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An ex-transvestite’s story

I met Ricardo, a Cuban-American ex-transvestite personally when I invited his pastor Terry Weir to speak at my church in Texas in May (or June) 98. It was the first time I had met a man such as himself and the effect of seeing God’s transformative power in his life was stunning. He shared a brief testimony at the end of the service when he said with such conviction: I am a man of God!”.

The church went up. Pentecostals will know what I mean by that. If youre not pentecostal picture your favorite ricardofootball team scoring a winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Ricardo (pictured left as Sara) was the subject of a “followup” Emmy winning film (The Transformation) in 1996.  During the final days of his life, Ricardo apparently said that he still desired “the touch” of other men. To homosexual activists this was irrefutable proof that Ricardo’s change was bogus. Ricardo went home to be with the Lord several years ago, but seeing this again made me “go up” one more time in joy.

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