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What do pigs have to do with homosexuality?

A lot if you believe some of the latest false teaching from one of Atlanta’s progay clerics.

Its unfortunate that WAOK 1380 in Atlanta helps to perpetuate ignorance and unbelief by propping up false teachers like the Rev. Kenneth Samuel to “educate” people on homosexuality.

Samuel’s host on the show Powertalk, (the Rev.) Lorraine Jacques-White is on par with him in the ignorance which they spread with consistency in Atlanta’s black community.  Here’s a sample of Kenneth Samuel’s enlightenment on the show.

One caller told Samuel, “In the Bible, it clearly says a man that lies with another man is an abomination.”

One would think that Samuel who boasts degrees from Emory and United Theological Seminary, would have truly said something enlightening. Instead, the same regurgitated false doctrine parroted hundreds of times by the gay christian movement comes tumbling out:

“There are many things in the Bible that are listed as an abomination. Eating pork is an abomination. I wonder how many Christians ate pork over this Memorial Day weekend. Do you think they felt they were an abomination as they put BBQ sauce over their pork? If we can make allowances for a pig, surely we can challenge the scripture when it comes to a human being?”

Challenge the scripture? A so-called minister of the gospel challenging the scripture? How silly and trite. If that’s the best multiple theological degrees can afford Samuels,  it seems he really wasted his time and money.

Maybe Samuel slept through his classes on proper hermenuetics, interpretation and right division of scripture.

The BBQ pig theory is just a silly as the overcooked shrimp theory.

As we have explained before  the Old Testament contains 3 types of laws: Ritual, moral and civil. Sometimes these three overlap. Prohibition of eating certain types of animals –like pigs– falls under ritual laws.  While all of the categories of known law reflect the nature of God and contain valuable universal lessons for all, not all are universally applicable. This is why 2 Tim 2:15 calls on us to “rightly divide” the Word in order to arrive at  proper application. Ritual laws applied only to the Jews, while civil laws applied to all who were under Jewish authority. However, moral laws (which covered all sexual conduct) are timeless, universal and applied to all people. Jesus intentionally broke ritual laws (Matt 7:2) and when the situation required, he broke civil laws. But there exists no evidence Jesus broke any moral laws. Nor is there any evidence he sanctioned or encouraged anyone else to do so.


With divorce among self identified Christians at the same levels as non Christians, why isn’t the Rev. Samuels out telling people to remain faithful and married to their spouses? Jesus also condemned putting away one’s wife, commonly known as divorce except in the event of adultery (Matthew 19).

Maybe Samuels should come back on the show and explain why in this bio he is married to the former Ms. Sherry Nichols with daughter Kendalle Marye, but in his current church bio, any mention of his wife has been scrubbed. Its unknown whether Samuels has actually divorced, but the dissapearance of the wife’s name is a tell-tale sign.

Samuel’s friend, progay pastor Dennis Meredith followed the a simular path quietly divorcing his wife all the while preaching in favor of homosexuality.  Then at a New Years’s eve service at his Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta,  Meredith announced to his 85% gay church that he was bisexual. This is the main reason these hypocritical false teachers pervert God’s word to cover their own selfish, sinful motivations.

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