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Open Forum XVIII: NewsReal

Ok, we confess and you’ve probably put your best investigative skills to work and discovered that when “things” get busy, blogging gets scarce. Solution:  pull out the old ace in the hole: the trusty, dusty Open Forum. Yep, its back! This open forum will kick into high gear with some very interesting news developments. Youre welcome to throw your best punch or plant your prettiest flowers (depending on if you are a fighter or a lover). Normal commenting rules apply!

  • Brad Pitt may be an onionhead supporter of homosexual marriage, but his mother is showing that she’s more interested in upholding the truth, than cowtowing to her son’s gay rights mindlessness (and money).  Just call her Mrs Jane Pitt(man).  Story
  • Craig Goss, founder of XXXChurch.com pens an incredibly shallow defense of homosexuality based on…well a couple of shallow relationships he has formed (lesbian soccer mom stuff). Interesting how the man who wants to rid the world of porn conveniently approves a deviant sexual lifestyle in which pornography is a major contributor to its culture. Story
  • The world’s “first gay bishop” poster boy Vickie Gene Robinson praises gays in the Presbyterian Church for creating “chaos and confusion”. You can believe his father is very proud of him. Story
  • Number #44 is very nervous because donors aren’t shelling out the cash faster than he can spend it. Isn’t it funny that Obama and his liberal cronys routinely demonize the so called 1 percent, but when he needs big campaign cash, he goes to the 1 percent to get it?  Story
  • A coalition of African American pastors have threatened to withdraw support from Obama unless he meets with them about his gay marriage obsession.  SOTUS has no intention of meeting with them, so they should go ahead and make good on the threat. Story
  • Gay rights gone wild. A lesbian teen craving the attention of another lesbian, fakes “hate crimes” notes and is found guilty. But that doesn’t stop the mindless minions of hate crime obsessed students at her college from foaming at the mouth over the fake hate crime. Maybe the school should adopt a look before you leap policy on hate crimes.  Story
  • Dr. Rob Gagnon makes the case for the removal of Exodus International President Alan Chambers. Chambers has done irreparable damage to the mission of freedom. Although we have no association with Exodus, nor do we endorse it, Alan Chambers has fallen off a cliff and is in no condition to lead anyone. Long read, but well stated. Story Gagnon file
  • Aren’t you tired of the spiritually illiterate question “Will gays go to heaven?”  I am and they won’t. That’s pretty clear. But the God haters are still posing it as if the bible didnt exist. Here’s an answer they are sure not to like. Story






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