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Tonex interview fallout: is this “hate”?

“All Gospel singers are not Gay as I don’t have a sissy bone in my body.”

That was the response of Pastor Deitrick Haddon, who apparently took exceptional offense at the Lexi/Tonex interview and twittered about it on yesterday.

But, one gospel industry fan blog was quick to call his words “hateful”.  Here’s what Gospel Pundit wrote:

Deitrick Haddon typed these words on Twitter today during a rant about the now-infamous interview between Lexi and Tonex, in which Tonex acknowledged his same-sex attractions.
I’m not going to use this post to bash Deitrick, but really to ask that all of us, as CHRISTIANS, take a moment to examine our hearts and live life more carefully.
As I’ve stated before, I disagree with Tonex’s position as it relates to his interpretation of Scripture, the term “fornication,” and the things to which he feels entitled as a result.
But I don’t care how wrong we believe Tonex is in his lifestyle choices– the standard of holiness that we’re trying so hard to uphold does not give us a free pass to use hate-filled words.  Quite the contrary, WE are responsible for LIVING OUT the standard of holiness by addressing people in love.
God is not pleased with the anger we exhibit, and the venom we spew, just because we say “I’m doing it for YOU, Lord.”  We condemn other religions for committing hateful acts in the name of God, we have seen (as a nation) racial oppression premised on people’s errant interpretation of Scripture.  And we’ve not liked it. Yet here we are.  And we’ve become so engrossed with judging every little thing that happens on this Earth that we easily become distracted from the greatest commandment– LOVE.  I’m willing to guess that God would rather we simply keep quiet than demonstrate hatred in His Name.  It’s not okay.  Why?  Merely because I never ONCE saw Christ do it. Our task, then, is to humbly throw ourselves at the Father’s feet and say “Lord, I see injustices and I see things that displease You.  They make me angry too.  I hate what you hate.  But in response, teach me to LOVE the way YOU LOVE.” Let’s do better. (their bold)

Haddon used the word sissy, but didnt call Tonex a sissy. He said there wasnt a sissy bone in his body. I dont know Haddon well enough to know whether that’s true or not, but that’s not the focus. Does what he said rise to the level of “hate”?

And this sidebar: trust me when I say I’m not defending Deitrick Haddon. I’ve had issues with his gospel music industry career, notably he didnt just find out that there are indeed sissified behavior being celebrated in gospel music. But we’ve heard no objections before from him.

But in fairness Gospel Pundit did an interview with Tonex in which he gushed that Tonex was “refreshingly candid and incredibly kind person”. That alone to me says volumes as to why he immediately jumped to defend Tonex’s honor, instead of calling this false prophet out for sowing this poison.

Inspite of the writer (EJ Gaines) protests that Christians shouldn’t engage in gratuitous name calling ( and they shouldnt), his own motivations come into question. My friend, San Diego-based Carlotta, who’s written extensively about Tonex on her Christocentric blog summed it up:

EJ, your comments are indicative to the problem with Christians today. They make a big fuss over the little things while whispering over the MAJOR THINGS!

Just compare your post on the Lexi Show interview over Tonex. There should have been some major outcrying from you over the anti-biblical and spiritually dangerous lifestyle that Tonex was trying to justify. But instead you are having a fit over Deitrick’s use of the word sissy?

I agree with you also that as Christians if we are to labor in love, rebuke in love and always respond in love, we do have to be mindful of how and what words we speak to people. But let’s put everything in its proper place – the rebuke of Tonex should have been far greater than your rebuke of Deitrick Haddon!

Exactly. Why all the outrage over Haddon’s remark but you downplay the destructive HERESY vomit out of the mouth of someone you claim is “refreshing”? It really is indicative of how messed up church dwellers have become.

h/t: Andre

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