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Michael Pitts, Brandon Porter, et al discuss homosexuality

Via the Word Network comes a very interesting exchange about homosexuality and the church from a panel of ministers. It was in response to a question sent to the host for discussion.  This facilitated by Bishop Greg Davis and included Bishop Micheal Pitts of Toledo, COGIC Bishop Brandon Porter of Memphis, Pastor Cheryl Brady now in metro Dallas, Pastor Darrell Scott of Cleveland Heights, OH, and Bishop Iona Locke

The conversation is interesting because the participants as far as their public ministries are concerned haven’t done anything they suggest is the answer for the problem of homosexuality in/and the church. None of them have held any public forums, conferences, workshops on the issue when they do have conferences. No ministries, no nothing as far as I can tell. It makes you wonder if they are serious about making a difference or just pontificating like most of these preachers do when they get on television.

Not to diminish the panel discussion because some very good points were made. But if the discussion is about solutions, how much longer will it be before they do something?

Pitts seemed to be pushing a mild form of the gay inclusion doctrine but considering his associations and other sins, its more likely he was pushing cover for himself.  Or other fig leafers he has hosted at his Toledo church. Pitts even repeats the now debunked lie about the church divorce rate.

The conversation almost gets hijacked by Pitts when he raises questions about love, so called homophobia and tolerance. That should be a settled by now. Yes, we are to love, no we are not homophobic, no tolerance is not an option. Now, can we get to solutions?  To be bluntly honest, if the church expects to make some traction it needs works (discipleship programs, ministry options, fellowship opportunities, gender specific workshops, issue specific printed ministry materials, etc). By and large these type of critical works are near absent in the church.

And making homosexuals “welcome” to the church isn’t entirely the answer. All should be welcome, but welcoming someone, is only a short step on a long journey.

Challenge to all these pastors, bishop, apostles, et al who are supposed to be EQUIPPING the saints: stop talking and prove that you really want to see homosexuals not only delivered, but after deliverance grow into mature men and women of God. That’s the goal and if that’s not your goal, then congratulations on another useless talkfest.

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