: We see the overall Biblical view on homosexuality revealed from Genesis to Revelation.  In the very first book of the bible the Lord reveals that He created humanity in his image and that He made them male and female.  We observe that God not only made us male and female but that as male and female (Adam and Eve) we were designed as such to procreate (Genesis 1:27-28).  Jesus corroborates and confirms God’s plan and original intention with regard to the sexual union between one man and one woman in Matthew 19:1-9.

God is not partial (Romans 2:9-11) and homosexuals are on the same vice list with drunkards, adulterers, revilers, extortionist, slanderers, swindlers, idolaters and fornicators, (1 Cor. 6:9-10).  We are all in the same boat and in need of a Savior. In His love, Jesus died and shed His blood for homosexuals as much as he did for thieves and murderers.  He died for each and every sinner (John 3:16; 1 John 2:2).

As Christians, we need distance ourselves from two extremes regarding homosexuality.  One extreme is the “God hates fags” crowd, who treat homosexual behavior as the unforgivable sin.  The other extreme to taking a cavalier attitude toward homosexuality, and fail to recognize that the scriptures teach that sexual sin is destructive in a way that other sins are not (1 Cor. 6:18).

The good news is that after the Lord reveals that adulterers, drunkards, homosexuals, etc., will not inherit the kingdom of God, He declares, “Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God” (1 Cor. 6:11).

God reveals that the church is made up of former homosexual who are now “new creations” in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17) who are no longer slaves to sin but servants of righteousness and the living God.  I have had the privilege of counseling those caught up in homosexuality and witnessing their glorious deliverance!

Shofarsound: That’s an interesting point you bring up about the “two extremes”.  Given that, do you  think it contributes to the  increasing spread of homosexual influence in America?

Pastor Joe: That homosexuality is spreading throughout the United States is absolutely undeniable.  Its rapid spread in America began with the expulsion of God’s Word and prayer from the government schools in the 1960s and the introduction of a steady diet of Darwinian indoctrination and moral relativism. Add to this the so-called “free love” movement espoused by godless atheists and occultists in the hippie revolution of the 1960s, and you have a volatile recipe for apostasy. It was at this time, like never before, that the moral compass of America began to be buried under an avalanche of liberal propaganda.

In the 70s the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses and it gained more and more approval in the academic world.  Its spread slowed down precipitously with the advent of AIDS in the 80s but this trend was soon reversed after homosexuality began to be intensely advertised and glorified in mainstream media.

Shofarsound: You believe that homosexuality and satanism have a direct link. Tell me about that.

Pastor Joe: In my estimation that would be the most notorious Satanist of the last century, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). [Crowley died just three years before organized homosexual activism took root in America]. Crowley stated that he had gone over to “Satan’s side” and wanted to become Satan’s chief of staff. Crowley was a bisexual, and his “Abbey of Thelema” or sex temple in Italy was found to have biographical graffiti, depicting orgies that included little children.  We document this from is own admirers in our documentary, The Kinsey Syndrome. He influenced the sexual revolutionary thought processes of everyone from Alfred Kinsey to Harry Hay. It is important to know that Crowley’s end goal was the ushering in of the age of Horus and the coming Antichrist, the man of sin.  He literally signed his name “The Beast 666.”

Shofarsound: What was Crowley’s purpose in partnering with the agenda of homosexual rights activists?

Pastor Joe: Crowley stated that he was out to “sodomize the boys of England,” and wanted his diabolical teachings to be “circulated among the young.” He later stated that he would target the USA to push his satanic agenda. We document that in our video “They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll” that Crowley’s teachings provided the social architecture for the counter culture revolution of the 60’s.  We prove that many of the leading social revolutionaries and academics of that era, as well as a host of top rock stars, have done Crowley’s bidding and were, wittingly or unwittingly, major change agents.

Shofarsound: Crowley’s views certainly mirror those of homosexual activists we see in the spotlight today. How did he view the nuclear family?

Pastor Joe: Crowley not only stated that he had gone over to “Satan’s side” but proclaimed the family to be “public enemy number one.” His licentious motto was “Do What thou Wilt,” and he taught that the word “sin” is “restriction.” This kind of thinking will destroy both family and society, once it is embraced.

Alien tongues: Using the bible “divisive” says gay christian cleric

Its extremely difficult to imagine that a group of people who so adamantly insist they are Christians would be the same ones to wage war against the Word of God. But gay christians do and get a pass for the most part. But not here. This vicious group of smiling barracudas have caused more spiritual damage than islamic terrorists on 9/11.

The latest homosexual cleric to declare his hatred for God’s word is the Rev Erwin Barron, a Presbyterian minister in Hayward,CA. Barron “married” another man and was subsequently brought up on charges for violating church policy. The so-called trial was little more than a dog and pony show, given the spiritually bankrupt condition of the Presbyterian Church. But it happened nonetheless. And with predictable results. Barron was acquitted. Its akin to foxes putting another fox on trial for raiding the hen house.

According to the Christian Post which reported on Barron’s “trial”, he used the opportunity to recommend the church reject using the Bible when deciding on issues of homosexual morality.

The panel of the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area voted 3-3 after a trial at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church. The decision fell short of the two-thirds vote required to convict the Rev. Erwin Barron.

A complaint was filed against Barron, who teaches at Chabot College in Hayward, Calif., after he married his gay partner, Roland Abellano in 2008. The two married in California during the few months that same-sex marriage was legal there.

Shortly after the marriage, Barron (at right with male partner) wrote several commentaries weighing in on the ongoing debate over homosexuality within the PC(USA) – the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country. He suggested that Presbyterians not begin with the Bible when addressing the issue.

So, just how does one become or maintain a status as a “Christian minister” if the person believes that using the scriptures is “divisive”? 2 Timothy 3:15 says the scriptures are able to make us “wise” unto salvation. Thus, refusing the wisdom of scriptures makes one an institutional fool. It personifies the conundrum religious homosexuals have created in the contemporary church. Anytime a blind person is put behind the wheel of a car, there’s no question death and destruction are inevitable. But that’s exactly what happens when people like Barrow are given the reins. More of his fallacious ideology:

“While Protestants always look to God’s word to guide them, Barron contended that Scripture is not the only source of moral authority.

“We also look to the continuing revelation of God in our experiences in history and tradition, in science, in reasoning, and in everyday events to guide us. Scripture and experience both must guide our moral decision-making. And reliance on one without the other can be dangerous and offensive,” he stated.
“Experience should lead us into the Bible instead of beginning with the Bible and discounting the importance of personal experience.”
“In our debates in the Presbyterian Church over homosexuality, if we begin with the Bible, we will likely reach a polarized stalemate,” he wrote. “Bible discussions are too often divisive. When we begin with the Bible, we are not beginning with a natural place for all of us.”
Rather than the Bible, the beginning point for discussions on homosexuality, he maintained, should be “the personal experiences we all share.”

Homosexuals claim they cannot help themselves when it comes to their sexual choices. It also looks like they can’t help themselves when it comes to lying. Barron folds into his anti-truth diatribe slithers of an old heresy called antinominanism. Antinominianism is a trick used by false teachers to elevate personal experience over scripture or established truth.

On its face, the antinomianist view is inherently hypocritical in part because it minimizes the written word in sexual and moral circumstances, but selectively uses it to support its own positions. Such beliefs are a dominant component of gay christian theology and account for the movement’s ability to look and sound Christian to those unfamiliar with its real beliefs.

In this case Barron  wants us to not consider the Word of God as basis of what is right and instead use personal experience —which are as varied as the fish in the ocean— as a canon of what is right.  So what if a person’s personal experience says that adult sex with children is good and right as long as its consensual?  That only leads us into the state of relativity where every man does what is right in his own eyes (Judges 21:25). And this doctrinal vomit is supposed to be accepted as Christian teaching?

This, brothers and sisters, is the consummate madness of our times. Gay christian vomit is applauded and celebrated while the good and perfect will of God is treated as if it were Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

And please do not mistake the culprits as some do. These are agents of satan who have cloaked themselves in white to appear loving and docile. They are like an infectious disease. But inwardly they are vicious wolves whose main goal is to tear down the authority and applicability of the scriptures. Barron’s entire argument is based on his presumption that consulting the bible only causes problems. Following the blind will lead you into a ditch. Proceed at your own demise.

California Legislators Pass “Inborn Homosexuality” Bill

SACREMENTO, CA – The future has arrived and with it has come a new reality. California Legislators started off 2011 by implementing AB 2199,  a law that codifies homosexuality as inborn.  This particular bill overturned the 60 year law (under California Code 8050) that required doctors and mental health care professionals to find a cure for homosexuality and other types of sexual deviant behavior.   Long Beach Democratic Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal (left), the author of the bill AB 2199, stated that the previous law was outdated.  Lowenthal argued (without any evidence) that people are born homosexuals and have choice in the matter.

It will be interesting to see how this law affects Christian Social Workers, Counselors, and Churches.   One News Now  One News Now interviewed Christian Social Worker Veronica Esqueda of Los Angeles.

“I do think it’s going to open up their comfort level, and I think it’s going to make it more acceptable,” she explains. “Obviously, I am one that believes that it’s not an error — you are born the way God intended you to be,” she notes, adding that she believes homosexuality is a choice.”

This reminds me of how John the Baptist was in the wilderness loudly crying out against King Herod’s sexual immorality when he was involved in an adulterous affair with his brother’s wife Herodias.  Herod eventually divorced his wife and married Herodias.  Herodias became extremely angry and wanted him dead when John the Baptist denounced she and King Herod as adulteres and called for their repentance.   So what did she do?  She had her daughter dance for King Herod.   While he was in a drunken lust, Herodias’s daughter requested the head of John the Baptist. The moral of this true biblical story is that when God raises up a prophetic voice to cry out against sexual immorality (or sin period), the enemy gets angry and wants to chop off the head of the church which is God’s prophetic voice within the Earth.

The spirit of herod versus God’s prophetic voice

The homosexual activist movement is the new Herod, enraged because we preach against their sexual immorality and command repentance and change. With the aid of the apostate church, they seek to keep people hostage in homosexuality by “preaching” homosexuality isn’t sinful or abnormal.  Warning: to my fellow Christian counselors and pastors:  you can no more reason with these activists than John the Baptist could with Herodias.   They want our heads!  If you compromise the Word of God,  embrace  the “gospel of inclusion” and become a gay affirming church they will welcome you with open arms.  But would it profit you to gain the world’s acceptance only to lose your soul?

How will this new law affect churches and counselors?   It may have to cost some Christian Organizations their 501 c 3 non-profit designation.   It may cost others their government grants and money for programs and building projects.  It may cause some to lose popularity.  Christian counselors, will you stand for God’s Word or man’s law when counseling someone that is homosexual?  Christians may have lawsuits filed against them to force them to be silent.  That’s what happened in Brazil(here). This new law will view anyone that is a biblically sound Christian as a bigot, hatemonger and one that discriminates against a minority group.   Figuritively, this law is a page taken out of the homosexual agenda .  Point four of  the agenda makes gays look good.  Point five make the victimizers look bad. As we stated in past articles, Prop 8: Spiritual Warfare in California Part 1, and Prop 8: Spiritual Warfare in California Part 2 we’re not fighting against flesh and blood, but against a well organized evil spiritual beings that control this world system.

As Christians we must stand on the Word of God and speak the Truth. A famous quote by Edmund Burke states, ” All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  We can’t be silent now!  The gospel of the Kingdom must be preached unto all nations .  Its only when we do this that the end will come.  Keep in mind dear saints, that although adversity and persecution is sure to come we must fight the good fight of faith.

Is homosexuality really inborn ?   Let’s base this question on the Word of God and not the philosophies and opinions of men. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 says, ” Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”
If you are a Christian counselor, social worker or pastor in California and are concerned about the implications of this new on your profession, we’d like to hear from you please share your thoughts with GCM Watch.

Cliffhanger: Lou Bordisso’s “next step” manifesto for gay christians

nextstepVALLEJO, Ca – What’s the next step for gay christians? According to one Vallejo (CA) gay cleric, its something akin to a David Koresh-like cliffhanger.  The doctrines, speeches and manifestos slithering out of the mouths of  gcm leaders just  gets stranger as the day goes by.

Its rather astonishing that the The Vallejo Times-Herald actually published Father Lou Bordisso’s narcissistic screed guest opinion, but it did. That’s free speech in action. Vallejo is located northeast of San Francisco on the San Pablo Bay.

In case you’re not familiar with our reporting on Burdisso, here’s a brief recap.

By force of complaint, Bordisso is a central figure in the local community. In 2009, he ran for the school board and was defeated. He is a “bishop” in a small denomination called the American Catholic Church and is a contentious man who despises the attempts of local Christian pastors to foster unity and free speech rights. Under the guise of gay equality, Bordisso has been at the forefront of a number of divisive efforts which fomented ill will against the city’s black pentecostal Mayor Osby Davis falsely accusing the mayor of running a “nascent theocracy government.”

When local community leader and Pastor Danny Jefferson spoke briefly before a city council meeting on why Vallejo shouldnt endorse “gay pride month” organized by Bordisso immaturely complained Pastor Jefferson was “raining on our parade”.

Before the council, Jefferson simply stated the obvious:

“Until now, each side has been free to exercise their Constitutional rights to hold and even express their belief. This is not to say that there has not been controversy.  Tolerance for the belief of others has been a goal, not always an achievement.

…it is troubling that so many now want the government to take sides in this issue by endorsing a gay pride month.  To be clear, this is not a request to allow individuals to express their beliefs, it is a demand that the government use its power to applaud those beliefs.

Certainly anybody who asked for a gay disapproval month would be criticized. Tolerance should not be a one way street.  If the rule is that the government should not take sides, then let’s be consistent.  The City of Vallejo should allow individuals to express their views on this controversial subject.  But it should not step in to advocate, even subtly, for one side or the other.”

Bordisso has even been helped along by a stealth New York Times reporter Scott James, who claimed he was “vilified” by GCM Watch for reporting on the issues in Vallejo. Hardly.

So it stands to reason that Bordisso would apparently out of some unrequited ambitions, come up with his newest weapon of misinformation. A gay christian/queer theology manifesto. Among the more salient cliff notes published by the paper:

1. Refuse to talk to people who believe homosexuality is a sin while you loudly complain about tolerance and understanding. Mel White redux?

“Lesbian and gay Christians too often waste time trying to have a reasonable dialogue with oppressive churches and clergy. The time has come to reject theologies, spiritualities and church teachings grounded in homophobic biblical interpretations, heterosexism, and outdated ancient philosophies.”

2. Embrace a false construct which will ensure you will never know the truth, thus setting you on path to hell. More on homosexual hermeneutics and its deadly consequences.

“Lesbian and gay Christians need to pursue a Queer Theology and embrace a hermeneutics of suspicion. Lesbian and gay Christians must interpret scripture and live within church structures in light being a part of the underside of society.”

3. Ignore real demons and create new ones  that you can cast out with your newly created queer spiritual authority.

“Queer Spirituality can only be authentic when seeking to cast out the demons of poverty, injustice, racism, violence, prejudice, exploitation, or homophobia in any form whether it is within us, our government, or our churches!”

The citizens of Vallejo would do well to exile Father Lou Burdisso to San Francisco so the city can get back to the business of building a good stable environment for all its residents. As for his queer theology, the bible has already warned us about the doctrines of devils that would surface in the last days. Here’s one in real time.

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