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Dottie Rambo manager sets the record straight on late singer’s beliefs

In an exclusive email to Gay Christian Movement Watch, the long time manager of the late singer Dottie Rambo said she did not support “inclusionism” nor did she support her daughter and son in law’s progay church ideology.

Larry Ferguson and his family, traveling with Rambo at the time, were all injured in the fatal bus crash. He was managing the singer at the time of her tragic death and  requested GCM Watch publish his exclusive comments in response to a story which appeared on our site in May 2008.

“I would like to publicly state that Dottie Rambo didn’t subscribe to the “Doctrine of Inclusion”. Dottie believed the only way to Heaven was through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior. She lived every word she sang and walked in the truth. Dottie showed unwavering love to anyone she came in contact with no matter their faith, belief, life styles, or celebrity. Nearly everyone that made her acquaintance usually left hearing the Gospel message and knowing she was a compassionate loving Christian. Dottie Rambo was no respecter of persons . Dottie believed there was a Heaven and there was a Hell and would not employ or entertain conversation to the contrary.

This being said she and her daughter Reba and son in law Dony McGuire DID NOT share beliefs concerning Christian teachings. I’m not speaking of one particular issue but nearly an entire life body of work and ministry. Though Dottie lived in Nashville, TN where her daughter’s church is located she refused to go to the church due to their doctrinal teachings as she believed they were contrary to God’s word. She never attended one service at the church her daughter pastors and was adamant that she never would. This was a very public choice that Dottie shared with fans, friends, colleagues, audiences, pastors, and congregations. Dottie loved her daughter very much though their ministries and personal lives were separate.

If you will go back over the last few decades and view Dottie’s appearances you will find that her daughter is sparsely seen with her. As her manager Dottie directed me to never book her on an appearance with her daughter or son in law. On a few tribute television specials honoring Dottie, her daughter appeared on the programming as I didn’t want to explain their strained relationship personally and doctrinally with producers of programing.

Dottie Rambo’s fans were an eclectic group of individuals that include traditional church goers and those outside the church. She showed immense love and appreciation to every person she came into contact with. I can’t stress this enough. Her ministry was to share with broken people that they too could overcome great physical illness, divorce, loss of family, sin, and hurt through the power of Jesus. Dottie never consider herself a preacher, but her songs were sermons in themselves. “He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Needs” sums up her message.”

The comments stating that Dottie Rambo had embraced the gospel of inclusion were posted by Pastor Kevin Gallagher.

“Dottie Rambo didn’t always support the gay movement, but with her continued slide to a more secular and worldly lifestyle over the later years….probably due to some input and influence from her hyper liberal daughter and son in law, Dony and Reba McGuire.

With her open embracing of the gospel of inclusion came her open acceptance of the gay and lesbian lifestyles.”

Gallagher made those comments on June 24, 2008 and sadly passed away June 25, 2010.

About Larry Ferguson
drmgrLarry Ferguson, a Louisville, KY native dreamed as a child of working in the music business. His family and friends were often forced to listen as he attempted to entertain or give them the latest scoop in entertainment news.
Ferguson was represented by Alix Adams Modeling Agency throughout high school during which time he won a contest which landed the teenager his television debut as the guest co-anchor opposite Kirby Adams on WHAS-11 TV, the Louisville CBS affiliate, on it’s local based magazine show “Louisville Tonight Live”.
By mid teens Ferguson became involved in Southern Gospel and Country music promotion. Before adulthood Larry had already started his own highly successful concert promotions company “Larry Ferguson Promotions”. It was at this time Ferguson began bringing in America’s favorite Country and Gospel groups to the Louisville, KY area. In later years Larry would bring Legendary Gospel figures such as Jake Hess to packed venues and eventually work with his favorite Gospel artist Dottie Rambo.

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